Title History


Career Highlights


  • March 13, 2002 – ROYAL WAR @ Lyric Nightclub: Ravnos entered 4th and was eliminated by Ricky Diamond & Rhino & Nightmare..
  • October 26, 2003 – PCW Phoenix Rising: Ravnos makes his PCW debut against Rave losing the match and his mask in the process..
  • November 2003: Ravnos & Daniel Swagger defeated Bateman & Adren@line..
  • January 17, 2004: Ravnos came down after a match, and hit the R.I.P on Bateman..
  • January 31, 2004: Ravnos attacked Harry From Hell giving him the R.I.P — Ravnos gave the Asylum Stretch to Hurricane Heath Fury..
  • Febuary 28, 2004: Ravnos came out after Pyro vs Mike Manson and attacked Pyro givin him the R.I.P as Mike Manson laughed..
  • March 13, 2004: Ravnos came out after Bateman vs Young Angus and attacked Bateman and Angus giving them both Chokeslams To Hell ..
  • March 27, 2004: Ravnos defeated Pyro with the R.I.P..
  • May 29, 2004: Ravnos was named Pyro’s Tag partner for one match vs Slikk Steev..
  • ~~~Ravnos gave Slikk The R.I.P then Layed Down as told by his PuppetMaster costing pyro the match..
  • ~~~Later That Night, Ravnos Attacked The PCW Commissioner Baron Valiant and his PuppetMaster was reaveld as Jack Dougless..
  • December 9, 2004: Ravnos decided to quit (or take a long term break) wrestling as his new job takes up most of his time..
  • ~~~(If any overseas federations want to book him thought, he may come out of his semi retirment) [email protected]
  • March 2005: Ravnos reappers as T.J Goth (a Punk Rocker) a commentator he clames to be Ravnos’ Brother and hopes to get back in the ring soon..