Tui Joe Fau

Title History


Career Highlights


  • 1953: Tui Fau moved to New Zealand from Samoa and took up boxing in the city of Auckland..
  • 1964: Tui Fau met Bomba Wells (wrestler, referee and trainer), who was looking for amateur wrestlers to train..
  • 1967: After just three years of amateur wrestling, Tui Fau turns professional..
  • 1967: Tui Fau defeated Loft Houghton in his professional debut match in Napier, New Zealand..
  • March 12, 1969: Tui Fau wrestled Steve Rickard in Western Samoa..
  • Tui Fau became a star on TV Wrestling Shows “On The Mat” and “Big Time Wrestling” throughout New Zealand and Australia..
  • Tui Fau made the transition from Wrestling to Powerlifting, setting a NZ Masters bench press record with 172.5kg (age 63)..
  • Tui Fau currently lives in Napier and continues to assist people in the art of weight training..