AEW Dynamite 08 05 2020

AEW Dynamite Results
August 5, 2020
Jacksonville, Florida (Daily’s Place)
Commentary: Jim Ross, Taz, and Tony Schiavone
Results by: Josh Boutwell of

AEW Dynamite will air tonight from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida on TNT.

A bunch of guys are in the ring as this week’s episode opens up and we’re going to the big 12-man tag!

12-Man Tag Team Match
The Elite (Kenny Omega, Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson & Adam Page) & FTR vs. The Dark Order (Brodie Lee, Colt Cabana, No. 9, Stu Grayson, Evil Uno & Alan Eagles)
Brodie Lee and Nick Jackson start things off. The Bucks do some quick tags and some nice double team moves on the bigger Lee. Lee still manages to shrug them off and destroy them with a Double Clothesline. No. 9 tags in but ends up eating a Superrana off the top for a nearfall.

The Elite and FTR utilize quick tags to isolate No. 9 in their corner. FTR and Page/Omega manage a huge Triple Suplex on Uno, No. 9 and Grayson. Cabana goads Omega into chasing him right into a Superkick from Lee. Grayson and Uno take turns with double team moves on Omega leading to a nearfall.

Cash hits a series of Suplexes on Grayson and Eagles and then lays out Uno with a clothesline. Page and FTR try to put all three in Spinning Toe Holds but they kick the babyfaces into each other. Grayson tags in and but eats a series of forearms from Page and Omega as Page tags in. Uno runs in but eats a Snap Dragon. The Bucks come in as Eagles tries to get involved but he eats a series of kicks and a Double Bulldog. Nick Jackosn then hits a beautiful Springboard Somersault Plancha onto the other Dark Order members on the outside.

Dax tags in and holds Eagles as Cash hits a Hart Attack off the top. Dax sells his knee like he blew it out on that spot. Omega tags in and hits a Blue Thunder Bomb on Eagles but Dark Order break up the pin attempt. AEW officials come out and help Dax to the back. Omega hits a Rana on No. 9 after he tagged in.

Lee tags in at the same time as Matt Jackson, who eats a Black Hole Slam for a nearfall. Evil Uno tags in and tosses Matt onto Grayson’s shoulders and then Grayson tosses Matt into a Powerbomb from Uno for a nearfall! Page left to the back with Cash and Dax, as well.

The Dark Order are now isolating Matt in their corner and beating him down. Cabana hits a Diving Splash after tagging into the match and gets a nearfall. Uno tags in and hits a Diving Neckbreaker on Matt for another nearfall. Lee tags Uno and then goes for a Pump Kick but Omega hits him from behind. Lee decks Omega and tags Grayson. Uno and Eagles attempt to toss Grayson into Matt in the corner but he moves and Grayson nails the ring post.

Matt hits a Springboard Stunner on Eagles and then dives for the hot tag to Nick but Uno pulled him off and shoved him into a Belly-to-Belly from Grayson. Matt eventually hits a Somersault Plancha over the top onto No. 9 on the apron and then one off the ramp onto Cabana and Grayson. In the ring, Matt fights Eagles off and makes the hot tag to Page as he comes back out.

Page is a man afire as he hits a Springboard Clothesline on Grayson and then a Fall-Away-Slam on Eagles and then a Slingshot Plancha on Cabana. Page hits a Tope Suicida onto No. 9 and then goes for the Buckshot Lariat on Eagles but Uno grabs him. Eagles attempts something on the apron but eats a suplex onto it from Page.

Page climbs up top and hits a Diving Moonsault onto everyone but Lee. Page tosses Eagles back in the ring as Lee stares at him. Page tosses Eagles to his corner and dares Lee to tag in. Lee obliges him and gets in Page’s face. Lee and Page exchange forearms until Grayson and Uno pull Page out to the floor. Lee hits a Tope Suicida on Page sending him crashing into the barricade. Back in the ring, Lee tags Cabana and the rest of the group put Page on his shoulders as Cabana hits the Chicago Skyline! 1…2…NO Omega breaks it up! Eagles hits a Ghetto Stomp onto Omega off the top!

Grayson tags in and hits the 450 Splash on Page as Uno hits a Cannonball on Omega at the same time in a beautifully timed spot. Page still kicks out, however! Lee tags back in and attempts the Spinning Lariat but Page ducks and the Bucks give him a Superkick Party. The Bucks dish out Superkicks to all of the members of the Dark Order!

The Bucks and Omega hit a Superkick/Snap Dragon combo on Lee and then Page and Omega go for the Last Call but the Dark Order pull Omega out to the floor and Page eats the Spinning Lariat from Lee for the pin!

Winners: The Dark Order via pinfall (Spinning Lariat)


Earlier today Best Friends are shown arriving at the arena in Trent’s moms van.

Taz is pissed off that both Brian Cage and Ricky Starks have been banned from the arena tonight because of their issues with Moxley and Allin.

