Whitey Caldwell

Title History


Career Highlights


  • Whitey Caldwell held the Southeastern Tag Team Championship and Southeastern Heavyweight Title on numerous occasions.
  • Whitey Caldwell had a long-running feud with Ron Wright, which lead to a series of brutal Tennessee Chain Matches.
  • ~~~In one particular Chain Match, Whitey Caldwell won Ron Wright’s cherished prized show horse and sold it at auction.
  • October 7, 1972: Whitey Caldwell (the reigning Southeastern Heavyweight Champion) was killed in an automoblie accident.
  • August 5, 1994: Smoky Mountain Wrestling: Whitey Caldwell was inducted into the Knoxville Wrestling Hall of Fame..
  • ~~~Whitey Caldwell was inducted by his old rival Ron Wright and also former tag team partner Les Thatcher….
  • ~~~Whitey Caldwell’s widow Nancy and the family accepted the honor on his behalf.