Recent Gail Kim interview

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TNA Knockout Gail Kim recently spoke to to promote this weekend’s TNA house show tour in Iowa. says she’s been “feeling the groove” since returning to TNA last year. Here are some highlights:

Working As Heel: “I’m looking forward to being the heel. I change my wrestling moves. When I’m a heel, I’m more technical and use submissions. When I’m a baby-face, I’m more of a high flyer.”

Retirement: “I would love to leave wrestling at some point on a good note. Everybody wants to go out on top. Most of all, whatever I do next, I want to be passionate about. Because I’ve had wrestling so long, I know how happy you can be doing what you love. I’m looking forward to a future with my husband and what it holds.”

She also talked about “feeling the groove” since returning to TNA last year and how hard it was WWE “sitting back and watch everybody in the ring doing what I love to do.”

QUESTION:  Has Gail’s return to TNA been a success?

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