AEW Dynamite 07 22 2020

AEW Dynamite Results
July 22, 2020
Jacksonville, Florida (Daily’s Place)
Commentary: Jim Ross, Excalibur, and Tony Schiavone
Results by: Josh Boutwell of

AEW Dynamite will air live tonight from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida on TNT.

As Cody Rhodes is being introduced, Eddie Kingston walks out and cuts a promo on Cody Rhodes. Eddie calls Arn Anderson a “used to be legend” and says that’s what Cody grew up around, while Eddie grew up around junkies and Cody would never survive a day in his life. Eddie says every person that Cody has faced has been a child and HE is a grown ass man that will put Cody in the ground and smile about it. Eddie says Tony Khan paid him to show up and now he’s paying him to kick Cody’s ass!

Eddie says that Tony Khan told him he could face Cody but Coyd had to accept. He says that Cody is either an egg sucking dog or a egg sucking bitch if he doesn’t accept. Cody accepts and makes it a No DQ Match!

TNT Championship
“American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes (c) w/Arn Anderson vs. Eddie Kingston

Kingston attacks Cody just as he accepts the match and beats him all around ringside. The match spills back into the ring and Eddie starts lighting him up with some nasty chops. Cody fights back and avoids a Spinning Back Fist before connecting with a Disaster Kick. Kingston rolls out to the floor but Cody follows him with a Tope Suicida.

Cody rolls Kingston back into the ring and then connects with a Missile Dropkick off the top. Cody pulls off his weight belt and hits Kingston with it but Kingston takes it away and starts beating the hell out of Cody with it as they spill to the floor. Kingston pulls back the protective mat at ringside and attempts to Piledrive Cody on it but Cody backdrops him.

Kingston tosses Cody into the ring and hits a Backdrop Driver and then connects with a bunch of stiff strikes in the corner. Kingston puts the boots to Cody and screams at him to stay down before putting him in a Chinlock. Kingston takes Cody down with a series of clubbing blows to the back and is selling his own knee pretty hard after he seemed to twist it earlier.

Kingston whips Cody into the ropes and connects with a Lariat and then locks in the Stretch Plum before just blatantly kicking him in the head. Kingston locks in a Dragon Sleeper but Cody manages to fight out only for Kingston to poke him in the eyes. Kingston goes for a Back Suplex but Cody lands on his feet and chops Kingston’s injured knee.

Cody tries to whip Kingston into the corner but Kingston’s leg gives out. As Cody goes to pick him up, Kingston low blows Cody and then points at his head before connecting with a DDT. Kingston goes to the floor and pulls out a bag of tacks from under the ring and spreads them out in the ring. Kingston hits a series of headbutts and dares Cody to fight back.

Kingston attempts to slam Cody onto the tacks but Cody escapes and kicks Kingston in the knee. Cody then goes for the Cop Killa but Kingston blocks it and Powerbombs Cody into the tacks! The look on Arn’s face after that was worth the price of admission alone. Kingston follows up with a Backdrop Driver but Cody shows off some fighting spirit as he shoots up and hits a Lariat. Both men are down now.

Cody gets to his feet and tries to lock in the Figure Four but Kingston starts slapping him. Cody gets pissed off and absolutely smacks the ever loving shit out of Kingston before locking in the Figure Four! Kingston fights it but ultimately taps!

Winner & STILL TNT Champ: Cody via submission (Figure Four)


Earlier today Jon Moxley says in a world where so many people are full of it he believes in being real. He says when he says he is going to do something he does it. He says he was going to rip the tendon out of Cage’s arm when Taz saved him. He says he’s disappointed he didn’t get to hear the sound of Cage’s arm popping like a water balloon but says next time he won’t let go.

MJF comes out for his match next and taunts his opponent. He says he is a prodigy but also has a heart of gold but then gives his opponent – who he calls “Jungle Man” – which he corrects him as its Griff Garrison. MJF mocks Garrison for calling himself the “Ivy League MVP” and says he doesn’t look like he could even graduate finger painting. MJF talks about being undefeated but Garrison reminds him that he lost a tag team match at Fyter Fest. MJF hits him with the microphone.

