AEW Dynamite 01 04 2023

For this week’s Dynamite live from the Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle, WA – there is only quick results for the matches. We apologize. From

Ricky Starks defeated Chris Jericho by pinfall after a spear

After the match, Jericho Appreciation Society hit the ring and attacked Starks. Action Andretti then came down with a chair to make the save. Tay Melo & Anna Jay grabbed the chair away from Andretti and nailed him with a low blow. JAS then attacked him. Menard & Parker set up a table at ringside area. Hager power-bombed Starks off the apron through the table to end the segment.

After the commercial break, Tony Schiavone, in the ring introduced Hangman Adam Page, who came to the ring. Schiavone brought up to Page Jon Moxley challenging him next week at the KIA Forum in Los Angeles. As of Wednesday, Page is still not medically cleared to wrestle. Page then looked down at the doctor and said that if he does not get into a fight this week, then next week at the KIA Forum in LA he will be cleared to ‘knock Moxley’s dick in the dirt.”

Moxley then came out. He was surprised that Page was even in Seattle tonight. Moxley said he is sick of the sympathy cards and vigils. The fans in the Climate Pledge Arena began chanting that they could not hear Moxley as his mic was not working properly. Moxley then dropped a couple F-bombs, followed by “Go Seahawks” to get the fans focused on him again. Moxley said Page was mad at Moxley for knocking him out, but it is how Moxley called him out and that he made him a joke. Page then said Moxley was threatened by him and that he (Page) has two in the chamber with Moxley’s name on them and he will take his shot at Moxley at the KIA Forum next week in Los Angeles. Moxley then said Page’s punk a– does not belong in the same ring with him. Moxley told Page that next week in LA he will make sure Page does not get back up, as the segment came to a close.

The Acclaimed retained the AEW World Tag Team Titles against Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal by pin. Anthony Bowens pinned Lethal

Max Caster in his rap said TNA stood for Total Non Stop Acclaimed.

Tony Schiavone interviewed Jamie Hayter & Britt Baker about their match at the KIA Forum in Los Angeles next week against Saraya and a mystery partner. Baker & Hayter referred to themselves the AEW Originals. Baker then said they worked their way up to the top of AEW, while Saraya being friends with Hikaru Shida & Toni Storm, can not even make a decision on who her tag team partner will be next week (against Baker and Hayter). Baker then called Hayter The Killer and Baker then called to herself as The Pillar. Baker and Hayter were wearing shirts with The Pillar on it.

In a backstage segment, Jack Perry challenged Big Bill & Lee Moriarty to a tag match with HOOK and himself for next week’s Dynamite at the KIA Forum in LA.

Bryan Danielson defeated Tony Nese with the Regal Stretch. Danielson received a huge pop as Danielson is from Aberdeen, WA.

After the match Danielson grabbed a mic and said it’s great to be home and that he is ready for another fight. He then called out MJF, who walked to the stage and called Danielson Bryan Damaged Bryan and a mark. MJF then declined the challenge. MJF said that he is a special attraction who does not wrestle because he needs to. MJF then said that if Lance Storm & Dean Malenko could have a child, he would be more charismatic than Danielson.

MJF went on to say the title that is around his waist is what makes him the Best in the World. MJF then said guys in the business like Disco Inferno, Eric Bischoff & Jim Cornette have also called him the Best in the World. Danielson interrupted MJF and said now is the time for them to fight. MJF said for Danielson to become the number one contender, he must wrestle every week until February 8 and then he will get an AEW Title shot at Revolution, which is March 5 at the Chase Center in San Francisco.

Danielson then told MJF he will wrestle when he wants to and will get his title shot at the AEW World Title when he earns it. MJF said that Tony Khan nor the EVP’s run AEW, only he does. Danielson agreed to MJF’s terms but only if Danielson can pick the stipulation for their match at the Revolution PPV in March. MJF agreed. Danielson said it will be a 60 Minute Iron Man Match. So if Danielson can go 5-0, he will get MJF in a 60 minute Iron Man Match at Revolution on Sunday, March 5 in San Francisco.

Swerve Strickland defeated AR Fox by pinfall

Renee Paquette in a backstage segment interviewed Saraya, Toni Storm & Hikaru Shida. Saraya told Renee she is not surprised by what Baker & Hayter said. Saraya then said she is not happy they have been trending every week about who her mystery partner will be. Saraya said her partner is going to be one of the best in AEW – Toni Storm. Shida appeared annoyed by Saraya’s comment.

The Gunns came to the ring. A tombstone was shown on the big screen saying FTRIP May 27, 2020 – Dec 21, 2022. Austin Gunn then said this is to pay tribute to FTR’s legacy in AEW. Colten then said they held all tag titles, except the AEW Tag Team Titles. FTR’s music then hit, but The Gunn’s faked out the Seattle crowd as FTR is still in Japan.

TBS Champion Jade Cargill & Red Velvet defeated Skye Blue & Kiera Hogan

Before the match, Tony Schiavone gave condolences to Dustin Rhodes, who lost his mother Wednesday, as well as Justin Roberts, whose mother has been ill. Excalibur then gave condolences to the family of Don West.

Darby Allin defeated Samoa Joe to win the AEW TNT Championship. Allin hit several coffin drops and a code red. Confetti poured down, as Sting came to the ring and lifted Allin up and they celebrated with the TNT Championship. Seattle being Allin’s hometown, the crowd went absolutely bonkers.