AEW Dynamite 10 30 2019

AEW Dynamite Results
October 30, 2019
Charleston, West Virginia
Commentary: Jim Ross, Excalibur, and Tony Schiavone
Results by: Josh Boutwell of

Tony Schiavone opens up “Dynamite” at an airport, standing in front of a private plane, as Cody and Dustin Rhodes exit the plane. Cody and Dustin hug and they discuss the contract signing with Chris Jericho tonight as they enter a limousine to head to the arena.

Footage from last week’s time limit draw between Jon Moxley and PAC is shown following by the aftermath of what happened, including what happened after the show went off the air between Moxley, PAC, Hangman and Omega.

After the match, Moxley is shown throwing around chairs backstage and is then approached by AEW owner Tony Khan. Khan says that they can’t sanction the match because of Moxley and Omega’s actions over the last few weeks, meaning the match will not go towards either man’s win-loss record. Khan says it will be an Unsanctioned Lights Out Match. Khan says he thought Moxley would be happy as Moxley starts freaking out on him.

“I’ve been working for this for months ever since I got here,” Moxley screamed. “I had the balls to go after the top-guy, YOUR BOY. Now you say it doesn’t count.
“You’re going to make me a freak show and put me into a box? You’re going to treat me like everybody else. You don’t want to sanction me? You don’t want me to get a win over YOUR boy?! I’m unsanctionable? Okay, what happens to Kenny Omega is on y our hands, now.”

“Hangman” Adam Page vs. Sammy Guevara

AEW’s ring posts are wrapped in neon green this week. I don’t know if that’s something to do with Halloween or I missed something.

After a lockup Page and Guevara stalemate and are split up by the referee, and then Page lights Guevara up with chops followed by a Big Boot after sending him into the ropes. Jim Ross mentions that there have been many chops heard in this arena, alluding to the old Crockett days.

Page hits a nice Vertical Suplex into a float-over for a nearfall but then when he attempts a Backdrop Guevara lands on his feet. Guevara leapfrogs Page as he hits the ropes and then backflips over him and follows up with a gorgeous dropkick.

Page fakes Guevara out like he is going to charge him in the corner but stops and just slaps him. Guevara comes back with a Front Kick and then dives off the ropes with a Cross Body only for Page to catch him in midair and hit a Fall Away Slam. Page clotheslines Guevara over the top rope to the floor.

Page follows Guevara out to the floor but as he tosses him back into the ring, Guevara quickly rolls back to the floor and trips Page off the apron and slams him into the guardrails. Back in the ring, Guevara hits a modified Samoan Drop for a nearfall and then climbs to the top.

Guevara calls for a high spot but just drops down and then smacks Page in the face and taunts the crowd as Page gets pissed off and starts laying into him with chops. Page attempts a Lariat but Guevara blocks it and then backflips to avoid another one. Guevara attempts a Superkick but Page blocks it and destroys him with a Lariat!

Page hits a Corner Clothesline followed by a Big Boot. Guevara rolls out to the apron and Page climbs out with him and attempts the Dead Eye, but Guevara blocks it and hits an Enziguri. Guevara then charges at him out of the corner only to eat a Sidewalk Slam onto the apron.

In the ring, Page hits a nasty Powerbomb for a nearfall. Page tosses Guevara out to the floor again and then hits a gorgeous Diving Moonsault off the top onto Guevara on the floor! Page rolls Guevara into the ring but as he sets up for the Buckshot – after posing for the crowd a little too long – Guevara backs away to avoid it. Guevara hits a Jumping Knee and then hits the ropes only to eat the Buckshot Lariat for the pin!

Winner: Page via pinfall (Buckshot Lariat)

Page grabs the microphone after the match and says that he hasn’t been at his best lately but that win felt good. “At Full Gear I’m going to do some cowboy shit and take PAC’s head off,” Page says. That results in a “Cowboy shit” chant.

I was informed by some WrestleView readers that the green ring posts have to do with Rick and Morty, who will be appearing in some capacity tonight. I’m not familiar with that cartoon, so that is my fault.


During the break, the legendary Rock ‘n’ Roll Express are shown arriving to the arena and are greeted by Private Party, who give them their chains.

“Portugal’s Perfect Athlete” Shanna vs. Hikaru Shida

This is Shanna’s AEW debut but she is a very experienced wrestler. She’s from Portugal but has spent the majority of her career working in the UK and France. She even worked for TNA for a short period and has had several tours of Japan. Excalibur acknowledges her Japanese career as she faces a Japanese star here.

