Title History


Career Highlights


  • 1980s: Princess Jasmine was a trainer for the GLOW promotion and appeared at the first set of TV tapings in Las Vegas..
  • Editor’s Notes: Princess Jasmine was NOT married to Calvin “Prince” Pullins as has been reported elsewhere on the internet..
  • May 8, 2009: Princess Jasmine passed away at the age of 60..
  • Special thank you to Princess Jasmine for contacting us to help fill out the content on her OWW profile..

    Princess Jasmine wrote: I never miss a match, the first time when I watch a woman’s match was with Mary Jane Mull and Donna Lemke. I Love it!, I knew every name for all the movments before I started training. Dick the Bruiser would see me very often at the matches. So about a year pass after going to every live match and plus prior to watching it on television, I was at a match one Friday night and Dick The Bruiser told Princes Pullins that he wanted to talk to me. I couldn’t believe what or why that this creditable superstar would like to talk to me. When I approach him, He asks me “Did I enjoy watching wrestling” and did I ever think about becoming a lady wrestler” I said “Yes!”


He said “Well, we will train you, but you have to come and live in Indianapolis, Indiana for your training. Dick gave me the name “Princess Jasmine”, Dick the Bruiser and Princes Pullins trained me and they were very indelicate and rough with me during my first month of training. But I stay with it all the way. My First match was right after three months of training, and it was with Mary Jane Mull. I had learned all her moves and especially all things that she was capable of doing to her opponents. I worked mainly as a Baby Face wrestler; I had to Super Heel in Canada, and Japan. I really like jumping over to the other side for a change. I would wear a black, white, and blue swimming suit, my favorite was my leopard suite. Until I went to Trinidad and meet Natasha (The Hechet Lady), I couldn’t believe she was wearing the same suit that I was. I held the Ladies champion Caribbean Belt, And also the Nigeria Ladies champion, in 1979. I have wrestle all over the Caribbean, Japan, Africa, the Philippines, Korea, Middle East, and all over the United States & Canada. And I loved every minute of it. I wrestle for the AWA, NWA, WCW, WWF and for Independent promoters.