Title History


  • NWA Women’s Tag Team titles w/Beverly Shade defeating Ann Casey & Sherri Lee (1979 in Memphis);


Career Highlights


  • Beverly Shade wrote: Natasha’s real name is Natasha Rahme, she is now 63 yrs. old. She is from Benton Tn. and now lives in Silver Springs, Fl. She is married and has 2 sons. She is 5′ 5″ tall and weighs 140. She was trained in 1968 by Billy Blue River & Beverly Shade. She had her first match in the later part of 68 at Joyland in St. Petersburg Fl. She worked as Natasha ,”The Hatchet Lady”. Her finishing move was the Indian Death Lock, which she perfected over the years. She was on of the top heels in wrestling and would use any method to win. I worked against her for a long time, then we became tag partners. We won the NWA women’s tag belts in Memphis Tn. in 1979 from Ann Casey & Sherrie Lee. Natasha has been to Thailand, Canada, Africa, Japan, Philippines and most of the US. She was one of the top rated wrestlers in The Women’s World Championship tournament in Lagos Nigeria, Africa.