Mighty Moe

Title History


  • The Wrestling Association Rookie of the Year (March 1991);


Career Highlights


  • Maurice Peak started out in power lifting and won three World titles as well as ten National titles..
  • Maurice Peak has competed in over three hundred power lifting competitions, with over two hundred wins..
  • ~~~World Records: Squat – 775 lbs. _________ Bench Press – 515 lbs. _________ Dead Lift – 673 lbs.
  • Mighty Moe formed a tag team with Kenny Cook known as “The Gladiators”..An on-the-job accident in December 1997 resulted in Maurice Peak being crushed between two big trucks; his back was broken in nine places, and he was told he would probably never walk again. The accident ended his wrestling career, but he is still training and coaching other people including his fifteen (in 2007) year old son. Mighty Moe vows to return to competition one day..
  • Special thanks to Maurice “Mighty Moe” Peak for helping with the content on this profile..