AEW Dynamite 12 18 2019

AEW Dynamite Results
December 18, 2019
Corpus Christi, Texas
Commentary: Jim Ross, Excalibur, and Tony Schiavone
Results by: Josh Boutwell of

This week’s “Dynamite” opens up straight in the ring.

The Lucha Brothers (4-4 tag team) vs. “The Cleaner” Kenny Omega & “Hangman” Adam Page (2-1 tag team)

Omega and Fenix will start the match off as Jim Ross mentions this show has a “PPV-like atmosphere.” After some early chain wrestling and counters, Omega quickly goes for the One Winged Angel only for Fenix to counter it.

Omega hits a dropkick to the knees and then hits a Leg Lariat. Omega goes for the One Winged Angel again but Fenix escapes and tags Pentagon. Omega tags Page, who wants to kick this thing off with some “cowboy shit.” Pentagon is having none of it and gets in Page’s face. Page responds by pie-facing Pentagon.

Pentagon and Page exchange chops until Page tosses out some forearms. Pentagon kicks Page in the head but Page responds with a Big Boot of his own. Omega tags back into the match and the former Elite members chop Pentagon together. Fenix runs in but eats some chops, as well.

Omega and Page tease that animosity a little but eventually give each other a high five. Omega Hurricanranas Pentagon to the floor and follows up with a Somersault Plancha over the top. Back in the ring, Omega tags Page.

Page charge at Pentagon but gets backdroped to the apron. Fenix grabs his ankles and Pentagon Superkicks him. Fenix tosses Page back into the ring where Pentagon hits a Facebuster and then holds Page onto his knees as Fenix dives off the top with a Ghetto Stomp for a nearfall.

Pentagon and Fenix exchange chops and kicks until Pentagon whips Page into the corner. Pentagon hits a clothesline and then goes for another one but Page explodes out of the corner with a Lariat. Omega tags in and hits a Flying Cross Body off the top.

Omega hits a series of Polish Hammers and then hits a Fireman Carry’s Slam followed by a Lionsault attempt, but Pentagon gets his knees up. On the outside Fenix takes out Page. Fenix and Pentagon hit some double-team action on Omega.

Pentagon tosses Omega to the floor and Fenix hits a Tope Suicida! Back in the ring, Pentagon hits a Ghetto Stomp on Omega for another nearfall. The Dark Order leader briefly cuts in but it was only for a split second.

Fenix tags into the match and kills Omega with a Rebound Hook Kick off the ropes and then goes for a Rolling Rana but eats a Powerbomb followed by a Running Knee! Omega reaches out for a tag but Pentagon blasts Page off the apron to cut that off.

Fenix kicks Omega in the head and tosses him to the corner where Pentagon chokes him, while Fenix distracts the referee. Omega rolls over a charging Fenix and he tags in Page! Page hits a Springboard Clothesline knocking Pentagon off the apron and then a Fall Away Slam on Fenix. Page hits a Slingshot Plancha onto Pentagon on the floor!

Page knocks Fenix to the floor and then hits a Tope Suicida onto Pentagon and then one on Fenix on the other side! Back in the ring, Page hits a series of Corner Clotheslines on the Brothers and then hits a Dropkick/Moonsault combo on them for a nearfall on Fenix.

Page runs into a boot from Fenix in the corner and then Fenix hits a Springboard Spinning Back Kick followed by a Rolling X-Factor for another nearfall. Fenix tags Pentagon and then they take turns kicking away at Page. Fenix and Pentagon do the Wheel-Barrow 450-Splash combo for another nearfall.

Pentagon knocks Omega off the apron and climbs to the top rope. Page climbs up with him and hits a Super Fall Away Slam as both men are down now. Omega tags in and hits a Running Back Elbow. Omega grabs Fenix and tosses him inot his brother. Omega charges right into a Superkick from Fenix. Fenix then goes for a rana but eats a Buckle Bomb into his brother.

Page hits a Tornado Forearm and then a Spinebuster/Powerbomb combo on Pentagon for a nerarfall. Omega goes for the V-Trigger on Pentagon but he moves and hits Slingblade. Page lays Pentagon out with a Lariat but then walks into a Roundhouse Kick from Fenix. Omega hits the V-Trigger on Fenix and then a Snap Dragon on Pentagon!

Omega holds Pentagon as Page goes for the Buckshot Lariat but Pentagon moves and then Pentagon kills Page with a Superkick. The Lucha Brothers hit the Fear Factor/Ghetto Stomp combo for the pin!