The two chain wrestle to start off and trade holds until Shanna hits a Spinning Neckbreaker for a nearfall. Shanna tosses Shida to the floor and sets up for a dive but Shida leaps up to the apron and nails her with a knee to the chest.

Shida looks for something under the ring and pulls out a chair, but instead of using it she dives off of it with a Flying Knee! Back in the ring, Shida connects with a Backbreaker for a one-count. Shida connects with another knee for a nearfall.

Shida connects with a series of knee strikes and then goes for a suplex but Shanna catches her with an Inside Cradle for a nearfall. Shida gets pissed and starts laying into her with elbows and forearms followed by another attempt a suplex. Shanna blocks it but then eats a huge Forearm Smash as we go to a break.


We are picture-in-picture during the break. Shida connects with a hurricanrana but Shanna comes back with one of her own. They both go for chops at the same time but Shanna comes back with a Flying Forearm for a nearfall.

Shanna hits a modified Angel’s Wings for a nearfall and then climbs up top, but Shida nails her with an elbow and then climbs up with her. They exchange strikes atop the turnbuckles, which ends with Shanna headbutting Shida. Shida falls backwards and her legs get caught in the ropes as Shanna dives off the top with a Guillotine Ghetto Stomp for a close nearfall as we come back from break.

Shanna gets pissed off and just starts kicking and slapping Shida before going for the modified Angel’s Wings again. Shida is able to block the move and then lifts Shanna up into an Back-to-Belly Cradle Piledriver! Shida goes up top and lifts Shanna up with her before hitting a Superplex for a close nearfall!

Shida goes for another Running Knee but Shanna counters with a rollup for a nearfall. Shanna attempts a Dragon Suplex but Shida counters into a rollup for a nearfall. Shanna counters into a rollup of her own for a close nearfall.

Shanna attempts a clothesline but Shida ducks and hits a High Knee followed by a Falcon Arrow! 1…2…NO Shanna still kicks out! Shida hits a Flying Knee and gets the pin!

Winner: Shida via pinfall (Flying Knee)

Brandi Rhodes’ attack on Jamie Hayter last week is shown and then Brandi appears in a vignette. Brandi is shown placing a black veil on her head and chanting or whispering, while surrounded by candles. A figure appears behind her and it’s shown to be the monstrous Awesome Kong! That was a very bizarre vignette but sort of fits the Halloween theme I guess.

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express come out to a nice ovation. Ricky and Robert say it’s really great to be back in West Virginia but before they can say anything else Santana and Ortiz run out and put a beat down on them. They’re using loaded socks to beat the legends. Santana and Ortiz – who are now known as The Proud-n-Powerful – actually Double Bomb Morton through a part of the stage! The Young Bucks run out and chase them off but the damage is done.


Cody and Schiavone are shown in the limo and Tony says this ride reminds him of a time he and Dusty went out to Arizona to do an interview with Willie Nelson. Tony tells a funny story about Dusty coming to the door naked and he told Tony, “the star always comes out last.” Cody mentions that his mother is coming to “Full Gear” and that it makes him want to impress her after thinking about all the times she saw her dad wrestling for World Titles.

Alex Reynolds, QT Marshall & John Silver vs. The Best Friends & Orange Cassidy

Best Friends and Orange Cassidy come out dressed as Ricky and Morty. Chucky lays Silver out with a shoulder block and then tags Trent in and they level him with a Double Shoulder Block as Trent’s wig falls off.

Reynolds rips his wig off again and then his partners run in and knock Trent’s partners off the apron. Silver whips Trent into the corner and they all take turns clotheslining him. Trent avoids the last clothesline and hits a Tornado DDT!

Chuck tags in and hits a Standing Sliced Bread on Marshall and then hits a Leaping Knee Strike on Silver. Trent with a blind tag as Chuck hits the Sexy Chucky Knee! Best Friends hit Reynolds with the Soul Food/Half-n-Half Combo! They go for the hug but Marshall cuts them off to the ire of the fans.

Orange Cassidy comes in and does his nonchalant kicks, which just annoys Marshall. Marshall goes for a lariat but Casidy rolls under him and hits a dropkick sending Marshall to the floor! They do a group hug and then Cassidy hits a Lazy Suicida onto Reynolds and Marshall on the floor! Best Friends hit the Strong Zero for the pin on Silver!

Winners: Best Friends & Cassidy via pinfall (Strong Zero)


Contract Signing

Cody Rhodes and Chris Jericho come out for their contract signing. Tony and Cody exit the limousine together and come out together. Cody signs the contract first and then Jericho fakes like he’s going to attack him before laughing at Cody.

