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Title History


  • Mid South Wrestling Television title defeating Jake Roberts in a Tournament Final (May 8, 1985);
  • USWA Unified Heavyweight title defeating Jerry “The King” Lawler (June 17, 1990);


Career Highlights

Mid South Wrestling:

  • The Snowman worked for Bill Watts’ Mid-South Wrestling and briefly held the Television title..
  • May 8, 1985: The Snowman defeated Jake Roberts in the Finals of a Tournament to win the Mid South TV Title..
  • July 10, 1985: Dutch Mantell defeated The Snowman to capture the Mid South Television title…United States Wrestling Association:
  • June 17, 1990: The Snowman defeated Jerry “The King” Lawler for the USWA Unified Heavyweight title..
  • August 27, 1990: The Snowman was stripped of the USWA Unified title when he reportedly pawned the belt..I have been checking out my profile on you guys website and the notation that stating me pawning the belt is False! I have a book that will be coming out real soon talking about the whole truth what realy went down with me and lawler over the belt and that big lie that him and eddie marlon had put out on me stating that I sold the belt to a drug dealer or pawned it. That crap is all a lie. God Bless! – from Eddie L. Crawford. aka The SnowmanIndependents:
  • March 3, 2007–Southern Wrestling Alliance: Snowman w/Extreme Posse defeated The Showstopper