Winners: The Lucha Brothers via pinfall (Fear Factor/Ghetto Stomp)

After the match, Page gets in Omega’s face which causes Omega to shove him. PAC appears on the screen and asks Omega if he remembers who he is. PAC says it’s time to remind him what he’s capable of and then tells the camera man to follow him.

PAC walks into the AEW locker room and shuts the door as he approaches Michael Nakazawa, Omega’s friend. Omega heads to the back as Page just looks on.


During the break, Omega ran into the locker room but neither PAC nor Nakazawa was there. The Lucha Brothers jump Omega until Page makes the save.

The Butcher & The Blade (1-0 tag team) w/Allie vs. “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes (5-3-1 overall) & Darby Allin (4-4-1 overall)

Allin came to Cody’s aide last week after getting beat down. They faced off initial earlier this year and fought to a draw. The Butcher and Allin start off with Butcher showing off his strength by tossing Allin around before tagging Blade in.

Blade puts Allin in a side headlock but Allin shoves him into the ropes and then ducks a clothesline and dropkicks Butcher off the apron. Allin hits a Springboard Armdrag on Blade sending him retreating to the floor.

Cody tags himself in and Blade tags Butcher, as well. Cody goes for a single leg but Butcher shrugs him off. Cody grabs a Waistlock but eats an elbow. Butcher then levels Cody with a big Lariat. Blade tags back in and then runs into a Snap Powerslam from Cody.

Butcher tags back in and kicks Cody as he reaches for a tag. Butcher shrug off a slap from Cody and then Blade pulls Cody out to the floor from the apron where Cody sells it like he twisted his knee. Blade tags himself and drag Cody back in the ring where the heels hit a Sidewalk Slam/Leg Drop combo for a nearfall.


During the break, Butcher and Blade took turns beating Cody down. Allie also drove Cody into the ring post. Butcher puts Cody in a Kimura but Cody fights it off with a series of kicks. Cody leaps for a tag but Butcher catches him and slams him into the corner.

Blade tags in and charges but Cody sidesteps him sending him to the floor. Butcher comes in and dives at Cody with a Cross Body but Cody went for one at the same time. Cody manages to get to his corner and make the hot tag as Blade tags in, too.

Allin hits a Code Red after Butcher blind tagged him. Butcher comes in and hits a Backbreaker as Allin couldn’t understand why the referee wasn’t counting the pin. Butcher puts Allin in a Texas Cloverleaf. Cody kicks Butcher twice but he doesn’t release it. Butcher finally lets go as Blade pulls Cody out. Butcher hits a Powerbomb on Allin and then goes for a second one but Allin blocks it and hits a Standing Flipping Cutter!

Cody tags in and hits the CrossRhodes on Butcher! Allie distracts the referee to stop the pin and Blade tags himself in. Cody tosses Blade to the floor and then Darby and Cody hit Stereo Tope Suicida’s onto The Butcher & The Blade!

It looked like Allin’s knees caught the ropes as he went for it. Cody hits a Disaster Kick on Butcher and then Allin hits the Coffin Drop on him on the apron. Blade rolls Cody up from behind for a nearfall but Cody comes back with a Cody Cutter (Springboard Diamond Cutter) for the pin!

Winners: Cody & Allin via pinfall (Cody Cutter)


Awesome Kong (1-1 overall) w/Brandi Rhodes & Melanie Cruise vs. Miranda Alize

During Kong’s entrance, Brandi cuts a promo in picture-in-picture and teases that Kris Statlaner will join them before the bald guy from last week approaches. Kong kills Miranda Alize with a Spinning Back Fist and then the Implant Buster for the pin!

Winner: Kong via pinfall (Implant Buster)

Jim Ross conducts a sit-down interview with Jungle Boy. Jungle Boy says that Jericho doesn’t scare him but he does respect him and he’s aware of the pressure he’s under in this match.

Ross mentions Jungle Boy’s dad and he says that he would be very proud of this moment for him. Jungle Boy says that this would be everything he ever wanted for him.


Non-Title Match
“La Champion” Chirs Jericho (5-0 singles, 8-1 overall) w/Jake Hager vs. Jungle Boy (0-1 singles, 0-8 overall) w/The Jurassic Express

This match has a 10-minute time limit. This is the first time these two have ever been in the ring together. Jungle Boy immediately rolls Jericho up for a quick one count and hen caftches him with a dropkick.

Jungle Boy hits a triple springboard into a Lucha Armdrag but Jericho quickly takes him down and goes for the Walls of Jericho. Jungle Boy counters into a Hurricanrana for a nearfall but then eats a Forearm Smash. Jericho hits a Snake Eyes onto the top rope and starts to take control in the corner.