“The Salt of the Earth” MJF (7-0) w/Wardlow vs. Griff Garrison (0-0)

MJF beats Garrison around the ring


MJF cuts a promo mid-match and says he thinks he and Griff got off on the wrong foot because he said something that upset him. MJF says he has never been pinned or submitted, so that would mean he is still undefeated. He demands Griff tell everyone he is undefeated but he slaps the microphone away. MJF stands on Griff’s hand and then stomps it and screams at him to tell everyone he is undefeated. MJF hits the Heat Seeker for the pin.

Winner: MJF via pinfall (Heat Seeker)

Earlier tonight Tony Schiavone spoke to Rebel for an update on Britt Baker after her nasal surgery last week. Baker screams at “Reba” to come help her, so Tony approaches her. Baker reminds us of the nose injury she suffered against Shida earlier this year and says that Big Swole targeted her nose again a few weeks ago. Baker said even with the injury she is set for the biggest comeback ever.

Baker says she is like Michael Jordan and will have a comeback even greater than his comeback the Wizards. Tony reminds her that the Wizards never made the playoffs, which pisses Baker off. Reba says Michael was great in Space Jam and he always beats the Monstars, though.

Footage of AEW Dark last night is shown where Ricky Starks joined up with Brian Cage. Taz and Cage come to the ring and Taz says that he and Cage had a lot of heated discussions over the last week. Taz says Cage almost fired him but cooler heads prevailed when he explained to him why he threw the towel in. Taz says it was a business decision because he realized the longer Moxley had Cage in that Armbar the likelier his surgically repaired arm would be injured again.

Taz says he stands by what he did because he can assure everyone that Cage will never be in that position again, ever. Taz says he would never tap because he isn’t wired to tap, which is why he is the FTW Champion. He says Cage has a FTW mindset, “no surrender, no quit.”

Darby Allin interrupts Taz but Ricky Starks attacks him from behind. Cage Powerbombs Allin on the ramp and then Powerbombs him into the ring where Starks hits him with a Dominator. Jon Moxley runs out with a baseball bat and chases Moxley and Starks off.

An eight-team Deadly Draw Women’s Tag Team Cup Tournament is announced for the remainder of the summer.


Earlier today, Alex Marvez interviewed The Inner Circle. Jericho is still wearing his jacket covered in orange juice and he says that jacket cost him $7,000 and it’s ruined because of Orange Cassidy. Jericho says he is going to ruin OC’s career now. He says that the Jurassic Express thought it was so funny what happened last week, so they’re going to embarrass them this week. Jericho says Luchasaurus isn’t really a dinosaur but they’re going to make him extinct tonight anyway.

The Young Bucks find The Butcher and The Blade in the kitchen and want their match to start now.

Falls Count Anywhere Match
The Young Bucks (4-2) vs. The Butcher & The Blade (3-4)

Blade Powerbombs Nick on top of an island and gets a nearfall there. Butcher and Blade Suplex the Bucks onto a counter and then the fight spills outside. They try to slam a dolly into the Bucks but they avoid it causing them to slam into a column. Nick hits a Shining Wizard onto Butcher sending a pie pan into his face.

Butcher and Blade toss Matt in a trailer and then slam Nick into the side of the truck.

Matt hits a Somersault Plancha out of the trailer onto Butcher and Blade! Matt hits a Senton off the concession stand through The Butcher and a table. The Bucks chase Blade and Superkick him onto an escalator.


The match has finally spilled to ringside. Matt hits a Sliced Bread on Butcher and then a Shining Wizard from Nick at ringside. The Bucks attempt a Meltzer Driver on the floor but Butcher shoves Matt into the apron and then avoids a dive from Nick. Blade finally shows back up with a chair and starts wailing on The Bucks.

Butcher pulls out a table and they slam Nick into a wall. They attempt to Powerbomb Matt onto the table but he manages to grab the top rope and then hits a Moonsault onto Blade as Nick hits a Somersault Plancha off the railing onto Butcher. The Bucks try to Suplex Butcher through the table but Butcher blocks it and Suplexes them on the floor.

