Terry Orndorff

Title History


  • Mid-South Tag Team titles w/Junk Yard Dog defeating The Freebirds (September 1980);
  • NWA (WCCW) American Tag Team titles w/Kerry Von Erich defeating Great Kabuki & Chang Chung (October 25 1981);
  • NWA Tri-State Tag Team titles w/Chief Frank Hill winning a Tournament (Early 1981);


Career Highlights

Bill Watts’ Mid South Wrestling:

  • For a long time, Terry Orndorff was incorrectly identified as SHANE DOUGLAS — However, this is completely UNTRUE!
  • Terry Orndorff is Paul’s legitimate real life brother and just didn’t share his brother’s passion and left the wrestling business..
  • Terry Orndorff formed a brother tag team with Paul Orndorff in Bill Watts’ Mid-South territory..
  • 1980: Junk Yard Dog, Buck Robely and Terry Orndorff feuded with the Fabulous Freebirds over the Mid South Tag Team titles..
  • August 2, 1980–Superdome Extravaganza: Terry Orndorff & Mike Miller defeated Johnny Mantell & Ron Cheatham..
  • November 26, 1981–Superdome Extravaganza: Terry Orndorff defeated Don Serrano..Other Territories:
  • Early 1981: Terry Orndorff & Chief Frank Hill won a Tournament to capture the NWA Tri-State Tag Team titles..
  • ~~~The Tri-State Tag Team titles were held up after a controversial match with Jerry Brown & Ron McFarlane..
  • ~~~The Akbar Army (Jerry Brown & Ron McFarlane) defeated Terry Orndorff & Chief Frank Hill in the rematch to win the titles!
  • October 25 1981 – WCCW: Terry Orndorff & Kerry Von Erich beat Great Kabuki & Chang Chung to win the American Tag Team titles..