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It’s a new year and a new edition of the original and most controversial audio show anywhere – “Glorious” on hosted by Paul Roma and James Guttman.  The big return of Roma checks in with a special one hour show featuring talk of Raw’s 20th Anniversary, being warned about Rocky Johnson, Hulk Hogan in today’s TNA, Linda McMahon’s failed Senate runs, Pretty Wonderful, Power and Glory, and tons more.  Those who have never heard Paul’s no-holds-barred style need to hear it and those who have never forget it.

For a longer list of topics from Paul’s latest audio, head to the all newly revamped “We Want Insanity” at:

One taboo subject that James Guttman has addressed in his own audios has been CM Punk.  While Punk is an amazing wrestler, JG has pointed out that to a casual fan, he’s a smaller guy that kind of looks like he smells like cigarettes.  Guttman asks Paul Roma his opinion on Punk’s look and Roma agrees.

“He looks like somebody who was dragged out of the tattoo parlor – kicks his feet up and is just chain-smoking cigarettes.  Not somebody that you want your son to look like.”

But then, Paul brings up an interesting point and references a past guest as the formula for Punk’s success – even with average fans.

“But, at the end of the day, you have to look at him and look at Honky Tonk Man.  Honky Tonk was a guy who had no body, but had a great gimmick and people wanted to see him get beat.  So when he went out there and beat all these ex-champions and champions-to-be like Tito Santana, people were saying, “How can that be?  How can he beating Tito?  How can he be beating this guy?  How can he be beating that guy?”  And that’s what had you coming back.  Again, it’s like Mike Tyson.  You don’t have to like him, but you’re going to watch to see him get beat.  If you do like him, you’re gonna watch to see him not get beat.  And that’s the same thing with CM Punk.  You said it.  He doesn’t have a physique.  He’ s just that less-than-average guy as far as physically looking at him and he goes out there and wins, wins, wins.  And it drives the average joe out  in the audience, that looks like him, to say, “Oh, I can do that, man.  CM Punk is doing it and he looks like shit.  I can do it. ” The  other people out there, who are jacked and in better shape physically, are saying, “When’s this guy gonna get beat?”  That’s the philosophy that Vince is using with this dude.” members know that Paul Roma is known for not being enamored with the the wrestling lifestyle.  James compliments that and mentions how even moments that wrestlers considered an “honor” didn’t affect Paul.  As has been mentioned in past Glorious episodes, Roma seemed to take heat for not being giddy over his Horseman membership.  Guttman points out how rare it is for someone to keep that mentality, even after being given entrance into one of wrestling’s elite groups.  But, to Roma, it was all just part of the job.

“That’s the thing.  I had friends – close friends – who said to me, “Don’t you understand?  You’re a Horseman.”  I said, “Yeah.  I got it, dude.  I’m a Horseman.” (They’d reply), “Oh dude!  It’s an honor!  Don’t you understand?  There’s only been like a few people and blah, blah, blah.”  And I’m like, “Okay.  Alright.  I get it.  I’m a Horseman.  Big f**king deal.  It’s not real.  What are you not understanding?  It’s not real.”  Take Brock Lesnar.  He goes into the UFC.  That’s real – as far as I know.  That’s real.  Those guys are fighting.  He is controlling, for the most part, his own destiny.  You go out there and get your ass kicked – not good.  You go out there and win – that’s good.  Wrestling’s not real.  You go out there and they tell you if you’re gonna win or lose.”

Much like the rebranded now offering more than just wrestling topics, Roma does the same.  He and James discuss welfare, politics, the Golden Globes, and – yes – Honey Boo Boo.  Needless to say, Romeo Roma is no fan of Honey Boo Boo Child.

“You’re telling the rest of the world that it’s okay to raise an ignorant child.  An obese child.  And your mother can be an absolute ignorant asshole.  And this what you’re putting on TV because you’re trying to get ratings.  Well, keep giving them money.  They’ll keep jumping in pools of mud and keep feeding their daughter Twinkies till she explodes and keep her uneducated.  Because, at the end of the day, you give them 20 bucks and they’ll do whatever you ask them to do.  It’s 20 bucks more than they had and it’s really sad to see that that’s what everything’s turning into.”

Remember, the latest 1 hour Glorious is just one of many editions Paul Roma has done on  Along with other superstar hosted audios shows (Glacier, Fifi The Maid, Orlando Jordan, Tom Prichard, and more) and over 300 guests ranging from Jesse Ventura to Jerry Lawler to Damien Sandow, offers literally thousands of hours of audio from the past 8 years  the moment you sign up.

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