AEW Double Or Nothing 2020

AEW Double or Nothing Results
May 23, 2020
Jacksonville, Florida (Daily’s Place and TIAA Bank Field)
Results by: Josh Boutwell of

Pre-Show “Buy In”

AEW Tag Team Titles #1 Contenders Match
Best Friends (7-3) vs. Private Party (4-1)

The winning team gets a shot at the tag team titles. Back-and-forth action from both teams early on. Private Party works over Trent for several minutes until Trent manages to catch Kassidy with a Spear on the outside. Quen takes Trent out with a Somersault Plancha, however.

Best Friends hit an Assisted Superplex on Quen for a nearfall. Trent attempts a Swinging DDT out of the corner but Quen counters and connects with a dropkick. Kassidy gets the hot tag and is a house afire. He catches Taylor with a Superkick and an Enziguri for Trent. He hits a Golden Moonsault out of the corner onto Chuckie on the floor and then a Swinging STO on Trent in the ring for a nearfall.

Private Party double teams Trent and caps it off with Quen connecting with a Ghetto Stomp on Trent as Kassidy held him in a Camel Clutch. Best Friends make a comeback as Trent catches both men with Suplexes after miscommunication from Private Party.

Chuckie T Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplxes Kassidy on top of Quen in the corner and then Best Friends hit a Sole Food/Half-and-Half Combo followed by the infamous Best Friends hug. Best Friends go for their finish but Quen Enziguri’s Trent and then Kassidy holds Trent over his own knees as Quen hits a Standing Moonsault on Trent off his back!

Private Party hits the G-9 on Chuckie T in honor of the fallen Shad Gaspard. Quen hits a beautiful Shooting Star Press for a nearfall but Taylor pulled him out to the floor and spiked him with a Piledriver! Taylor Superkicks Kassidy and tosses Quen back in the ring where Trent Lariats the hell out of him for another nearfall. Trent attempts a Cradle Piledriver but he sells a rib injury and Quen pops him with an Enziguri right to the ribs.

Private Party isolate Trent in their corner and work over his ribs further. Private Party goes for the Gin & Juice but Trent counters Quen with a rollup for a nearfall. Taylor tosses Kassidy into the barricade and then Best Friends hit the Strong Zero for the pin.

Winners: Best Friends via pinfall (Strong Zero)

Main Card

The “Double or Nothing” intro is a special thank you from the AEW roster to first responders around the country. There was also a tribute to Shad Gaspard.

Casino Ladder Match
Colt Cabana(4-2) vs. Darby Allin vs. Joey Janela (3-4) vs. Luchasaurus (6-3) vs. Scorpio Sky (5-4) vs. Frankie Kazarian (5-4) vs. Orange Cassidy (2-3) vs. Kip Sabian (8-7) vs. Brian Cage (0-0)

Janela replaces Rey Fenix, who was injured on a dive this past week. Christopher Daniels cuts a promo on behalf of Sky and Kazarian before the match and says a win for either of them is a win for SCU. Best Friends say they’re all going to end up champions.

Sky and Kazarian are the first two entrants, there will be a new entrant every two minutes. Anyone can win even before all entrants have entered.

Kaz and Sky go for ladders right off the bat but then stop and mat wrestle for several minutes. Sabian is the third entrant and as he comes out Jimmy Havoc comes out with him and destroys Sky and Kaz with a ladder. They hit a Michinoku Driver/Dropkick combo on Sky and then Havoc places Kaz on the top rope and sets a ladder up on the bottom turnbuckle. Kaz slams Havoc onto the ladder and then Gemran Suplexes him onto it!

After setting up the ladder and brawling with Sabian, Kaz springboards onto the ladder and almost reaches the chip before being pulled down. Allin is the fourth entrant and he comes in and ducks a lariat from Sky and then hits a Tope Suicida onto Sabian. He follows up with a Flipping Stunner on Kaz in the ring.

Allin sets a ladder up like a bridge between the barricade and the ring and then attempts to toss Kaz into it, but Kaz ducks only for Allin to throw his skateboard at him! Allin climbs up another ladder and dives off it with his skateboard but Kaz moves and Allin crashes and burns in a disgusting bump. Orange Cassidy is next out and he actually walks up to Excalibur and asks him how to win the match.

