Mike Steele

Iron Mike Steele

Title History


Career Highlights

  • John Meek wrestled against several Boris Malenko students including Dean Malenko and Marc Mero..
  • August 29, 2007: “Iron” Mike Steele (Real Name: John Meek) was killed in a hit-and-run crash while driving his motorcycle..

    Leyla “Steele” wrote: I am the daughter of “Iron” Mike Steele ( John Meek) and am writing in regards to this article. My father was not killed in a simple “hit and run,” he was murdered. As you may know, pro-fighters are often harassed by drunk idiots who want to fight them. One such drunk idiot approached my father in a bar. My father refused to fight the man, and decided to just leave. My father climbed on the back of his Harley Davidson and left. The killer got into his car, followed my father, and rammed the back of his motorcycle. My father died two hours later. He was fifty two years old. His killer was arrested and is still awaiting trial on charges of homicide. I write to you because the word really needs to get around: If you bump into a pro-fighter out in public, that does not mean they have to fight you. For one, they are not being paid. For two, they have to save it for the ring. If you want to go up against a pro fighter so badly, start training and get your own career. My father was with WWF/WCW. He used to live with The Purple Haze, and Mr. Moto was also one of his trainers. Thank you for your time…

UPDATE: The killer got life without parole.