Jericho hits a Snapmare Takeover and kicks him in the back. Jericho taunts Jungle Boy as he lays in some knees and forearms. Jericho hits the Codebreaker but doesn’t even go for a pinfall. Jericho steps on Jungle Boy and hits a second Codebreaker. Jericho covers Jungle Boy but pulls him up before the three count.

Jericho slaps him repeatedly and then tosses him to the floor and distracts the referee as Hager slams him into the guardrail. Luchasaurus and Hager start going at it and Marko dives off the apron only to get knocked the hell out with a Forearm Smash.

The referee kicks everyone out from ringside. Back in the ring, Jungle Boy surprises Jericho with a School Boy for a nearfall, which pisses Jericho off as he puts the boots to him. Jericho whips Jungle Boy into the ropes but eats a kick. Jericho backdrops Jungle Boy over the top but Jungle Boy lands on the apron.

Jericho goes for a Springboard Dropkick but Jungle Boy ducks and Jericho crashes to the floor. Jungle Boy hits a series of Tope Suicida’s followed by a Somersault Plancha on the floor! Back in the ring, Jungle Boy hits a Diving DDT! 1…2…NO Jericho kicks out!

Jungle Boy hits a Floatover into a Backstabber for another nearfall. Jungle Boy hits the ropes but runs right into a back elbow. Jericho attempts a Lionsault but Jungle Boy moves and hits one of his own! 1…2…NO Jericho kicks out!

Jungle Boy hits the ropes but gets flipped by a Lariat from Jericho. Jericho covers but Jungle Boy kicks out again. Jericho taunts Jungle Boy again and then catapults Jungle Boy across the bottom rope. Jericho stands on Jungle Boy’s throat.

Jungle Boy fights back with a series of forearms and then goes for a backdrop but Jericho Powerbombs him and locks in the Walls of Jericho! Jericho fights and claws his way to the ropes but Jericho pulls him back to the center sits back. Jungle Boy fights and the time expires!

Jericho demands five more minutes and gets back into the ring an begins slapping Jungle Boy repeatedly. Jericho tosses Jungle Boy over the top but he skins the cat and hits a Hurricanrana! 1…2…NO Jericho kicks out but Jungle Boy pops back up and rolls him up with a Crucifix for another nearfall!

Jericho immediately bails and walks up the ramp!



Jericho comes back out during the break and pitches a fit. Tony Schiavone interviews Jericho but says he’s not mad because he said Jungle Boy couldn’t beat him in 10 minutes. Schiavone reminds him that he actually said that Jungle Boy wouldn’t last 10 minutes with him. Jericho gets pissed and screams at Jericho.

Jericho says Jungle Boy will get his later but says this is really about Jon Moxley. Jericho says that on Jan. 1 The Inner Circle has a giant surprise for him and all he has to do is accept their gift.

Backstage SCU cuts a promo about their match with The Young Bucks this week. The Lucha Brothers approach and Pentagon says they don’t think Daniels has it anymore. Daniels gets in Pentagon’s face as Pentagon holds up a video of his botch two weeks ago. Daniels puts his head down and walks away.


AEW Women’s Title #1 Contenders Match
Kris Statlander (2-0 singles, 2-2 overall) vs. Britt Baker (4-2 singles, 7-3 overall)

Statlander immediately puts Baker in a wristlock but Baker quickly reverses it. Statlander cartwheels out of it but then Baker quickly goes for the Lockjaw. Statlander blocks it and goes for a clothesline, but Baker ducks it. Statlander leapfrogs Baker but then Baker goes for the Lockjaw again.

Statlander blocks it and rolls her up for a nearfall. Baker comes back with a snapmare and then a rollup for a nearfall. Baker hits a Northern Light’s Suplex, but Statlander gets back to her feet and hits a dropkick. Statlander goes for a Axe Kick but Baker moves and hits a Hangman’s Neckbreaker.

Baker puts Statlander in a submission as we head to break.


Statlander eats a Running Knee from Baker in the corner followed by the Lockjaw! Statlander fights it off and gets to the ropes. Statlander hangs Baker’s arm up in the ropes and then nails her with a Running Knee. Statlaner climbs up top and hits a Missile Dropkick for a nearfall.

Statlander goes for a Roundhouse Kick but Baker rolls her up for a series of nearfalls. Statlander goes for a Fireman’s Carry but Baker blocks it and hits a Slingblade for a nearfall. Baker goes for a Suplex but Statlander blocks it and hits a Lariat.

