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TWIWOWW’s This Week In Wrestling – April 14, 2013

PWF Korea

March 8, 2014

Casey “Candy Man” Platinum pinned The Mad One

The Hong pinned The Chair

Lil Sub Ji pinned Lil D

Dr. Monz defeated Lil D & Lil Sub Ji in a handicap match

RightCoastPro Wrestling “No Walk In The Park”

March 29, 2014

Bazooka Joe retains Championship over “Tribal Warrior” Fallah.  Next title defense May 3rd is a triple threat facing “Adrenaline” Ryan Rush and Francis Kipland Stevens with special guest enforcer – “The Cheetah Master”.

“Self-Made” Michael Blake buys contract from Pedro Duro and inserts himself back onto the show and onto the winning side teamed with Mozart Fontaine after facing Aaron Stride and Chris Steeler.

Ring Announcer Mike Rose receives severe injury by both Aaron Stride and Chris Steeler that takes him out of action.  Stride and Steeler are both suspended from the roster.

“Valedictorian” Billy Bax ups his winning streak to 4-0 by beating Francis Kipland Stevens.

Colton Quest takes the win over Harry M. Baldwin in a weapons match, a stipulation that was chosen by fan ballots collected earlier in the show.

“Adrenaline” Ryan Rush gets the pin over “Heavyweight” Sean Royal.

Eric Chapel takes the win by submission in a Bull Rope match over “Dirty” Sonny Deeds.

“Mercenary” Nicholas Sohlo pins Courageous Cruz after a beat down.

Newly formed tag team “Amore Express” (Alvin Alvarez and Jason Gotti) get the win while gaining momentum from the crowd as they steam roll over Anthony Bowens and Damian Gibbs.


April 3, 2014

Otto Schwanz w/ Admir Al Akbar beat Timmy Lou Retton

Seymour Snott beat Mickey Gambino w/ Admir Al Akbar (Falls count anywhere Snott pinned Gambino in parking lot)

GOUGE champ- Jimmy Jack Funk Jr. beat Ulrich Von Vorse in a Texas Bullrope Match


April 4, 2014

Ali Shabazz def. Chad Hyatt

Tim Jernigan def. Gregory McDaniel

Team IOU def. Shooting Impact

Nick Stanley vs. Kevin Xion was ruled a no contest

L. T. Falk def. Gator McAllister

Jeremiah Plunkett def. Eric Darkstorm; Arrick Andrews def. Lance Erikson

Empire State Wrestling

April 5, 2014

Sebastian Suave beat “Inferno” Johnny Adams.

Pepper Parks beat Bill Collier.

Frankie Feathers beat Steve Gage.

Kevin Bennett, Ron Falco & Brett Mednik beat Rochester Wrecking Crew & Cloudy.

Yuri Koloff beat Plunkett McGlomouse.

Will Calrissian beat Dalton Castle.

Gabreal Saint & Lady LaLa beat RJ City & Brian DeVille.

Matt Milan beat Bobby Sapphire.

Brandon Thurston beat Tyson Dux.

Double Down beat Randy Philbrick & Andrew Cravatta.

ESW Heavyweight Title: Chris Cooper beat Colin Delaney to retain.

Ring Wars Carolina

April 5, 2014

Dr. Housekall def. Syde Effect

Snakeman def. The Starmaker

Kris Nemesis def. Anime Kid & Chance Lebeaux

RWC No Limitz Champion Diego Vasquez def. Pat Powers & Ricky Cruz

“Mr. Everything” Victor Andrews wrestled Urlich Von Vorse ended in a No Contest

NAWA Big Time Pro Wrestling

April 5, 2014

Copy Kat beat Tejano Kid

Randy Wayne beat American Madd Dogg

Tag champs Joe Angelo Garcia & Cowboy Adam beat Doberman & Big John Famous

Champon Zach Jackson beat Nobe Bryant.


