Title History

Career Highlights

In The Beginning:

  • 2008: Adam Atherton attended Lindsey Wilson College (located in Columbia, Kentucky)..
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~He has a master’s degree in Counseling and Human Development..Ohio Valley Wrestling – Asher Knight:
  • Florida Championship Wrestling – Adam Atherton:
  • February 25, 2010–Florida Championship Wrestling: The Rotundo Brothers defeated Derrick Bateman & Adam Atherton (debut)..
  • March 4, 2010–Florida Championship Wrestling: Titus O’Neill defeated Adam Atherton..
  • March 11, 2010–Florida Championship Wrestling: Joe Doering defeated Adam Atherton..
  • Florida Championship Wrestling – Rudy Parker:
  • March 18, 2010–Florida Championship Wrestling: G-Rilla (George Murdoch) defeated Rudy Parker (Adam Atherton)..
  • March 25, 2010–Florida Championship Wrestling: Derrick Bateman defeated Rudy Parker (bloodied)..
  • April 1, 2010–Florida Championship Wrestling: Alberto Banderas (Dos Caras) defeated Rudy Parker.
  • April 8, 2010–Florida Championship Wrestling: Alex Riley defeated Rudy Parker to retain the FCW Heavyweight title.
  • April 15, 2010–Florida Championship Wrestling: Conrad Tanner defeated Rudy Parker.
  • April 29, 2010–Florida Championship Wrestling: Mason Ryan defeated Rudy Parker.
  • May 27, 2010–Florida Championship Wrestling: Eli Cottonwood defeated Rudy Parker.
  • June 16, 2010–Florida Championship Wrestling: Mason Ryan defeated Rudy Parker.
  • June 17, 2010 – FCW: Shad Gaspard & Jackson Andrews defeated Devin Allen & Rudy Parker.
  • June 20, 2010 – FCW: Donny Marlow defeated Rudy Parker.
  • July 2, 2010 – FCW: Tyler Reks defeated Rudy Parker.
  • July 8, 2010 – FCW: Ashley Valence announced the “One Night Stand General Manager Rudy Parker (booked the main event and a divas bikini contest – crowd chanted RUDY! RUDY! RUDY!). hosted by Rudy Parker – Aksana wins the “special” grand prize…. a kiss from him! However, when he leaned in she slapped him and all the Divas dumped him out!).
  • July 22, 2010 – FCW: Titus O’Neill & Rudy Parker defeated Rhys Ali & Bill Carr in a dark match..
  • August 18, 2010 – FCW: Bobby Dutch & Rudy Parker defeated Dr. Cable Jones & Jinder Mahal.
  • August 19, 2010 – FCW: Aksana & Bobby Dutch defeated Rudy Parker & AJ Lee when Dutch pinned Parker.
  • September 15, 2010 – FCW: “Florida’s Strongest Man” Big E Langston defeated Rudy Parker.
  • September 15, 2010 – FCW: Conrad Tanner & Rudy Parker defeated Ryan O’Riley & Damien Sandow.
  • October 28, 2010 – FCW: Big E Langston defeated Donny Marlow and Cable Jones and Marcus Owens and Damien Sandow and Calvin Raines in a 6-MAN Gauntlet Match.
  • October 2010: Adam Atherton (aka Rudy Parker) was released from his WWE developmental contract..
  • ~~~Other reports stated that he quit because he did not get a raise he was promised so he could support his family..