Sonny Rogers

Career Highlights


  • Sonny Rogers was trained by Bob Sabre and Kevin Clayton at the American Wrestling Club in Chicago..
  • ~~~Same training class as Tony Leone, Terry Scholl, Chuck Greenlee, Juan Sebastian, and Mickey Shannon..
  • Sonny Rogers debuted using the name Gaylord Fontaine against Kevin Clayton in Whitewater, Wisconsin..
  • Sonny Rogers was given the name Sonny Rogers because of his likeness to Buddy Rogers..
  • August 10, 1980: Sonny Rogers debuted in AWA teaming with Steve Olsonoski losing to Adrian Adonis and Jesse Ventura..
  • Sonny Rogers also worked for Jerry Jarrett in Memphis and for Angelo Poffo’s ICW in Lexington, Kentucky..
  • Sonny Rogers did a tag team gimmick with Jon Stewart calling themselves The Beach Boys..
  • Sonny Rogers was the head trainer at Sam DeCero’s Windy City Wrestling in Chicago..
  • Sonny Rogers also used to own Pro Championship Wrestling in Elk Grove Village..