Nancy Benoit

Wrestlers who Nancy Benoit (Woman) Managed:
2 Cold Scorpio
Arn Anderson
Butch Reed
Ron Simmons Chris Benoit
D.C. Drake
Dean Malenko
Shane Douglas Johnny Hotbody
Kevin Sullivan
Larry Winters
The Sandman Psicosis
The Purple Haze
Randy Savage
The Tazmaniac Ric Flair
Rick Steiner
Scott Steiner
Ron Slinker

Nancy Benoit Career Highlights

In The Beginning:

  • 1983: Nancy Daus appeared as “Para” in an ‘Apartment Wrestling’ feature in a Sports Review Wrestling magazine..
  • Nancy Daus sold programs for Florida Championship Wrestling at the local arena, during Orlando, Florida shows..
  • Early 1984: Nancy Daus did a photo shoot with well known wrestlers Billy Jack Haynes and Mike Rotundo..Florida – The Army of Darkness:
  • Summer 1984: Nancy Daus debuted as a member of Kevin Sullivan’s Army of Darkness faction going by the name “Fallen Angel”..
  • 1985: Nancy Daus married Kevin Sullivan..World Championship Wrestling – Robin Green:
  • Fall 1989: Nancy Daus appeared on the WCW scene as a fan, known as Robin Greene, trying to score a date with Rick Steiner..
  • ~~~Rick Steiner accepted the date and Robin Greene was made-over by Rick Steiner’s THEN manager/valet, Missy Hyatt..
  • ~~~Robin Greene began accompanying The Steiner Brothers to the ring until she purposely tripped Scott Steiner during a match..World Championship Wrestling – Woman & Doom:
  • Robin Greene then became known simply as “Woman” and hired a masked team known as Doom to face The Steiners..
  • Early 1990: Woman aligned herself with The Four Horsemen, specifically its leader, The Nature Boy Ric Flair..Extreme Championship Wrestling – Woman & The Sandman:
  • Mid-1990s: Woman left WCW and made several appeances in Extreme Championship Wrestling as the manager of Sandman..World Championship Wrestling – Woman & The IV Horsemen:
  • Early 1996: Woman rejoined World Championship Wrestling and became a part of Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage‘s entourage..
  • ~~~Woman quickly turned on Randy Savage and joined up with “Nature Boy” Ric Flair and The Four Horsemen once again..
  • Woman became one of Ric Flair‘s trio of valets along with Miss Elizabeth & Debra McMichaels..World Championship Wrestling – Woman & Chris Benoit:
  • Woman began focusing her attention soley on Horsemen member Chris Benoit, who happened to be feuding with Kevin Sullivan..
  • Kevin Sullivan (WCW Booker) encouraged his wife (Woman) and Chris Benoit to hang out in public to fool the marks (fans)..
  • Woman and Chris Benoit soon became a real life couple, leading to an inside joke that “Sullivan booked his own divorce”..
  • Spring 1997: Woman left World Championship Wrestling and the wrestling business for good..Retirement & The Benoit Family Tragedy:
  • Nancy would eventually married Chris Benoit and moved to Atlanta where they had a child (Daniel Benoit) together in 2000..
  • WrestleMania XX: Nancy Benoit celebrated with Chris Benoit in the ring after he won the World Heavyweight title!
  • December 2005: Nancy Benoit had both her back and neck fused by Dr. Lloyd Younblood in San Antonio, Texas..
  • June 25, 2007: Chris Benoit, Nancy Benoit, and son Daniel, were tragically found dead at their home in Georgia..
  • ~~~The following days revealed the shocking details that Chris Benoit had murdered his wife and kid before hanging himself..
  • ~~~The belief was that Chris killed Nancy Benoit on Saturday, their son (Daniel) on Sunday, and himself sometime on Monday..

    Michael Isgar sent in these notes: Wrestlers who Woman Managed: Kerry Von Erich


Kerry Von Erich can be added to this list. In one of his final appearences before his death Kerry donned a mask and wrestled Salvatore Bellamo at a hotel somewhere in Pennysylvania. Nancy managed him as a part of an angle where she manged several men, dumping the man if he had lost so as to make her look like a money grubbing bitch. Kerry is one of the men who she had ended up with. With all the recent information bombarding the Internet after the recent deaths of Chris and Nancy Benoit your site has what I believe to be the most accurate description of Nancy’s career.

Michael Isgar sent in the following comment: With all the recent information bombarding the Internet after the recent deaths of Chris and Nancy Benoit your site has what I believe to be the most accurate description of Nancy’s career. I have followed and researched her career over the past ten years. It’s just good to see someone who has done her justice. Thank you