Cody says this match is too important to just flip the table over on top of Cody or powerbomb him through it. Jericho says this is the biggest match of the year and it’s the biggest match of Cody’s career.

“If you win then you become exactly what you’ve always wanted to be, the World Champion,” Jericho says. “If you lose it might prove to you and all these entitled Millennial jackasses here tonight that you aren’t as good as you think you are. I’m going to sign this contract and teach you a lesson on what it’s like to be a loser.”

Jericho signs the contract and then acts like he’s going to attack Cody again but it was another fakeout. This time both men get to their feet but Jericho tells the “hillbillies” to calm down. Jericho says he has class and that’s why he will offer his hand to him.

Cody accepts the handshake but then pulls Jericho into him and gets in his face. “We could stand here all night Cody but you might be needed elsewhere,” Jericho says as Guevara appears on the big screen. Jake Hager is shown lifting Dustin Rhodes up in the air and slamming him onto Cody’s limo.

Hager low blows Dustin and then slams him head-first into the limo causing a huge dent to be left in it. Hager then slams the door onto Dustin’s hand as Cody and MJF run out with security and chase The Inner Circle off. Jericho strolls up and lights a cigar as The Inner Circle enter an SUV and leave.

A weird NES style video plays before Kenny Omega comes out talking about Kenny’s friends all leaving him.

The Elite (Kenny Omega, Nick Jackson & Matt Jackson) vs. The Hybrid 2 (Jack Evans & Angelico) & Kip Sabian

Hybrid 2 attack The Elite as they make their entrance. Sabian hits a Slingshot Somersault Plancha onto The Bucks on the floor. Omega hits a crazy Double Bulldog on Hyrbid 2.

Sabian cuts Omega off but then eats an Assisted Dropkick from The Bucks. The Elite sandwich Sabian in the corner and then Matt Jackson catapult him into a Double Enziguri from Nick and Omega. Nick hits a Springboard Ghetto Stomp!

The Elite set up for a triple dive but Hyrbid 2 pull The Bucks out to the floor and then Evans hits a gorgeous Springboard Enziguri on Omega sending him to the floor. Evans hits the Sasuke Special onto Omega on the floor and Sabian rolls Matt up for a nearfall in the ring.

Sabian lifts Matt up to the top rope and goes for a Superplex but Matt shoves him off only for Sabian to leap up into a Superrana on Matt for a nearfall.

Hybrid 2 take turns tagging in and doubling Matt in the corner. They hit a Springboard Ghetto Stomp/Sidewalk Slam and then Angelico locks in a crazy lucha-style submission.


Back from the break The Bucks hit a beautiful Standing Moonsault/Springboard Frog Splash combo on Sabian for a nearfall. Nick swings and misses a clothesline on Sabian and Sabian connects with a Reverse Rana Driver. Both men are down now.

Omega and Evans tag in as Evans attempts a Spinning Enziguri only to eat a Snap Dragon! Angelico dives off the top but eats a Snap Dragon for his troubles, as well! Omega hits a Snap Dragon on Sabian, too!

Omega goes for the V-Trigger on Evans but he moves and then Evans lands on his feet after German Suplex attempt. He goes for an Axe Kick but Omega moves and Matt catches him and Powerbombs him into the corner! Angelico hits an Enziguri on Nick and then lifts him up to the top as Evans dives off the back on Nick with a Moonsault onto Matt on the floor! Omega kills Angelico with the V-Trigger!

Omega goes for a dive but Sabian cuts him off and tosses Omega to the floor with everyone else. Sabian goes for a Somersault Plancha onto The Elite on the floor, but they catch him in midair and Triple Bomb him onto the apron!

Back in the ring, Evans goes for a springboard move only to eat a Superkick Party in midair! Omega hits the V-Trigger and then the One Winged Angel for the pin!

Winners: The Elite via pinfall (One Winged Angel)

As The Elite celebrate, Santana and Ortiz – dressed as fans – jump The Bucks and drag them into the crowd and beat them down until Omega chases them off.


The Librarians – Peter Avalon and Leva Bates – make their way down to the ring to some “X-Pac heat.”

“It’s Halloween time, which means it’s okay for you hideous monsters to look the way you do,” Avalon says. As Avalon continues to run down West Virginia, Jon Moxley comes out and kills him with a Paradigm Shift to a massive ovation.

Moxley says that he’s perfectly fine with the unsanctioned rules but that this match won’t count does not sit well with him.

