Susie Spirit

Title History


Career Highlights


  • 1986-87: Susie Spirit wrestled for David McLane’s Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling for two television seasons..
  • ~~~Susie Spirit was one half of the tag team known as “The Cheerleaders” – with her partner Debbie Debutante..

    Brett A. Schwan ( wrote: Susie Spirit is most remembered for a tag match “The Cheerleaders” had against the “Head Hunters.” During the match, Susie broke her arm and GLOW took the pleasure of airing the gruesome scene over and over and over again on their weekly television show.


Richard Berger (author, A Fool For Old School) wrote: So far as I know, Susie Spirit appeared only with that David McLean abomination, GLOW. I distinctly recall the one and only match where I saw her “work.” She managed to fracture her arm while attempting a Sunset Flip. After the mishap, McLean reran it several times in slow motion before the program ended. Of course, he milked it for several weeks thereafter.