Global Wrestling Federation

Promoter: Max Andrews (June 1991 – 1992)

Promoter: Grey Pierson (1992 – September 1994)

Joe Pedicino (Part Owner)

Location: Dallas, TEXAS

Babyface Roster
The Patriot
Handsome Stranger
Gary Young
Terry Garvin
Chris Adams
Barry Horrowitz
The Lightning Kid
Jerry Lynn
Steve Simpson
Giant Warrior
Tugboat Taylor
Chaz Taylor
Scott Putski
Alex Porteau
Shawn Summers
Heel Roster
Eddie Gilbert
Cuban Assassin
John Hawk
Cactus Jack
Makhan Singh
Rip Rogers
Scott Anthony
Eddie Gilbert
Dark Patriot
Iceman Parsons
Al Perez
Calvin Knapp
Butch Reed
Booker T
Stevie Ray
Black Bart
Rod Price
GWF Tag Team Roster
Ebony Experience (Booker T & Stevie Ray)
The Cartel (Cactus/Rogers/Singh/Anthony)
The Davis Brothers
The Beach Bullies
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Global Wrestling Federation History

  • The GWF picked right up where Fritz von Erich’s World Class Wrestling Association left off promoting in the Dallas, Texas area..
  • The GWF was formed and based out of Texas and ran shows out of the famous Dallas Sportatorium..
  • The GWF announce team consisted of Craig Johnson, Scott Hudson and Joe Pedicino (who was also the booker and silent owner)..
  • Joe Pedicino’s wife Bonnie Blackstone was often used as a ringside and backstage interviewer on television..
  • The Global Wrestling Federation had a coveted Television deal with ESPN..