Tiki Tapu

Title History

  • RMCW Heavyweight title;
  • RMCW Intercontinental title;
  • Kansas City/Hawaii Championship title;

Career Highlights

  • 1989: Tiki Tapu made his wrestling debut in Valdosta, Georgia after training from Joe Taylor in Hinesville, Georgia.
  • Tiki Tapu was unexpectedly asked to make his debut wrestling Manny Fernandez when Manny’s opponent no-showed.
  • Tiki Tapu also trained with Wahoo McDaniel, Abdullah the Butcher, Superfly Jimmy Snuka, Sam Fatu and Samu.
  • Tiki Tapu wrestled in WCW, NWA, AWA, BBO, RMCW, KCCW, MHW and CWO
  • January 20, 2011: Al Sunia (aka Tiki Tapu) passed away.