April 11, 2014

Mickey Gambino w/ Admir Al Akbar beat Mr Huxtable

Seymour Snott beat Gluteus Maximas

Max Venom beat T Dawg HG

El Chaco beat Alas de Angel

Ulrich von Vorse beat Masked Magician

Trailer Park Heat beat Timmy Lou Retton (won initial Granville County Title)

Mr Wrestling III (Steve Corino) beat Josh Powers w/ T Dawg HG

GOUGE Champion Jimmy Jack Funk Jr. beat Otto Schwanz w/ Admir Al Akbar


April 12, 2014

100+ fan were in attendance for the Anarchy TV Taping titled WORKING OVERTIME.  All matches had 15 minute time periods and up to two 5 minute overtime periods.

Mike Posey def John Skyler   Postmatch, Posey (who has a count-out win over Anarchy Champion, Mikael Judas) demanded a title match with Judas where if Judas was counted out again Posey would win the title.  Promoter Franklin Dove agreed but added that the match on April 26 would also be no DQ.

Jeremy Foster & Mikey Watkins def Bobby Moore and Laredo Kid when Moore hit his own partner with the loaded elbow pad and walked out on the match.

Anarchy Tag Team Champions, The Washington Bullets (Jon & Trey Williams) retained their titles over Seth Delay & Slim J.  Match was the first to go to an overtime period.  Bullets used the title belt as a weapon to get the victory Postmatch UAS (Nemesis & Shadow Jackson) hit the ring carrying nooses they’ve used in the past by them as a weapon but the Bullets bailed out quickly.  Jackson & Nemesis said that they would win the upcoming #1 contenders match and face the Bullets on April 26.

Geter def Se7en with Jeff G Bailey.   Postmatch Se7en attacked Geter with a walking stick Bailey had with him and then used a steel chair over & over on Geter’s back.  Se7en place the chair under Geter’s throat and deliver a stunner.  It took quite a while for Geter to leave the ring after Bailey finally got Se7en to leave.

Ring Announcer Jonathan Feltner announced that on April 26 a multi-person elimination match would be held with the winner getting a title match of his choice.  Todd Sexton, Seth Delay, Slim J & Anthony Henry were announced as involved.  That brought out Bobby Moore who said he would not leave the ring until he was added to the match.  Franklin Dove agreed.

UAS (Nemesis & Jackson) def Alex Avgerinos & Lars Manderson to become #1 contenders to the tag Team Titles held by the Washington Bullets, who they will face on April 26.  Avgerinos was in for most of the match with Manderson only tagging in and out quickly one time in the match.

Vandal def Tommy Penirelli.  TV Champion, CB Suave was on commentary.   Penirelli looked to have Vandal ready to submit in the match when Suave rang the ring bell causing Penirelli to release the hold.  Vandal took advantage of the opportunity to win the match.

Billy Buck def BJ Hancock with Miss Rachael by DQ.  Postmatch Hancock attacked Buck and ended up delivering a piledriver on Buck on the ring steps.  Stryknyn came out to help Buck and he and Hancock brawled around ringside until Hancock managed to get away.  Stryknyn challenged Hancock to a match on April 26.  Buck was carried to the back on a body board.

In the Main Event, Corey Hollis def Steven Walters in the 2nd overtime period.  It was announced that this was Walters’ last match before heading to WWE development to Orlando, FL.  mJust a tremendous match.  In the final overtime period the lockeroom emptied to watch from ringside.  Both wrestlers received a extended standing ovation by the fans.  There was an emotional postmatch farewell celebration for Steven Walters.

Brew City Wrestling FAN-DAMOIUM

April 18, 2014

Beers City Bruisers (Matt Winchester & Nick Colucci) -vs- Anarchy Inc. (Ruff Crossing & Brandon Blaze)

The Stars of CMLL Lucha Libra in a Tag Team Match

Brew City Wrestling Ladies Championship

Stacy Shadows(C) -vs- Melanie Cruise

“Psychotic” Jim Blaze  -vs- “Rage” Mitch Blake

Brew City Wrestling Tag Team Championship

Urban Assault Team(C) -vs- Assault & Battery w/ “Mouth of the Midwest” JP