OC lays a ladder down and tries to reach the chip by just standing on it to no avail. He sidesteps a bunch of charging guys and then gets more annoyed trying to set up the ladder correctly. The next man in is Colt Cabana. Cabana offers to help OC set up the ladder but then tosses him to the floor. Cabana sets up the ladder and climbs up top but Sabian pulls him down.

Colt kicks Sabian away but then SCU come over and tip it over sending Colt crashing into the turnbuckles. SCU then toss Sabian into the ladder and come face to face with OC. OC does his lazy kicks but then connects with a Double Dropkick after ducking a pair of clotheslines. OC hits a Tope Suicida onto SCU on the floor.

The next man in is Joey Janela and he dives of the ramp with a Somersault Plancha onto OC and SCU. He dives onto Sabian and then on Allin before hitting a Missile Dropkick on Cabana in the ring. Kaz comes in and tosses Janela to the floor just as he was climbing the ladder. Janela hits Kaz with a chair but Sky takes it away from him and nails Janela with the chair.

Kaz thinks Sky is the one that hit him with the chair but Sabian shoves Sky and then springs off the ladder into a Diving DDT on Kazarian. Sabian climbs up the ladder but Kaz shoves him off. Next in is Luchasaurus. Lucha kills everyone with strikes.

Lucha tries to Chokeslam Sabian over the top but Sabian counters into a Rana attempt only for Lucha to Powerbomb him over the top onto a pile of humanity on the floor! Lucha Chokeslams Kaz onto a ladder and then Chokeslams him in the middle of the ring. Lucha pulls Allin up to the top rope but Allin headbutts him repeatedly before hitting a Super Code Red!

Allin sets up a ladder but the final entrant makes his way out and it’s BRIAN CAGE! Taz introduces Cage as he comes out and destroys Allin. Cage hits an insane Spinning Fireman’s Carry on Allin before tossing him into the corner. Sabian gets destroyed with a Pop-Up Powerbomb and then Cage tosses Sky into the corner and connects with a series of strikes followed by a German Suplex

Cage hits a Superplex on Janela and then starts to climb the ladder but OC jumps on his back. Cage ignores him and keeps climbing but Sky, Cabana and others come in and grab his leg to pull him down. They all attack Cage at the same time and finally take him down. Finally, Cage actually breaks free before SCU pop him with a ladder sending him to the floor. Janela and Sabian throw Cage into the ring post.

SCU and Cabana stack a bunch of ladders on top of Cage and then a barricade, as well. They all grab one of the big prop casino chips near the stage and throw it on top of Cage, as well. Cabana sneakly starts to climb a ladder in the ring but Sabian hits a Missile Dropkick knocking him off.

Sky wedges Cabana in the corner with a ladder but then Sabian sends him to the floor before hitting a Van-Terminator into the ladder on Cabana! Sabian climbs up the ladder but Kaz hits him with another ladder. As Kaz climbs the ladder OC pulls him off and hits a Superman Elbow! OC climbs up the ladder but Sabian climbs up the other side and starts punching OC.

Penelope Ford comes out as OC knocks Sabian off the top and onto another ladder. Ford climbs up the ladder and tries to hit OC but he stops her and tosses her on top of Sabian. Havoc pulls OC down and chokes him with his tie, though. Best Friends run out and make the save. Taylor is barefoot. Lucha pushes the ladder over tries to Chokeslam OC but OC blocks it and goes for one of his own.

Lucha blocks it obviously and Marko Stunt runs out with a step ladder and Chokeslams OC with the help of Lucha. Stunt dropkicks Sky and then dives onto a bunch of guys at ringside. Kaz dives over the top of a ladder and hits a Rana. Janela grabs the step ladder and hits OC with it before then hitting him with a Running DVD on top of that huge casino chip that Cage was trapped under.

Janela sets up a ladder in the ring and climbs to the top but Sky pulls him down into a TKO. Sky climbs up the ladder but Kaz springboards onto the other side and both men reach for the chip. They start slapping each other until Lucha shoves the ladder over sending them crashing into the top rope. Lucha kicks Cabana’s head off and then climbs up the ladder. Cage suddenly explodes under the rubble!

Cage and Lucha face off in a HOSS FIGHT! Cage and Lucha kick the hell out of each other but Cage gets the advantage by backflipping out of a Chokeslam attempt and then hitting a Leaping Knee followed by a Buckle Bomb into a ladder! Cage sets the ladder back up but then stops as he sees Allin roll into the ring.

