Wadi Ayoub

Title History


Career Highlights


  • 1951: Wadi Ayoub moved to Australia from Lebanon after becoming the Lebanese Greco-Roman champion..
  • 1953: Wadi Ayoub turned pro in Sydney and toured India, the Far East & Middle East, Australia, England, Belgium & France..
  • 1965: Wadi Ayoub won the Middle East title in a tournament vs Sky Hi Lee, Ray Apollon, George Gordienko, Joseph Zarinoff, others..
  • Wadi Ayoub was often ignored by Australian-based promoter Jim Barnett, who often had his top talent shipped in from America..
  • Wadi Ayoub was part of the People’s Army with King Curtis, Mark Lewin, Spiros Arion, Karl Kox, Angelo Mosca & Mario Milano..
  • ~~~Feuded with Big Bad John’s Army of Brower, Singh, Fuji, Waldo Von Erich, Abdullah, Don Fargo, Great Tojo & Blackjack Slade..
  • 1976: Wadi Ayoub died from cancer just before a scheduled tour of singapore..
  • Sheik Wadi Ayoub’s son Libnan Ayoub is recognized as a wrestling historian & wrote a great book on Australian wresting..