Von Steigers

Title History


  • Hawaii Tag Team titles (1969); /td>


Career Highlights


  • The von Steigers were active as tag team in Deep South, Texas, Arizona, Oregon, California, Hawaii, and Canada..
  • 1970s: The Von Steigers won a version of the World tag team title in Northern California..
  • They eventually split up with Kurt remaining in Arizona as a singles wrestler and Karl returning to Texas then Canada..
  • Kurt von Steiger stayed in Arizona and later teamed with Siegfred Steinke (Texas) and Killer Karl Krupp (in Canada)..
  • Kurt von Steiger was partially responsible for training Afa & Sika (The Samoans), Billy Anderson, Kevin Shane & Paul Harvey..
  • The Von Steigers also toured Australia and Japan..Dale Pierce Wrote:
    When Kurt Von Steiger returned to Arizona under this name with a shaven head and German routine, few fans realized when he launched into a feud with Tito Montez, that this match up had taken place before. In the early 1960s, Steiger had appeared briefly in Arizona as Arnold Pasticks and had jobbed out to Montez.

    Von Steiger wa sanother wrestler to receive the fireball in the face from Ron Dupree and Kurt Von Steiger, launching him into a feud with both. In a moment of inside humor, Colt later vowed to “expose you (Steiger) as a fraud and “ruin you once the truth is out” on the following show. So what was this horrible truth? On the next show Colt came on tv with a piece of paper and proclaimed “You are a fraud, Von Steiger. You are not ; even a real German (which he wasn’t). I have a telegram here from Baron Von Raschke who says he knows all about you and you not even t even a real German.” Then on and on. The odd part was, Von Raschke was not a real German either, but American, with German background.:


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