Cage kills Allin with a Lariat and then the Drillclaw! Taz walks out and screams something at Cage and he sets another ladder up in the corner. Cage lays Allin on the ladder and then lifts both he and the ladder up and tosses him over the top and into another ladder at ringside. Cage climbs the ladder and pulls the chip down.

Winner: Cage

“The Salt of the Earth” MJF (5-0) w/Wardlow vs. Jungle Boy (0-1)

MJF and Jungle Boy mat wrestle for the first few minutes but neither man is able to gain the advantage. In one sequence, MJF turns a test-of-strength into a Monkey Flip and then holds on to the Double Knuckle Lock and both men have to keep pulling their shoulders up. MJF puts Jungle Boy in a Body Lock but Jungle Boy is able to bridge up and reverse it.

After MJF floats over a charging Jungle Boy, MJF sells his knee like he just blew it out and the trainer comes out. MJF shoves him away and attacks Jungle Boy, who had turned his back to MJF. MJF hits a Belly-to-Belly Suplex but after he taunts him, Jungle Boy manages to catch him with a Springboard Cross Body.

MJF comes back with a Running Back Elbow but Jungle Boy comes back with a Reverse Rana attempt. MJF blocks it but MJF manages to flip over into a Hurricanrana for a nearfall. MJF comes back with a big Backbreaker for a nearfall of his own. MJF flips Jungle Boy into the turnbuckles and gets another nearfall.

Jungle Boy fights out of the corner and hits a big Lariat followed by a series of stiff chops. Jungle Boy charges at MJF but he sidesteps him causing Jungle Boy to crash to the floor. MJF tosses Jungle Boy back in the ring but Jungle Boy hits a Sliding Dropkick followed by a Tope Suicida and then a Somersault Plancha!

Back in the ring, Jungle Boy hits a Springboard Swinging DDT off the middle rope for a nearfall. MJF got his foot on the bottom rope. Jungle Boy keeps selling his left arm that MJF worked over early on in the match. MJF drops a charging Jungle Boy with an elbow and then hits a Missile Dropkick onto the arm of Jungle Boy as he was trying to stand back up. MJF goes for the Salt of the Earth but Jungle Boy blocks it.

They exchange chops and then strikes. Jungle Boy hits an American Destroyer but MJF comes back with a Superkick. He falls over on top of Jungle Boy for a nearfall but Jungle rolls over into a Crossface. His injury forces him to release the hold and then MJF bites his hand as he tries it again. MJF hits a nice Pump Handle Driver for a nearfall.

Jungle Boy comes back with a SUperkick and then a Reverse Rana on the apron! Jungle Boy has problems lifting MJF and getting him back in the ring with his injured arm but finally does. Jungle Boy then goes up top but MJF grabs the referee’s legs and she grabs the ropes to get him off causing Jungle Boy to get crotched on the top. MJF attempts a Superplex but Jungle Boy cuts him off and hits a Super Bomb! 1…2…NO MJF kicks out!

Jungle Boy has trouble picking MJF up again and then MJF goes for a Tiger Driver but his back gives out. Jungle Boy then counters into a modified Northern Lights Suplex for a nearfall. MJF comes back with a Backslide for a nearfall of his own. MJF goes for the Salt of the Earth but Jungle Boy rolls him up for another nearfall.

MJF rolls Jungle Boy up but Jungle Boy counters and MJF rolls forward and holds onto Jungle Boy’s hands at the same time for the pin.

Winner: MJF via pinfall (rollup)

AEW TNT Championship Tournament Finals
Presenting the championship: Mike Tyson
“American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes (9-1) w/Arn Anderson vs. “The MurderHawk Monster” Lance Archer (5-0) w/Jake Roberts

Tyson brings the championship out to the ring. Archer immediately hits Cody with the Blackout but Cody manages to roll out of the ring to avoid the pin. Archer drags Cody back in the ring and goes for his Claw Slam but Cody counters and locks him in an armbar. Archer kicks Cody in the face to break it and then just shrugs off a series of chops.

Cody goes for the Cody Cutter but Archer kills him in midair with a Pounce…PERIOD! Cody again rolls out to the floor to get away from the MurderHawk Monster. Cody manages to come back and hit a Tope Suicida sending Archer into the barricade. Cody then climbs up on another nearby barricade but Archer grabs him and tosses him at least 20 yards.

