Scott Hudson


Career Highlights

  • 1990: Scott Hudson began his announcing career with the now-defunct Global Wrestling Federation, based in Dallas, Texas..
  • 1998: Scott Hudson joined World Championship Wrestling in teaming up with Tony Schiavone on WCW Monday Nitro..
  • March 26, 2001: Tony Schiavone & Scott Hudson called the final WCW Nitro telecast on TNT after WWE purchased WCW..
  • June 2001: The WWF wanted Joey Styles & Scott Hudson to come in full-time but they both turned down the offer..
  • ~~~The WWF asked Scott Hudson to do two weeks of Television just to push the Invasion angle which he agreed to do..
  • July 2, 2001: Scott Hudson debuted with the World Wrestling Federation on RAW in Tacoma, Washington..
  • ~~~Scott Hudson was teamed up with Arn Anderson at the broadcast table as part of the WCW Invasion angle..
  • ~~~The first ever match that featured WCW performers was between Booker T and Buff Bagwell in a World title match..
  • Scott Hudson Quote: Basically, I was there exactly as long as they wanted me to be and exactly as long as I wanted to be there..
  • 2003: Scott Hudson debuted in NWA Total Nonstop Action as as a fill-in announcer and full-time backstage interviewer..
  • 2005: Scott Hudson joined Vince Russo’s “Ring Of Glory” Christian Wrestling promotion/ministry..
  • December 16, 2005–Vince Russo’s Ring of Glory: Scott Hudson worked at the announcer for the event..
  • May 5, 2007–Women’s Extreme Wrestling: Scott Hudson appeared as the ring announcer for the entire show..
  • Thank you to Scott Hudson (self professed HUGE fan of OWW) for sending us an email to help out with some of the content on here