Blade attempts to Somersault Plancha Nick through the table but Nick moves and Blade’s face looked like it clipped the side of the table. Butcher then destroys Matt with a Cross Body sending him through the table! Butcher drags Matt into the ring and goes for a Pump Handle Slam but Matt blocks it and shoves him into a chair shot from Nick.

Nick hits an Enziguri and then they hit a Bulldog/Dropkick combo for a nearfall. Matt puts Butcher in a Sharpshooter as we can see that his lip or nose is busted. Nick puts Butcher in a Crossface at the same time but Blade comes in and kicks both of them. Blade clotheslines Matt over the top rope and hangs Nick up on the top rope. Butcher and Blade hit a Neckbreaker/Powerbomb combo on the stage on Matt. Butcher and Blade drag out two more tables near the entrance tunnels, which allows The Bucks to recover and cut them off.

They attempt to Suplex The Bucks on the stage but they block it and shove Butcher and Blade into each other. The Bucks hit a few Superkick Parties and then the BTE Trigger on Blade! The Bucks lay Blade out on a table and Superkick Party Butcher on top of the other table. Nick climbs up on top of one tunnel, while Matt climbs up on the other. They hit stereo Frog Splash/Swanton Bombs through the tables for the pin!

Winners: The Young Bucks via pinfall (Swanton Bomb/Frog Splash through a table off the entrance tunnel)

Backstage, Alex Marvez approaches Jake Roberts and Lance Archer but Archer drags Marvez into the locker room where he proceeds to beat the hell out of some jobbers. Roberts says that they are so frustrated just sitting around like some unused furniture. He says sooner or later someone is going to take notice or else. Archer says that when they decide, everybody dies.


Diamante (1-3) vs. Ivelisse Velez (0-0)

This is Ivelisse’s debut in AEW but she is a longtime international wrestler, most known for her time in Lucha Underground. Diamante has wrestled a few times in AEW but is most known for her time as a member of LAX in Impact.

After exchanging some strikes Diamante catches Ivelisse with an armdrag but Ivelisse comes back with a Springboard Lucha Armdrag. As they continue to wrestle Big Swole cuts a promo on Britt Baker in a split screen. Diamante hits a Hurricanrana and then a Running Back Elbow in the corner. Ivelisse avoids another elbow and hits a series of elbows of her own.

Ivelisse runs into a dropkick from Diamante and Ivelisse rolls to the floor. Diamante blocks a Sliding Dropkick and the two exchange strikes on the floor. Diamante tosses Ivelisse into the barricade and then the ring steps. On the apron, Ivelisse kicks Diamante in the head and back in the ring she gets a nearfall.

Ivelisse puts Diamante in a Chinlock but Diamante fights out and locks in a Cravate. Ivelisse fights her off and they exchange some wicked chops and slaps. They trade Roundhouse Kicks but Diamante capitalizes with a series of clotheslines and then a German Suplex for a nearfall. Diamante goes for a Roll of the Dice but Ivelisse blocks it and hits a Gutwrench Powerbomb for a nearfall.

Ivelisse hits the ropes but Diamante surprises her with an Inside Cradle for the pin.

Winner: Diamante via pinfall (Inside Cradle)

“Hangman” Adam Page (12-2 overall) vs. Alan “5” Angels (2-5)

Angels is a member of the Dark Order. This is Page’s first singles match of 2020. Page hits a Cowboy Kick as Angels was showing off some of his athleticism. Page backdrops Angels over the top and then attempts a Springboard Clothesline but Angels moves. Page comes back with a Cowboy Kick knocking Angels off the apron and onto the barricade.

Page Press Slams Angels on the barricade and tosses him back in the ring as The Dark Order walk out onto the stage.


Angels hits a Backsplash Senton to Page’s back but Page gets his knees up as he goes for another one. Page misses a Lariat and Angels hits a series of strikes. Angels hits the ropes but eats the Lariat this time. Page hits a Lariat in the corner and then a Fall Away Slam. Page hits a Roaring Elbow for a nearfall. Page hits a Pop-Up Powerbomb for the pin.

