Pat O’Brien

Title History


Career Highlights


  • Pat O’Brien developed in Paul Vachon’s Grand Prix promotion and was trained by Maurice “Mad Dog” & Paul “Butcher” Vachon.
  • Pat O’Brien once commented on admiring Edouard Carpentier & Mad Dog Vachon..
  • ~~~explaining while the did not wrestle like a Vachon, Maurice was a complete wrestler who knew how to do it all.
  • ~~~Pat O’Brien was also photographed arm in arm with Vivian Vachon backstage at a Montreal wrestling event..
  • January 2, 1973: Pat O’Brien wrestled Jack Welch in Tampa, Florida
  • January 13, 1973 (Atlanta WTCG Studios): Pat O’Brien & Bob Orton Jr defeated Jimmy & Jerry Valentine
  • January 23 (Wed), 1973: Pat O’Brien defeated Jack Evans in Columbus, Georgia..
  • January 26, 1973 (Fri): El Sicodelico & Pantera Negra defeated Bob Armstrong & Pat O’Brien in Atlanta, Georgia..
  • February 2 (Fri), 1973: Pat O’Brien & Mr Wrestling II & Bob Orton Jr beat Tank Morgan & Butcher Brannigan & Bengali in Atlanta..
  • February 6 (Tues), 1973: Pat O’Brien defeated Jerry Valentine in Macon, Georgia..
  • ~~~ Pat O’Brien was also in a battle Royal co-won by Bill Dromo and Hiro Matsuda
  • February 9 (Fri), 1973: Chati Yocuchi & Fuji defeated Pat O’Brien & Bob Orton Jr. in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • February 13 (Tue), 1973: Chati Yocuchi & Fuji defeated Pat O’Brien & Koa Tiki in Macon, Georgia..
  • Pat O’Brien’s stay in Georgia was short but he made a long lasting impression..
  • During this period; announcer Sterling Brewer commented highly on O’Brien’s near unbelievable agility and flexibility..
  • March 18, 1973: Pat O’Brien wrestled Jack Welch In Miami, Florida
  • April 24, 1973: Pat O’Brien wrestled Mighty Yankee #1 in Tampa, Florida
  • January 6, 1973: Pat O’Brien wrestled Wolfman Smith in Tampa, Florida
  • March 23, 1973: Pat O’Brien and Jose Azzari defeated the Mighty Yankees in Miami Beach, Florida
  • December 25, 1976: Pat O’Brien Wrestled Mr X in St Petersburg, Florida