Archer tosses Cody back in the ring and runs into a Pump Kick from Cody only for Archer to come right back with a Lariat. Archer rakes the eyes of Cody and then climbs to the top and walks the ropes New School style before capping it off with a Springboard Moonsault for a nearfall.

Archer goes for a Brainbuster but Cody catches him with a knee and connects with a Delayed Front Suplex. Cody goes for another Suplex but Archer counters with a Release Vertical Suplex. Archer rips the top turnbuckle off and then charges at Cody but he moves and Archer runs into the exposed buckle ribs first. Cody goes to work on the ribs and even wraps Archer’s body around the ring post and pulls.

Cody goes to the top but Archer cuts him off and Press Slams him over the ring post to the floor! Archer hits a Urange Suplex for a nearfall. Archer tries to rip Cody’s ear off and then hits a modified Vader Bomb for another nearfall. Archer puts Cody in an Armbar and Mike Tyson is shown cheering Cody on at ringside. Cody rolls out to the floor and Arn tries to give him advice.

Cody fights back on Archer with a series of forearms but Archer blasts him with one of his own to lay him out. Archer rolls Cody up for a nearfall but Cody counters into a Crossface. Cody uses Archer’s own dreadlock to choke him with, which pisses Roberts off and causes him to get in the referee’s face. That distracts Cody allowing Archer to grab him. Archer attempts a Back Suplex but Cody lands on his feet and hits a DDT and then stares Jake down.

Cody goes for a whip but Archer counters into a Spinebuster and then he stares Anderson down. Archer taunts Anderson and then climbs to the top but Cody catches him with an Enziguri followed by the Cody Cutter off the top! Archer STILL kicks out at one which infuriates Cody.

Cody hits a Running Knee and then hits a series of jabs followed by the Atomic Elbow and the Final Reckoning! Cody hits the CrossRhodes but Archer still kicks out and tosses Cody clear across the ring in the process. Cody hits a Stinger Splash in the corner but Archer shrugs him off and hits a Chokeslam for a nearfall.

Archer hits the EBD Claw and then attempts to walk the ropes and do the moonsault again but this time Anderson sweeps his legs as Roberts was screaming at the referee. Archer crotches himself on the top and Cody climbs up with him and hits a Reverse Superplex! Another referee runs out and tells Remsburg that Anderson interfered. Tyson agrees and Remsburg throws Anderson and Roberts both out.

Archer hits a Release German Suplex and Jake Roberts comes back out carrying a sack. Mike Tyson stops him and dares him to come to the ring causing Roberts to back down. Tyson stares Archer down and then Archer goes Blackout again, but Cody counters into CrossRhodes! Cody hits a second ChrossRhodes! 1…2…3!

Winner & FIRST TNT Champ: Cody via pinfall (Crossrhodes)

AEW’s doctor talks about Britt Baker’s injury and says it was pretty significant and mentions a facture to her tibia. He says that she will announce her return on Dynamite.

Penelope Ford (2-2) w/Kip Sabian vs. “The Galaxy’s Greatest Alien” Kris Statlander (3-4)

Ford catches Statlander with a Springboard Lucha Armdrag early on but Statlander comes back with a series of cartwheels but Ford is having none of it and bites her finger as she goes to boop her. Ford hangs Statlander up in the ropes and connects with a Hanging DDT for a nearfall. Ford hits a Snap Suplex for another nearfall.

Statlander comes back and hits a Tope Suicida onto both Sabian and Ford at ringside. Back in the ring, Statlander goes for a Splash but Ford gets her boots up and rolls Statlander up for a nearfall. Ford hits a Hook Kick for another nearfall.

Statlander comes back with a Roundhouse Kick and a Release German Suplex. Statlander backflips over a charging Ford and then hits a Mafia Kick in the corner followed by a Michinoku Driver for a nearfall. Ford counters the Big Bang Theory into a Reverse DDT for a nearfall of her own.

Ford hits a Stunner and then goes for a Lariat but Statlander ducks and hits one of her own. Statlander lifts Ford up to the top but Ford shoves her off and hits a Diving Rana. Ford goes for a Back Handspring Cutter but Statlander catches her in midair with a Blue Thunder Bomb followed by the Big Bang Theory for the pin.

