Radio with Sunny (Recap)

Sunny/Tammy Sytch and Jake Black Recap – PWP LIVE Radio LIVE Radio proudly welcomed the “first DIVA” of professional wrestling, “Sunny” Tammy Sytch, as well as one of the most integral people in PWU, Jake Black.

Sunny/Tammy Sytch: A diva, back in college, would go back to WWE, & will be live & In person on Saturday, June 16 for PWU.
–     Says she’s not the first lady of wrestling, that will always be Elizabeth.  Considers herself the first diva.
–     Feels good about so many following her footsteps.  “If there are 46 women in the WWE today, 41 wouldn’t have a job” if not for her.  Said more than half don’t belong and need to know more about the history of wrestling, even from the last 10 years.
–     Had no intentions of being in wrestling.  Met Jim Cornette while in college and he convinced her.
–     Talked about being more popular than male stars and how Chris Candito was never jealous or spiteful of her success.
–     Said Candito hated working for the WWE, which is why he quit.
–     Was not fired from WWE, she quit on an ECW pay-per-view and was faxed her release the next day.  Was promised more money by Heyman to be at ECW than Vince paid, but the money never came through.
–     Hated WCW “because it was ridiculous”.
–     Burnt out by WWE at the end.  Was not only on the road, but did a lot of appearances, so didn’t get time off.  Felt she left wrong from WWF.   Says Heyman screwed her & Chris out of a lot of money.
–     “You grow to hate the business, you step away for a while, then you crave it.”  She would go back to mainstream TV (WWE, TNA) if the opportunity arose.
–     Gets WWE 24/7 On-Demand and was told by WWE she would be receiving more royalties soon.
–     Won’t get drunk with fans, but will be at the Crazy Tailg8 Meet & Greet on Saturday, June 16 at 4:30 pm.  She’ll be there to have a good time & enjoy being with fans.
–     Is back at college, graduating in September, working towards being a Physician’s Assistant.

Jake Black – manager, commentator, producer for PWU Power Surge TV – he is a “Jake” of all trades for Pro Wrestling Unplugged.
–     Uses Bobby Heenan & Jim Cornette as inspiration.
–     Likes to get in fans’ faces as “they are a bunch of annoying people.”
–     Says Nate Stein hitting him with a trash can last month was due to Stein’s “misunderstanding” of why Black was in the ring during Stein’s match with Johnny Kashmere.
–     Black said he started training to be a wrestler, but didn’t have the drive.  Moved over to commentary when the opportunity arose and enjoys it.
–     Black & Stein agree that Detox might pull out the win in the main event at The Crazy 8
–     Talked about Commissioner Idol.  Thought current contestants Kitty, Mike Sanz, and Sean were the top right now, but that the winner could still be out there.

Pro Wrestling Unplugged
“Crazy 8” – Saturday, June 16 @ 7:30 pm

But the day starts with Monday Night Mayhem’s Crazy Tailg8 @ 4:30 pm
Meet & Greet hosted by Jake Black & Dan Cowhey

  – Crazy 8 match for the PWU World Heavyweight Title: Too Cold Scorpio vs. Devon Moore vs. Detox
  – Ironmen Match for the PWU Tag Titles: AMIL vs. SAT
  – Featuring Joey Matthews (aka Joey Mercury), Sunny, The Nasty Boyz, Eddie Kingston, & many more.

Roundtable with the top news from, including:
  * Jill Jarrett, wife of Jeff Jarrett, passes away
  * Vince STILL ECW champ, is ECW dead?
  * Despite loosing developmental, Deep South Wrestling will still run
Next Thursday at 10 pm, LIVE Radio welcomes PWU Women’s champion Amy Lee and Dan “The Phan” Cowhey.   But join the action at 9 pm in the LIVE chat room.Check out, where wrestling news is delivered daily.

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