Statlander climbs up top but Baker climbs up with her and hits a Superplex. Baker gets back up and goes for another Suplex but Statlander counters into a Michinoku Driver for a nearfall. Statlander and Baker exchange strikes until Baker hits a Fisherman’s Neckbreaker. Baker goes for a Superkick but Statlander blocks it and hits a Roundhouse Kick.

Statlander hits the ropes but runs into a Superkick and then Baker locks in the Lockjaw! Statlander powers up to her feet and drops her with the Big Bang Theory for the pin!

Winner & NEW #1 Contender: Statlander via pinfall (Big Bang Theory)

Schiavone tries to interview Statlander but Brandi Rhodes interrupts him. Brandi tells Schiavone to leave and congratulates her on the win. Brandi wants to know if she will accept her offer to join The Nightmare Collective. Statlander refuses, which brings The Collective down. Brandi cheap shots her with her shoe.

Backstage, Shawn Spears and Tully Blanchard say that tag teams actually matter in AEW, so they are in search of a partner for Spears. Tully says it has to be the right guy that can be molded by him. “That is what a partnership is all about,” Blanchard said. Blanchard says they are looking for the kind of mental connection that he and Arn Anderson had together.


A vignette hyping up SCU vs. The Young Bucks airs. The Bucks say they feel like they’ve failed to prove they are the best tag team in the world as footage of their losses are shown. They say they’ve been climbing their way back up the ladder and feel like they’re finally getting back to that spot now.

The Bucks say that they are close friends with SCU and they’re even going to have them over for Christmas, but they’re going to have the titles displayed out for everyone when they do it.

Main Event
AEW World Tag Team Championships
The Young Bucks (5-3 tag team) vs. SCU (c) (6-2 tag team)

Ross points out that The Bucks are coming off a brutal match last week, while SCU is fresh. Both teams exchange counters early on and even both go for finishers before getting cut off. They’re really putting over that both teams know each other so well.

The Bucks hit a Double Dropkick sending Scorpio Sky to the floor. The Bucks hit a Buckle Bomb/Enziguri combo followed by a Cannonball/Enziguri combo on Kazarian in the corner. They go for the Meltzer Driver but Kazarian blocks it and hits the Backstabber on Matt as Sky hits a Rana on Nick off the apron!

Sky tags in and SCU hit a Double Back Elbow followed by another nearfall for Sky. Nick tags himself in and his a series of spin kicks on SCU followed by a series of knees and forearms. He hits a Lariat/Bulldog combo on SCU.
Nick goes for a Double Springboard Armdrag, but Sky blocks it and springs to the top as well only to eat a Springboard Rana! Nick tags Matt in and he hits a Flying Elbow Drop for a nearfall.

Nick quickly tag back in but SCU bails to the floor to get away. Nick hits a Springboard Tornillo onto SCU on the floor!


Back from the break, Kazarian hits a Double Clothesline on The Bucks sending him to the floor and then connects with a Slingshot Rana onto Matt. Sky then hits a Somersault Plancha onto both Nick and Matt. Back in the ring, SCU hits an Assisted Tornado DDT for a nearfall on Matt.

Sky goes for a TKO but Matt blocks it and hits a nasty Spear! Nick tags in and hits a Double Spring right not a Cutter from Sky! Sky rolls back into a Dragon Sleeper! Matt tries to break tit but Kaz blocks it and locks in a Dragon Sleeper of his own!

Matt fights out of it and manages to toss Kaz into Sky to break the other hold. Matt and Kazarian exchange strikes and then Kazarian goes for a whip but Matt counters into a Tombstone attempt. Sky blind tags himself in and knocks Nick off the apron. Kaz hits a Slingshot DDT on Nick on the apron and KSky gets a nearfall on Matt. Sky hits the TKO and tags Kazarian back in.

SCU hits the SCU-Later on Matt and gets the pin!

Winners: SCU via pinfall (SCU-Later)

The Creepers surround the ring and the lights go out. The Dark Order appear on the ramp and congratulate SCU on the win. Evil Uno says they would usually ask The Young Bucks to join The Dark Order after such a loss but tonight is about an initiation, not a recruitment. The Creepers attack SCU.

Alex Reynolds and John Silver attack SCU and The Bucks as The Creepers overwhelm them. Daniels hits the ring but gets beat down, too. Cody Rhodes, Dustin Rhodes and Kenny Omega all run out to try and help but the numbers are too much.

Stu Grayson pulls out two masks and Uno hands the masks to Reynolds and Silver. They put them on as they have joined The Dark Order. Evil Uno wipes Matt Jackson’s blood on his hands and holds it up.