Wally Dusek

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Career Highlights

Personal and Career Facts:

  • When he was 16 years old, Wally Dusek worked sanding wooden floors for his father…
  • Wally Dusek was first booked by promoter Gus Karas – who heard about his great strength…
  • Wally Dusek wrestled in his first professional wrestling match at the young age of 16…
  • Before he was trained, Wally Dusek spent 3 years wrestling all-comers on the carnival circuit…
  • Wally Dusek and his four brothers (Ernie, Emil, Joe and Rudy) were all pro-wrestlers….
  • Wally Dusek’s son (Frank Dusek) – like his father – was also a professional wrestler…
  • Wally Dusek was a world renowned shooter during his time in professional wrestling…
  • Wally Dusek was a road agent for Jim Crockett’s Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling
  • ~~~Wally Dusek also served as ring announcer for Jim Crockett’s Championship Wrestling…Georgia Championship Wrestling Results:
  • February 22, 1947 at A.C.A.: Wally Dusek & Tom Mahoney vs Nick Carter & Laverne Baxter
  • March 14, 1947 at A.C.A.: Don McIntyre & Nick Carter defeated Wally Dusek & Wally Greb
  • ~~~The Special Guest Referee For This Contest Was The Legendary – Mr. Jack Dempsey..
  • March 21, 1947 at Atlanta City Auditorium: Wally Dusek took part in a “Wrestle Royal”
  • ~~~also in this match were: The Blimp; Tom Mahoney; Dick Lever; Don McIntyre (winner)
  • March 28, 1947 at A.C.A.: Wally Dusek was beaten via disqualification by Dick Lever
  • May 2, 1952 at Atlanta City Auditorium: Wally Dusek wrestled against Tarzan White
  • May 16, 1952 at Atlanta City Auditorium: Wally Dusek wrestled Doran O’Hara to a draw
  • May 24, 1952 at A.C.A.: Tony Martinelli & Argentina Rocca defeated Wally & Danny Dusek..
  • May 31, 1952 at A.C.A.: Wally & Danny Dusek defeated Don McIntyre & Doran O’Hara..
  • June 13, 1952 at Atlanta City Auditorium: Angelo Martinelli defeated Wally Dusek..