Sweet Daddy Watts

Title History


  • Gulf Coast Wrestling Heavyweight title defeating Mike “The Hippie” Boyette (September 1973);


Career Highlights


  • Sweet Daddy Watts worked a long while for the Tony Santos promotion based out of Boston..
  • Late 1960s: Sweet Daddy Watts was a top draw in Arizona working in the Phoenix Madison Square Garden..
  • September 1973: Sweet Daddy Watts defeated Mike Boyette to capture the Gulf Coast Heavyweight title in Mobile, Alabama..
  • ~~~Sweet Daddy Watts weighed 402 pounds when he won the Gulf Coast Wrestling championship belt..
  • Sweet Daddy Watts was managed by Al “Spider” Galento and Saul Weingeroff at different periods in his career..
  • Early 1980s: Sweet Daddy Watts also made appearances for the ICW promotion run by the Poffos..

    Dale Pierce wrote: Sweet Daddy Watts was also managed for a time down south by the legenadary Saul Weigneroff, who was lucky he didn’t get Watts killed. For example, one promo had this manager announcing Watts was going to marry a rich white woman and buy My Old Kentucky Home tourist landmark, close it down to the public, and live in it.