Terry Scholl

Title History


  • P.W.I. Heavyweight title (1981 -84, 1986-89, 1990-93);
  • P.W.I. Tag Team titles w/The Zebra Kid (1993-98);
  • W.W.A. World Tag Team titles w/John Valiant (1985);


Career Highlights


  • July 1980: Terry Scholl had his debut match against Ken Patera in St. Louis, Missouri..
  • Terry “The Hammer” Scholl was the promoter of Chicago Championship Wrestling which had a Television show in the Chicago market..

  • Short description: Brutal wrestling enforcer, known to like to “shoot” in his matches, devastating clothesline, one of wrestling’s hardest punchers. opponents very reluctant to wrestle due to fear of serious injury, never backed down in matches and wrestled while injured. never afraid to bleed, recognized as one of professional wrestling’s top tough guys..