Title History


  • ESA International Tag Team titles w/The Beast defeating ?????? (May 9, 1972);
  • ESA International Tag Team titles w/The Beast defeating The Patriot & Bob Brown (October 28, 1975);
  • ESA North American Heavyweight title defeating Bob Brown (November ??, 1975);
  • ESA Taped Fist title defeating Mad Dog Martel for vacant title (August 28, 1976);
  • ESA Maritimes Tag Team titles w/The Beast defeating Mad Dog Martel & Frenchy Martin (September ??, 1976);


Career Highlights


  • Rudy Kay (real name Jean-Louis Cormier) is a member of the famous wrestling Cormier Family in Eastern Canada..
  • May 25, 2008: Jean-Louis Cormier (aka Rudy Kay) passed away in Moncton, New Brunswick at the age of 65..

    Former pro-wrestler Earl Black wrote: The hottest match I ever saw, was the bare knuckle tag boxing match between brothers Rudy Kay and Leo Burke, and the team of Freddie Sweetan and Justice Du Bois. It took place on a hot summer night at the end of the season in the Maritimes, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in 1972. Du Bois really was a judge, and Sweetan was a giant ex-paratrooper. The story was that Du Bois had beaten up Leo Burke in a bar, prompting ex-boxer Rudy Kay to challenge Du Bois to a bare knuckle boxing match. Du Bois said he would fight him, if he could choose a partner. The partner turned out to be the 6ft5 350lb Sweetan, and Leo Burke became Rudy’s partner. I wrestled Bobby Kay in an earlier match. Animosity had been building for months, Du Bois and Sweetan were hot, and Rudy and Leo were local heroes, as they were from near Moncton. Not only was the stadium sold out, but ten thousand people turned up outside and listened to the deafening noise from the fans inside. The ban on bare knuckle fighting was overcome by wearing tape on the hands. The match was furious, brutal and very dirty, Du Bois biting Rudy and stomping him with his jackboots. There did not seem to be any rules, except last man standing wins. Sweetan beat hell out of Leo and made him bleed profusely. Leo finally managed to tag Rudy in, who out-boxed Sweetan and Du Bois, soon it was a bloodbath. The fans were on their feet screaming through the whole match, which lasted about 25 minutes. When Rudy knocked out Du Bois, the whole town exploded. It was an experience I will never forget.