Winner: Statlander via pinfall (Big Bang Theory)

Shawn Spears comes out in his suit and taunts Dustin Rhodes suggesting he won’t be here, but Dustin’s music cuts him off only for Spears to start laughing and saying that he was just messing with everyone. He instructs Aubrey Edwards to ring the bell and start the 10-count. As she starts the count, Dustin’s music hits again and Brandi Rhodes walks onto the ramp. Dustin attacks Spears from behind to start the match.

“The Natural” Dustin Rhodes (2-3) w/Brandi Rhodes vs. “The Chairman” Shawn Spears (4-1)

Dustin beats Spear all around the ring until Spears finally catches him with a clothesline. Spears pulls his belt off and flips Brandi off before turning around into a series of jabs and then a Snap Powerslam from Dustin.

Dustin pulls Spears’ s pants off and hits him with an Atomic Drop. Spears has Tully Blanchard’s face on the crotch of his briefs. Dustin hits the Final Reckoning for the pin.

Winner: Rhodes via pinfall (Final Reckoning)

They pay tribute to Hana Kimura who passed away last night and Excalibur pleads to fans to just simply be nicer to each other.

AEW Women’s Championship
No DQ/No Countout Match
“The Native Beast” Nyla Rose (c) (5-1) vs. Hikaru Shida (9-1)

Shida attacks Rose at the bell and kicks the kendo stick out of Rose’s hand. Shida tries to hit Rose with the kendo stick but Rose catches it and clotheslines her. Rose wears Shida out with the kendo stick and then hits a Scoop Slam. Shida comes back with a Flying Knee and then she drags Rose out onto the apron.

Shida hits a Running Knee Lift to Rose on the outside but Rose tosses her into the barricade. Rose chokes Shida with her boot and then slams her through a poker table that was set up near ringside. Rose lays Shida’s head on a chair and chokes her with another chair. Rose tosses Shida back to ringside after whacking her with the chair again.

Rose rolls Shida back in the ring and continues to beat her down. Rose goes for the Beast Bomb but Shida counters with a rana and then a Flying Knee. Shida attempts a Suplex but Rose reverses it and then clotheslines Shida back to the outside. Rose attempts to toss Shida into the ring steps but Shida leaps up onto the steps and dives onto Rose. Shida then hits another Flying Knee.

Shida tosses Rose over the barricade and then onto one of the big poker chips that are set up near the stage. Shida attempts to Suplex Rose onto the chips but Rose blocks it only for Shida to Judo Throw Rose onto it. Shida then dives off the chip with a Flying Knee sending Rose into another one.

Shida starts laying into Rose with a kendo stick and beats her back into the ring with it. Shida Suplexes Rose on top of the kendo stick for a nearfall. Shida hits the ropes but Rose catches her with a Spinning Powerslam. Both women stay down for several moments after that.

Rose hangs Shida up on the top rope and then dives off the top with the Guillotine Knee Drop for a nearfall. Rose pulls out a table and sets it up in a corner. She attempts to Beast Bomb her into it but Shida blocks it only to get run over with a clothesline. Rose hits the Beast Bomb onto the table! 1…2…NO Shida still kicks out!

Rose hits a Death Valley Driver and then starts laying into Shida with the kendo stick. Rose goes to the top but Shida throws the kendo stick at her. Shida hits a Super Falcon’s Arrow but Rose still kicks out at two! Shida attempts the Flying Knee but Rose hits her with the kendo stick. Shida comes back with a Forearm Smash and then Flying Knee! 1…2…NO Rose kicks out!

Shida hits a homerun with the kendo stick followed by another Flying Knee! 1…2..3! NEW CHAMP!

Winner & NEW Women’s Champ: Shida via pinfall (Flying Knee)

AEW World Heavyweight Championship
“Death Rider” Jon Moxley (c) (11-0) vs. “The Exalted One” Brodie Lee (5-0)

Security guards are standing in the middle of the ring to separate the two before the match starts. Mox goes for a Flying Knee at the bell but Lee catches him and throws him into the corner. Lee attempts a Mafia Kick in the corner but Mox moves and Lee crashes to the floor. Moxley hits a Tope Suicida onto Moxley on the floor and then charges at him only for Lee to counter with a Suplex onto the floor.

Back in the ring, Lee lifts Mox up to the top rope and goes for a Superplex but Mox shoves him off and dives off the top. Lee catches Moxley in midair and tosses him to the floor. Lee hits a Tope Suicida thorugh the ropes onto Moxley sending him through a barricade.

