Title History

  • New Zealand Heavyweight title (3 times 1963, ’64, ’84);
  • British Empire/Commonwealth Heavyweight title (8 times);
  • NWA Australasian title (1964);
  • Australasian Tag Team titles;

Career Highlights

  • Steve Rickard is a former policeman turned wrestler and wrestling promoter who bought the Hutt Park Hotel (in Wellington, NZ).
  • Steve Rickard won the New Zealand Heavyweight title 3 times defeating Al Hobman, Peter Maivia and Siva Afi.
  • Steve Richard won the British Empire/Commonwealth Heavyweight Championship an incredible 8 times!
  • 1964: Steve Rickard defeated Peter Maivia for the NWA Australasian Title in Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Steve Rickard and Mark Lewin beat King Kamaka and Hiro Sasake for the Australasian Tag Team titles.
  • Steve Rickard became the promoter the NWA New Zealand promotion.
  • Early 1990s: Steve Rickard promoted the Main Event, a New Zealand TV Show that showcased local New Zealand talent.
  • ~~~As well as international names such as the Nasty Boys, Siva Afi, The Bull (Mr. Hughes), The Terminator (Johnny Ace).
  • ~~~As well as Lou Perez, the Mongolian Mauler, the Russian Brute, Al Green and more.
  • 1991: Steve Rickard (the guest ring announcer) was viciously attacked by the Mongolian Mauler in the conclusion of a match.
  • ~~~The Mongolian Mauler had just gotten pinned by Siva Afi in the finals of a tournament.
  • October 2004: Steve Rickard is promoting a show on December 12 at Singapore Indoor Stadium.
  • ~~~Featuring Barbarian, Honky Tonk Man, Dusty Wolfe and Warlord, and “the first cage match in Singapore in 10 Years”.
  • 2005: Steve Rickard is currently living with his wife Lorraine in Oriental Bay, Wellington, New Zealand.
  • ~~~He still runs the occassional wrestling show in Asia.
  • April 5, 2015 – Steve Rickard passed away.