Super Assassins

Title History


Career Highlights


  • July 11, 1969: The Super Assassins & The Super Manager (Mario Galento under a mask) debuted in Atlanta beating the Soto Brothers.
  • July 12, 1969: The Super Assassins made there Television debut on Atlanta Wrestling WQXI TV defeating Tony Nero and Phil Robley.July 19, 1969: The Super Assassins again beat the Sotos on WQXI TV the Super Manager flagrantly admitted name theft form the Assassins and that he had dubbed his team Super because the were the superior of the two teams. The gauntlet had been cast down. After the Assassins jumped and unmasked Galento a bit later on (circa Aug 22) he dauntlessly stated his team was still the better one since they were second only to the very, very best, that being him
  • July 25, 1969: Buddy Fuller & Ray Gunkel defeated The Super Assassins by DQ after Galento interfered
  • August 2 1969–Atlanta TV: The Super Assassins defeated Bob Armstrong & Bob Ramstead
  • August 8 1969: The Super Assassins defeated Chati Yocouchi & Mr. Ito
  • August 23, 1969–Atlanta TV: Joe Scarpa defeated Super Assassin #1 when he and #2 pulled a switch and were caught..
  • ~~~On the same card; Super Assassin #2 (Efrain Martinez) defeated Tony Nero in 1 minute 35 seconds with a neck breaker..The Assassins sued the Super Assassins for name theft and the NWA ordered Paul Jones to resign as NWA VP and promoter or fire the Super Assassins for name and trade mark theft to avoid a messy lawsuit. The Super Manager offered to simply have his team wrestle the Assassins for the name saying he and his team would unmask if they did not win. The Assassins countered that they had no need to wrestle for a name they earned years before and would let it play in court. They added that his offer to unmask was meaningless as they knew he was Mario Galento. The NWA ordered the name change and the two teems met in the ring. The new name was not announce until the beginning of the match.
  • September 3, 1969: Joe Scarpa beat Super Assailant #1 (Tomayo) | Super Assailant# 2 (Martinez) beat Derrell Cochran..
  • September 13, 1969: Dory Funk Jr. defeated Super Assailant # 2 (Efrain Martinez) on Atlanta Wrestling TV..
  • September 16, 1969: The Soto Brothers beat The Super A’s and The Assassins in Round Robin to win the Tag Team titles..
  • September 17, 1969: Tex Mckenzie & The Professional defeated The Super Assailants .
  • September 20, 1969: Joe Scarpa pinned Super Assailant # 2 in a close match.
  • October 3, 1969: The Assassins & The Super Pro (Aldo Bogni) defeated The Super Assailants & Mario Galento..
  • ~~~The Supper Assailants were forced to unmask after the match.
  • October 18, 1969: Unmasked Super Assailant #1 Joe Tomayo defeated Tim Geohagen in 8 minutes
  • 1970: The Super A’s returned to Atlanta in their Blue Demon persona openly challenging Buddy Fuller and Ray Gunkel..
  • ~~~The Demons lost in two minutes flat! Later in the year they returned again and lost to Les Wolff and El Mongol..
  • It should be noted that the Kentuckians and the Super A’s feuded with in GA & FL were Little John Quinn & Grizzly Smith
  • When not working Georgia or Florida as the Super Assassins (Soto & Martinez) fueded with Louis Tillet & Danny Miller in Florida as The Blue Demons