Winner: Page via pinfall (Pop-Up Powerbomb)

Page dares The Dark Order to get in the ring with him, which brings out Brodie Lee and Colt Cabana. Brodie says he has been nothing but impressed with Page but what he isn’t impressed with is his lack of friends and lack of a tag team partner when he is clearly in immediate danger. Brodie says he isn’t here to beat Page up but he is here to offer protection for him. Brodie says that Dark Order would never leave Page alone and that is what they offer him.

Page says he appreciates all of the compliments and the offer but he says he isn’t ready to join a cult right now. Lee says that he just made his bed and he hopes that he enjoys his sleep in it. Lee and Cabana walk to the back and the rest of the Dark Order hit the ring. Page goes after them but the numbers quickly get the better of him. FTR come out with a cooler and slam it on top of the Dark Order!

Omega finally gets to the ring but Dark Order had already run off. Page shakes hands with FTR and drinks a beer with them as Omega looks annoyed.


Main Event
Jurassic Express (5-1) w/Marko Stunt vs. The Inner Circle (Chris Jericho & Jake Hager) (0-0 tag team) w/PNP

Jericho attacks Jungle Boy at the bell but eats a series of armdrags and a dropkick and my Dish goes out due to bad weather, annoyingly a regular occurrence. We’re back as Hager and Luchasaurus clothesline each other. Jericho and Jungle Boy tag back in and Jungle Boy hits a Spinning Headscissors followed by a Hurricanrana for a nearfall. Jungle Boy hits a Tope Suicida onto PNP at ringside and then a Springboard Tornado DDT onto Jericho in the ring for a nearfall.

Marko hits a Diving Rana on Jericho as the referee was distracted with Hager. Jungle Boy gets a nearfall with an Inside Cradle but then eats a Press Slam from Jericho.


Lucha’s ear is bleeding. Jericho lifts Jungle Boy up to the top rope and goes for a Superplex but Jungle Boy shoves him off. Jungle Boy hits a Flying Cross Body for a nearfall. Jericho gets back up and clotheslines Jungle Boy and tags Hager. Hager puts Jungle Boy in an Armbar but Jungle Boy fights him off and goes for a Sunset Flip only for Hager to lift him back up and toss him into the corner. Hager charges and misses Jungle Boy but he knocks Lucha off the apron before Jungle Boy can tag him.

Jericho tags back in and threatens to hit Jungle Boy with the bat but the referee cuts him off and snatches the bat from him. Jericho hits a Back Suplex but Jungle Boy catches him with an Inside Cradle for a nearfall. Jungle Boy hits a big Lariat and both men are down now. Jungle Boy hits Jericho with an Enziguri and Jericho tags Hager.

Hager stops Jungle Boy from tagging out and lays into him with a series of knees. Hager puts Jungle Boy in a headlock before tagging Jericho back in. Jericho and Hager go for a Double Suplex but Jungle Boy counters into a DDT. Luchasaurus tags in and lays into Hager and Jericho with strikes. Lucha goes for a Double Chokeslam but they break it only for Lucha to hit the Tail Whip on both of them.

Lucha hits the DVD on Jericho but walks into a Spinebuster from Hager. Jungle Boy dives onto Hager off the top and Marko hits a Missile Dropkick to Jericho as PNP distracted the referee. Lucha hits a Jurassic Kick for a nearfall on Jericho.

Lucha runs over Jericho with a shoulder block and then a Spinning Enziguri for another nearfall. Lucha goes for the Chokeslam but Santana gets on the apron only to eat a Diving Rana from Jungle Boy! Someone with a mask hits Lucha from behind with a bat and Jericho hits the Codebreaker. The masked man was Serpentico.

Winners: Inner Circle via pinfall (Codebreaker) 

The rest of the Inner Circle attack Jurassic Express and beat them down. Serpentico hits a Shooting Star Press on Lucha and then pulls the mask off revealing it to be actually Sammy Guevara making his return! The Best Friends hit the ring and run off the Inner Circle.