Lee leans the barricade against another railing slams him onto the railing. Lee Pump Handle Suplxes onto the barricade and then tosses him back in the ring where Lee goes for the Spinning Lariat. Moxley catches Lee with a Forearm Smash and then the two exchange strikes.

Lee hits a Backdrop Driver and then a Corner Splash but Moxley explodes with a Running Clothesline. Moxley hits a Spike Piledriver for a nearfall. Lee rolls back out to the floor but Moxley follows him and sets up the ring steps near the timekeepers table. Moxley charges at Lee but runs right into a dropkick from Lee. Lee drags Moxley up onto the steps and attempts to Powerbomb Moxley through the table, but Moxley backdrops Lee onto the table and Lee’s legs whack the hell out of the barricade, too.

Moxley tosses Lee back in the ring and then he goes to the top but Lee cuts him off and Superplexes him back into the ring. Brodie charges Mox but he sidesteps him sending Lee out to the floor. Moxley dives off the apron onto Moxley but Lee catches him and Belly-to-Belly Suplexes him into the DON set. Lee slams Mox onto the stage sign again and back in the ring Lee hits a Big Boot.

Lee hits a Sit-Out Powerbomb but Moxley kicks out at two. Moxley retreats onto the ramp and Lee gives chase only to walk into a big casino chip to the face. Moxley goes for the Paradigm Shift but Lee blocks it and attempts to Powerbomb Moxley off the ramp. Mox cuts Lee off and Paradigm Shifts him off the stage and straight through the stage!

Moxley crawls out of the hole in the ramp and rolls back in the ring followed shortly by Lee who is busted open. Moxley hits Lee with another Paradigm Shift but Lee kicks out at one and Moxley starts elbowing Lee in the head repeatedly and then biting him. Moxley hits another Paradigm Shift and Lee kicks out at two again!

Moxley puts Lee in a Rear Naked Choke and Lee passes out!

Winner & STILL World Champ: Moxley via KO (Rear Naked Choke)

A promo for AEW’s action figure line coming out this summer airs. The release date is August.

Stadium Stampede Match
The Elite (Kenny Omega, Adam Page, Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson) & Matt Hardy vs. The Inner Circle (Chris Jericho, Jake Hager, Ortiz, Santana & Sammy Guevara)

The Jaguars’ cheerleaders are on the sideline. The ring is situated in the middle of the field and each end-zone is painted with the logos for The Elite and The Inner Circle. All of the guys got NFL-style entrances from the tunnel and the Inner Circle are wearing their own jerseys. Pinfalls or submissions count anywhere in the stadium. Hangman Page is the only one that doesn’t come out during his introduction.

As the referee blows the whistle all the men charge toward each other with weapons and the stampede is on! The Jaguars’ weirdo mascot is also out there. PNP hit a Double Suplex on Nick Jackson in a stiff spot. Adam Page appears on a horse and charges at Sammy Guevara with it and Sammy runs all the way through the tunnel. Jericho and Nick Jackson get in the ring and actually start wrestling while everyone is killing each other on the outside. Jericho attempts the Judas Effect but Nick cuts him off and The Bucks hit an Assisted Dropkick sending Jericho to the outside.

PNP comes in and The Bucks go for a Superkick Party but PNP avoid and toss Nick Jackson to the floor. PNP hits a Double Hiptoss and then an Assisted Moonsault. PNP hits a Powerbomb/Punt Kick combo on Matt and Omega comes in and hits a Snap Dragon on Ortiz. Santana dives off the top right into a Snap Dragon!

Hager runs in and hits a big Spinning Powerbomb on Omega but walks into a Twist of Fate! Jericho runs in and hits a Codebreaker on Hardy. Sammy runs out and goes for a Shooting Star Press but Hardy rolls out of the way. Matt Jackson Buckle Bombs Sammy right into Enziguris from Nick and Omega. Hardy hits the Twist of Fate on Sammy and Omega follows up with an attempt at the V-Trigger but Jericho trips him.

Nick Jackson hits a Springboard Somersault Plancha onto the heels on the outside but Santana comes back with an Asai Moonsault onto the babyfaces. Sammy goes up top and hits a Shooting Star Press onto everyone! Matt hits Sammy with a football helmet and the brawl has begun to move towards the tunnel now.

Jericho throws Nick into the goal post and Sammy tosses Matt into it, as well. Matt Jackson climbs up onto the goal post and hit an Asai Moonsault onto the Inner Circle! The brawl goes into the stands and through the tunnel now. Page is shown still looking for Page on his horse before finally getting down. He’s also wearing his tag belt. Page heads to the bar in the stadium.

