Winona Little Heart

Title History


  • NWA United States Women’s title (October 1980);


Career Highlights

In The Beginning:

  • Winona Barkley is the daughter of wrestler/booker “Dirty” Dick Barkley..
  • Winona Little Heart competed for the World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWWF) early in her career..
  • October 1980: Winona Little Heart won the NWA United States Women’s title..The Army of Darkness:
  • Mid-1984: Winona Barkley started appearing under a hooded robe in Florida Championship Wrestling..
  • Winona Barkley was perhaps most famous for working in Florida as “The Lock” in a faction known as The Army of Darkness..
  • ~~~She was identified as “Cindy Lou”, a young girl who used to be friends with Barry and Kendall Windham..
  • ~~~She was now under Kevin Sullivan’s “Satanic spell” thus furthering Sullivan’s feud with Blackjack Mulligan..
  • ~~~The Lock was given a rag doll by Kendall Windham angering Kevin Sullivan..
  • ~~~~~~Kevin Sullivan punched The Lock leading Billy Graham (Sullivan’s partner) to attack him..
  • ~~~~~~Billy Graham was hung from the ring ropes and was kicked out of The Army of Darkness..
  • Late 1985: The Lock began teaming with Luna Vachon as “The Daughters of Darkness”..Retirement:
  • Winona Barkley provided back-up vocals for a song on Nasty Savage’s album “Indulgence”..