Titles History

  • World Heavyweight Champion;

Career Highlights

  • 1909: Stanislaus Zbysko travelled to America to challenge World Heavyweight champion Frank Gotch..
  • ~~~Stanislaus Zbyszko wrestled Frank Gotch to a one-hour draw — and set up a huge rematch for 1910..
  • ~~~1910: Frank Gotch managed to beat Stanislaus Zbyszko after jumping him during the opening handshakes..
  • ~~~~~Gotch pinned Zbyszko in 7 seconds in a controversial match — there was never a third match between the two..
  • September 10, 1910: Stanislaus Zbyszko wrestled Great Gama in the finals of the John Bull World Championships in London..
  • ~~~The match ended in a draw after three hours of grappling between the two competitors..
  • May 6, 1921: Stanislaus Zbyszko defeated Ed “Strangler” Lewis to capture the World Heavyweight title!
  • March 3, 1922: Ed “Strangler” Lewis defeated Stanislaus Zbyszko to recapture the World Heavyweight title..
  • April 15, 1925: Stanislaus Zbysko defeated Wayne Munn to win the World Heavyweight title for the second time..
  • ~~~Stanislaus Zbysko double-crossed promoters and turned the match into a legitimate shoot and took the title..
  • ~~~A month later, Zybyzko dropped the WOrld Heavyweight title to Joe Stecher..
  • 1928: The Great Gama beat Stanislaus Zbysko in just 30-seconds in front of 60,000 fans..
  • Stanislaus Zbyszko retired and scouted talent in South America, where he discovered Brazilian acrobat Antonino Rocca..
  • Stanislaus Zbysko appeared in 2 movies, including playing himself in the 1932 movie “Madison Square Garden”..
  • Stanislaus Zbysko was also in the 1950 film “Night and the City” in which he played a pro wrestler..
  • September 23, 1967: Stanislaus Zbysko died at the age of 89..

    Robert Louis Howell wrote: Stanislaus Zbyszko is immortalized in the scene of Eugene O’Neills “THE HAIRY APE”. The protagonist is crushed by a gorilla and observes “They oughtta match him against Zbyszko.”