Moxley earlier today says that when he was younger he struggled with a lot of demons. He says that earlier in his career he would go to the ring and it was like he was wrestling ghosts. He says that people that cared about him would try to talk him out of certain things and he says in some cases he wishes he would have listened to them because he paid a price, but in some cases he wouldn’t change a thing. He said he gets Darby Allin and he gets why Allin would want to challenge him for his title.

Moxley says he understands what Allin stands for but he is concerned for Allin’s health. He says he knows Allin will keep coming at him until he can’t move and it will never cross his mind that he nearly broke Allin’s neck last time they wrestled. He says that weighs on him and he doesn’t want on his resume that he ended Darby’s career, but the title is on the line and when he signed that contract he made himself just like everyone else. Mox says he won’t talk Allin out of anything but asks that when it’s time to stay down just stay down even though he knows he won’t listen because Mox wouldn’t either.

Proud-n-Powerful (3-3) vs. Best Friends (12-4)

Taylor and Santana start things off and break out some chain spots before tagging Trent and Ortiz into the match who also mat wrestle for awhile. Trent catches Ortiz with a Meteora and a Northern Lights Suplex for a nearfall.

Both teams are utilizing quick tags in and out. Taylor kicks Santana right into a Spinning DDT from Trent. Best Friends hit an Assisted Diamond Cutter on Ortiz and then they hug.


Back from the break Ortiz and Trent are slapping and chopping the hell out of each other. Ortiz lays Trent out with a big chop and tags Santana into the match. Santana hits a Uranage Suplex for a one-count. Trent tries to fight out of PNP’s corner but Ortiz drags him outside. Santana then hits a Tope Suicida onto Taylor one side, while Ortiz slams Trent into the apron and then into the barricade on the other side.

Ortiz rolls Trent into the ring where Santana hits a Sidewalk Slam for a nearfall. Ortiz tags in and hits a Snap Suplex for another nearfall. Santana tags in and he connects with his own Snap Suplex for yet another nearfall. Ortiz with another quick tag and then PNP hits a Double Vertical Suplex for another nearfall.

PNP attempt another Double Suplex but Trent counters it and hits a clothesline before making the hot tag to Chuckie T. Taylor hits a Sliced Bread on Ortiz and a Falcon Arrow on Santana for a nearfall. Taylor attempts a Brainbuster but Santana knees him and tags Ortiz. Ortiz runs into the Sole Food from Taylor followed by Falcon Arrow for a nearfall.

Taylor lifts Ortiz up to the top rope and tags Trentylocks back into the match. Trent goes for a Superplex but Santana cuts him off. Taylor tosses Santana to the floor and then lifts Trent up onto his shoulders as Trent hits a Superplex off Taylor’s shoulders on Ortiz!

Santana drags Taylor to the floor and throws him into a wall as Trent was looking for a tag. Ortiz tags in and then rolls Santana into a Diamond Cutter on Trent followed by a Sit-Out Powerbomb from Ortiz and then a Superkick from Santana for a nearfall.

Ortiz tags in and lifts Trent up for the Street Sweeper but Taylor knocks Santana off the apron and Trent rolls Ortiz up for the pin.

Winners: Best Friends via pinfall (rollup)


MJF walks into his campaign headquarters and talks about his campaign. MJF is pissed off at “Lee” for hanging an unlevel poster. His campaign manager tells him that he is leading in the “polls” and said that just because Tony Khan authorized his title shot doesn’t mean his campaign is over. He says it’s not over until he has the title. He mentions Darby Allin and mocks him about his title shot tonight.

Matt Hardy is in the ring and he says he came to AEW because he wanted to work somewhere where he was respected and some place where he had some say in his own career. Hardy said that when he looked at AEW’s roster he thought he could be an attraction in AEW and could show off his numerous personas. Matt says that he listens to his fans and AEW listens to the audience and the fact is that the majority of fans want to see him being himself.

Matt says he wants to be himself on screen and behind the scenes he wants to give back to some of the talent backstage. He mentions Private Party and says that if they ever need anything from him he will have their back. Matt says he also tried to help Sammy Guevara but Sammy rebuked him. Matt said that the first time he showed up on Dynamite, Sammy snuck out and attacked him from behind.

Matt says that since Sammy gave him the middle finger he no longer desires to help him and instead desires to hurt him. Sammy sneaks up from behind him but Matt saw it coming and attacks him. Sammy and Matt brawl to the floor where Matt tosses Sammy into the barricade.

Matt pulls out a table but Sammy cuts him off and hits him with a chair. Sammy lays Matt out on the table and then dives off the stage with an insane 630 Splash through the table! Matt is busted open big time.

Backstage, Santana and Ortiz destroy Trent’s mom’s van with a sledgehammer.


The Dark Order (John Silver & Alex Reynolds) (0-2) vs. Matt Cardona (0-0) & Cody Rhodes (17-1) w/Arn Anderson

Cody and Silver start things off and Cody hits a Delayed Front Suplex on Silver for a nearfall. Cardona tags in for the first time and he looks super jacked. He hits a Polish Hammer and then shows a little bit of a mean streak as he taunts and slaps Silver before hitting a Flapjack for a nearfall.

