Tom Burton

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Career Highlights


  • Tom Burton had a long relationship with former women’s wrestling star Candi Divine..
  • Tom Burton was part of a tag team with Tony Anthony as a reincarnation of the Dirty White Boys..
  • Tom Burton was best known in Japan as a regular during the glory days of the UWFI promotion in the 90s..
  • March 29, 2010: Tom Burton passed away at the age of 46..

    Mike Aldren wrote (on April 11, 2010): Journeyman wrestler Tom Burton passed away on 3/29 at the age of 46. Candace Rummel (aka Candi Divine), Burton’s partner of 17 years, said that he suffered from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. He had been on oxygen for several years, was in poor health battling sleep apnea and was overweight at 430 pounds. A native of Minneapolis, Burton worked most notably in Tennessee and Texas during the late 80s as part of a tag team with Tony Anthony as the Dirty White Boys. He was also a regular in Japan for the UWFI promotion during the early-mid 90s and did occasional jobs on WWF and WCW television. Last year Rummel sued Burton on the TV show Divorce Court, accusing him of running over her cat with his car, and killing it, which he denied.