Rick McGraw

Title History

  • IWA (Montreal) International Tag Team titles w/Gino Brito defeating Len Shelley & Richard Charland (????, 1982);
  • WWA (Indianapolis) World Tag Team titles w/Dream Machine defeating Steve Regal & Spike Huber (September 25, 1982);
  • NWA (Southeastern) Alabama Heavyweight title defeating Vic Rain (May 28, 1984);

Career Highlights

  • 1976: Rick McGraw started wrestling in Florida..
  • August 9, 1980–WWF: Greg Gagne defeated Rick McGraw at Shae Stadium in Flushing, New York..
  • 1982: Rick McGraw formed a tag team with Troy Graham known as “New York Dolls” in Memphis managed by Jimmy Hart..
  • ~~~The New York Dolls wore top hats, white pants, sequin jackets and walked with a stylish cane..
  • ~~~The New York Dolls defeated Spike Huber & Steve Regal to win the WWA Tag Team titles..
  • ~~~Jackie Fargo sent word that he was angry that New York Dolls had ripped off the “Fabulous Fargos” gimmick..
  • ~~~The Fabulous Ones (Steve Kiern & Stan Lane) debuted with the ‘top hat’ gimmick and eliminated the New York Dolls..
  • Rick McGraw formed a tag team with Steve Travis and they called themselves the “Carolina Connection” in the WWWF..
  • Rick McGraw had his neck “broken” by Killer Khan after a side suplex during a match..
  • Rick McGraw was managed briefly by Arnold Skoaland..
  • Rick McGraw briefly feuded with Roddy Piper, saying that if Piper was “so good” why didn’t he wrestle on TV?!
  • ~~~Roddy Piper destroyed Rick McGraw a week later and proclaimed “That’s why they don’t let me wrestle on TV!”
  • November 1, 1985: Rick McGraw tragically died as a result of a heart attack most likely due to years of steriod abuse..
  • ~~~Rick’s death came shortly after his match with Roddy Piper, and rumors circulated that the beating he recieved was what killed him..