Title History


  • NWA (Taxas) American Tag Team titles [Jardine & Sloan] defeating Fritz von Erich & Billy Red Lyons (April 22, 1968);
  • NWA (Tennessee & Alabama) Mid-America World Tag Team titles [Jardine & ????] (September 1969);
  • WWC North American Tag Team titles [??? & ???] defeating Carlos Colon & Bob Ellis (January 10, 1976);
  • NWA Florida Tag Team titles [Jardine & Duncum] defeating The Brisco Brothers (June 27, 1978);


Career Highlights


  • Cary McCall wrote: [late 1960’s/early 1970’s] There was a team called “The Masked Spoilers 1 & 2” managed by “Gentleman” Saul Weingeroff who had a successful run of about a year or so in Nick Gulas’ NWA territory. They were finally unmasked as Lorenzo Parente and Joey Corea (who I think is the same as Joe Corea/El Olympico in your profile.)