Recent Davey Richards interview with Ring Rust Radio and Bleacher Report

davey3Donald Wood from Bleacher Report and Ring Rust Radio, as well as fellow Bleacher Report columnists Mike Chiari and Brandon Galvin, had TNA Superstar DAVEY RICHARDS on the show this week, and it was a great episode with plenty of exclusive content and insight into the star’s TNA career, Indy Career, his decision to sign with TNA over WWE and so much more!

Full Ring Rust Radio Episode Link:–april-8-w-wwe-wrestlemania-review-and-davey-richards

What it Would Mean to Win the Titles Thursday: “Everything. That’s why we came to TNA; to be champions. We had a little taste of it but unfortunately we weren’t the losing team, we were the losing team by default but we weren’t the ones who got pinned in Japan, so we had a little taste and got them taken away before we could defend them once in the United States so we’re looking to get them back and have a lengthy reign.”

The Legacy He Wants to Leave: “I want to be someone who tried to bring life to pro wrestling. There’s a lot of people who are just out for themselves and their characters and just people I wouldn’t consider good people and it’s good to see good people that work are come out on top like Bryan at WrestleMania or me and Eddie Edwards and there’s a bunch of others. I want to be someone who tried to help other people and who inspired people and things like that. If I can leave that I’m not concerned with how much money I make or how big of a star I become, more or less just someone who people could be inspired and motivated by I guess would be what I would like to leave behind when I’m gone.”

Choosing TNA vs. WWE: “I never really wanted to go to WWE. The tryout there was awesome. It was really fun and I can’t say enough good things and I learned a lot, but I told a few of the guys during the initial tryout with Eddie that this was not for me just because moving down to Orlando is not what I wanted to do and wrestling is not the only thing I want to do with my life. To give up everything and just live in that world is not my idea of a great life or a perfect life. TNA offered me to be able to wrestle with some of the best wrestlers in the world, I could be on television, I could go and entertain crowds but I could still come home and be Wes. I could be Davey, then I could be Wes. It was just better for me and I couldn’t be happier in TNA it’s been great.”

Thoughts on Taker’s Streak Ending: “Records are made to be broken, that’s the biggest thing. I mean, when there’s any big change people just crap on it but I read something online that said he chose it and I mean, he looked like an old guy in the ring because the guy’s been around forever and has done everything. He’s made a ton of money, he has the legacy, apparently he’s got an awesome character that will live forever, so I doubt he went home and started crying, I’m sure he’s not at the court house; he’s loving life. I think they could have picked a better guy to end the record but I don’t work there so it doesn’t matter, it’s good for both of them.”

Most Difficult Part of the Wrestling Business: “For me, traveling. Wrestling, from the amateurs to the pros, has always come easy to me. Just traveling and being away from my fiancée is really hard for me and being away from my crazy little dog; I’m kind of a home body. I’m really antisocial, that’s probably the best way to describe it. So to me, traveling and always being around people is alright but I love meeting the fans because they inspire and motivate us but I’m a home body at heart.”

Transition to More On-Screen Talking Segments: “It hasn’t been difficult for me personally because me and Eddie are just me and Eddie you know. If we were brought in to be someone else I would probably have a harder time with it, but because our names haven’t changed at all, we just don’t have American in our name anymore, so for me it’s not been bad at all because it’s just me being me. There are also a lot better coaches in TNA. There isn’t really anyone in Ring of Honor giving anyone any guidance; it’s kind of the blind leading the blind.”

Possibility of Working Singles in the Future: “Obviously I want to be World Champion, but that’s down the road, when it’s right. Right now and for the foreseeable future, I’m completely rejuvenated and completely putting all my stock into the Wolves and I know Eddie is too. I know there will be some time where we’ll both want our singles runs, and that’s to be expected, but I’m sure there will be a time when people don’t want to see the Wolves any more. But for now, it’s definitely all about the Wolves.”

Being World Champion: “It’s definitely something I want to do, and I know I can do, and I know I will do, but right now I’m just focused on our tag team.”

Someone He’d like to See in TNA: “Michael Elgin. I would definitely like to see Michael Elgin. And you never know, you just might. I’m going to leave that at that but that’s definitely the one person I had a lot of fun working with and have a lot of respect for.”

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