PNP are taking turns whacking Hardy and Omega with slapjacks. Omega comes back and tosses PNP into a wall and a barricade. He slams Ortiz onto a garbage can, too. Omega picks up a barricade and lays it on a table. He then attempts to Suplex Santana onto the barricade but Ortiz throws salt in his face. PNP Suplex Omega onto the barricade and then they climb up on the barricade with Omega. PNP Double Bomb Omega THROUGH the barricade down to the concrete!

Ortiz actually gets a nearfall before Matt Hardy broke it up. PNP grab Hardy and toss him into the pool in Jaguars’ stadium. Santana jumps in but Ortiz says he can’t swim. PNP hold Hardy’s head under water but he appears out of the water as Matt Hardy Version 1.0 and fighting them off. The “Matt-er of facts” even appear on the screen and then he comes back as Broken Matt again. As PNP try to leave the pool Matt pulls them back in. Matt drags Ortiz out of the pool and lays him out on a table. Matt then backdrops Santana on top of Ortiz putting them both through the table.

Matt sticks Ortiz’s head in a big bell and dings it on Ortiz’s head before putting him in a wheelchair and duct taping him to it. Santana attempts to Powerbomb Matt into an ice machine but Hardy blocks it and throws Santana inside it. Matt uses a broom to lock it.

Hager is shown looking for Page and when he notices his horse and then a bar nearby he realizes where he is. Page is getting drunk at the bar when Hager walks in and sits at the bar with him. Page pours Hager a drink and then decks him! Hager throws Page over a pool table but Page hits Hager with a pool cue. Hager knees Page and tries to throw him over the bar, but Page lands on his feet and then backflips off the bar. Page rolls backwards onto the pool table and then dives off it but Hager catches him in midair and Uranage Suplexes him onto the pool table.

Hager picks Page up and lays him on the bar and then slides him down it and tosses him over a table. Hager Gutwrench Bombs Page through a table and covers him for a nearfall. Omega enters the scene and hits Hager with a beer.

Omega and Page take turns hitting Hager over the head with wine bottles and then Omega hits the V-Trigger. Page flips over the back of Omega into the Buckshot Lariat sending Hager crashing over the bar. Page pours Omega a milk and then drinks himself a whiskey. Back in the stadium, Matt Jackson throws Sammy into a ladder.

Matt tries to Suplex Sammy but he lands on his feet and then runs away right into Rolling Northern Lights Suplxes from Nick. Jericho throws Matt into the benches on the sideline and then grabs a first down marker and hits Matt with it. Nick is still hitting Rolling Suplexes on Sammy. Matt Superkicks Jericho and then throws football as it him as Jericho was trying to taunt Nick.

The Jaguars mascot gets mad after Jericho throws Matt into the big Jaguar head on the sideline and Jericho hits him with the Judas Effect! Matt Superkicks Jericho into the field goal kicker’s practice net as Nick is still suplexing Sammy. Jericho hits Matt with his bat amd gets a nearfall.

Jericho gets pissed off at the nearfall and pulls out a challenge flag and says he’s going to challenge it. So, they oblige him and do a replay. Nick literally Rolling Northern Lights Suplexed Sammy 100 yards from one end-zone to the other. After Nick danced in celebration the referee threw a flag on him so Nick Superkicked him.

Jericho lays Matt on a table and goes to hit him with the bat but Nick blindsides him. Nick goes up in the stands and runs down and dives off the railing into a Splash on Jericho through the table! Page comes walking through the tunnel with a line marker and uses it to paint a yard marker down Jericho’s body.

The sprinklers come on as Sammy is trying to crawl away. “That pour bastard can’t catch a break,” Jim Ross says. Sammy wakes up thinking he won the match but Matt Hardy and Omega drive the golf cart through the tunnel and Sammy looks like he’s about to have a meltdown. Matt chases Sammy down but he manages to climb over the wall and into the stands to get away.

Omega chases Sammy up the stands but Sammy kicks Omega. Hardy comes over and Sammy kicks him in the head too but the new drone, Neo 1, appears to distract Sammy. Omega hits Sammy with a V-Trigger and then a One Wined Angel out of the stands and through a stage on the field for the pin!

Winner: The Elite via pinfall