“In other words, when Jon Moxley beats the so-called greatest wrestler in the world’ Kenny Omega we’ll just pretend like it never happened,” Moxley angrily says. “AEW wants to treat me like some kind of freak. I’ve been dealing with this for years.”

Moxley says if this is how things are be then AEW can take the win-loss record and shove it up their asses.

“The undeniable fact is that I am the baddest son of a bitch in this game,” Moxley says. “I am the sickest son of bitch in this game and there isn’t a damn son of a bitch that can come out and prove me wrong.”

Moxley says that they only think he’s out of control now. “You ain’t seen nothing yet,” he says. “Be careful what you wish for. On Nov. 9, I’m going to kick Kenny Omega’s ass and you are going to see beautiful, glorious wrestling violence like you haven’t seen in years.”

AEW Tag Team Championships Tournament Finals
The Lucha Brothers vs. SCU

We get boxing style intros for this one. If you ever read my old TNA Impact recaps you know I absolutely love that style of introduction. Just adds to the moment. Private Party and The Dark Order are both shown watching the match.

Pentagon and Kazarian will start this match off against each other. They exchange strikes right off the bat and then Scorpio and Fenix join the party! SCU actually get the best of the brothers and then set up for a high spot but eat a Superkick Party. Fenix hits a 619 on Sky followed by a Backstabber from Pentagon!

Pentagon hits the Pentagon Driver on Kazarian for an early nearfall! Pentagon hits Scorpio with a Sing Blade and then nails Kazarian with a back elbow followed by Fenix coming out of nowhere with a Tiger Walk Punt on the top rope to Kazarian!

Pentagon gets a nearfall on Sky and then tags Fenix into the match. Lucha Brothers isolate Sky in their corner but Sky is able to escape and then he runs to his corner and Monkey Flips Kazarian into a Double Clothesline on the brothers! Kazarian blind tagged Sky as he flipped, too.

Kazarian hits a Scoop Slam followed by a Springboard Guillotine Leg Drop to Fenix for a nearfall and then hit a Guillotine Leg Drop in the ropes to Pentagon as he tried to interfere. Sky dives off the ring steps with a rana on Pentagon on the floor! Kazarian hit a German Suplex on Fenix for a nearfall after a back kick from Sky.

Kazarian attempts a Brainbuster but Fenix rakes his eyes and then grabs Kazarian and leaps to the top. As he double springs, Sky tries to sweep his legs but Fenix leaps over him and dives into a Lucha Armdrag on Kazarian! Pentagon slams Sky on the ring steps and Fenix backdrops Kazarian to the floor where he eats an uppercut from Pentagon. Pentagon holds Kazarian over his knees as Fenix hits an insane Slingshot Guillotine Leg Drop onto Kazarian on the floor!


During the break, The Lucha Brothers isolate Kazarian in their corner. Back from the break, Fenix connects with a dropkick to Kazarian for a nearfall. Fenix shows off his submission skills with some armlocks but Kazarian is able to get to the ropes to break the holds.

Kazarian tries to fight out of the corner and connects with an Angel’s Wings to a big pop. Kazarian makes the hot tag to Sky and he lays the brothers out with clotheslines. Sky hits a Diving Back Elbow to Fenix and then a dropkick to Pentagon.

Sky charges Pentagon in the corner but gets back dropped to the apron. Sky hits a Slingshot into a Headscissors Takeover on Pentagon and then he hit a Somersault Plancha over the top onto Pentagon on the floor! Fenix then kills Sky with a Flyig Dropkick through the ropes! Kazarian then dives off the top with a rana on Fenix, who was on the apron. It looked like Kaz’s head may have hit the apron on the way down.

In the ring SCU hits an Assisted Swinging DDT and then Sky hits a Satellite DDT on Fenix for a close nearfall. They set up for the SCU-Later but Pentagon cuts them off and hits a Springboard Mexican Destroyer on Kazarian!

Fenix hits the Handspring Cutter on Sky and gets a nearfall! Fenix goes for a Ripcord Lariat but Sky avoids it and they both go for Cross Body Blocks and slam into each other!

Kazarian tries to kick Pentagon on the apron but Fenix blocks it and then Powerbombs Kazarian onto the timekeeper’s table!

In the ring, Sky tries to fight off both brothers but eats a Superkick from Pentagon and then Fenix dives off his brother’s shoulders with a Frog Splash! Holy crap! 1…2…NO Sky kicks out!

As the brothers set up for their double-team finisher, Sky rolls Pentagon up and gets the pin!

Winners & NEW Tag Champs: SCU via pinfall (rollup)

We fade to black as SCU celebrate with their titles!