Silver kicks Cardona a few times and tags Reynolds, who attempts a Suplex only for Cardona to counter into a Neckbreaker for another nearfall. Cody tags in and hits a Flying Axe Handle as Cardona held the arm of Reynolds. Cody attempts to whip Reynolds into the corner but Reynolds reverses it and Cody attempts to slide under the ropes only to get clipped by the ring post.

Silver tosses Cody into the ring and Cody hits Reynolds with a Pump Kick but sells his ribs again as he hits the mat. Silver pulls Cody onto the apron and slams him. Reynolds then hits a Slingshot Ghetto Stomp on Cody and rolls him back in the ring. Silver tags back in and hits a series of Muta Elbows for a nearfall.

Silver zeroes in on Cody’s ribs with kicks and punches as he and Reynolds isolate the TNT Champ in their corner. Reynolds hits a Forearm Smash into Cody’s ribs after tossing him into the ropes. Reynolds hits a series of shoulder blocks to the ribs and then he whips him hard into the turnbuckles. The heels work on Cody in their corner for several minutes, continuing to target the ribs.


Back from the break, Silver and Reynolds continue to work Cody over in their corner. Silver puts Cody in a Waistlock and then just kicks him in the back as he tried to fight it off. Silver hits a series of kicks to Cody and then hits the ropes only to run right into a Snap Powerslam from Cody.

Reynolds tags in and Cody makes the hot tag to Cardona. Cardona hits a Missile Dropkick on Reynolds and then a series of forearms in the corner. Silver pulls Reynolds to the floor but Cardona hits a Flying Dropkick through the ropes onto both men. Back in the ring, Cardona hits a Tiger Bomb on Reynolds for a nearfall.

Cody hits the Cody Cutter on Silver but Reynolds clotheslines Cody to the floor. Cardona walks into a seris of strikes from Silver and Reynolds. Reynolds hits a Stunner on Cardona followed by a Bridging German SUplex. Reynolds rolls over his partner into a Jackknife pin on Cardona for a nearfall in a beautiful sequence.

Cody comes in and attempts a CrossRhodes on Silver but Silver counters and a Suplex carries both men over the top to the floor. Reynolds hits a Jawbreaker on Cardona but Cardona blocks a German Suplex a hits the Radio Silence (Rough Rider) for the pin.

Winners: Cardona & Cody via pinfall (Radio Silence)

As Cody is walking through the tunnel, Scorpio Sky stops him and pats his TNT Title before walking away.

Backstage, a pissed off Best Friends look at their van. Trent says that they can do whatever they want to Best Friends but you don’t touch his mom’s van. Chuck says if they wanted a rematch all they had to do was ask. Trent says that when they beat them they will personally apologize to his mom.


Orange Cassidy and Chris Jericho come down to the ring for their debate. Eric Bischoff is introduced as the special guest moderator for this debate. This is the first time Bischoff has been on TNT since 2000, as he was obviously the President of WCW for many years.

Bischoff says there will be five questions that have been picked at random from fans and neither Jericho nor OC have seen the questions. The first question is why they hate each other so much. Jericho mocks the way OC dresses, which causes OC to pull out a clip on tie and stick it to his shirt. OC says that is why he despises Cassidy, because he takes nothing seriously. Jericho says that people laugh at OC behind his back because he is nothing but a joke. He says he is a “ginger jackass that plays pocket pool on a regular basis.” OC just shrugs and doesn’t respond.

The next question is who is the better wrestler and the biggest star? Jericho laughs and says he is Le Champion and he has held 50 titles around the world, while OC has never even left the State of Florida. Jericho mocks what OC wears again and almost gets OC to corpse when he says that OC smells like old batteries. OC again just shrugs and doesn’t respond, though.

The third question is about global warming and rising sea levels but Jericho gets pissed and says that has nothing to do with this situation. OC actually goes into the way sea levels rise and why and the ways we can curb that as Jericho looks shocked.

The next question is why OC is so popular and Jericho mocks OC’s fans and says that he will pop him like a pimple and after he beats him he is going to send him back to working at “Jamba Juice.” OC again just shrugs.

The final question is why does this rematch mean so much to them. Jericho starts to answer it but OC cuts him off and tells him to shut up. OC says that Jericho scheduled a debate against a guy that doesn’t talk just to try and embarrass him. OC says he isn’t embarrassed because he doesn’t care. OC says he does care about next week, though. He says it is the biggest match of his life but it is also the biggest match of Jericho’s life, too. He asks Jericho to imagine what would happen if OC beat him. OC tells Jericho to look into the eyes of the man that will embarrass him and beat him.

Bischoff declares OC the winner of the debate and Jake Hager and Jericho attack OC. Hager sticks OC’s hands in his own pockets and then throws him into a Judas Effect that knocks OC’s glasses off.


Tony Schiavone interviews Britt Baker – in a Michael Jordan jersey – ringside and she announces that her choice of opponent for Big Swole will be Reba in her AEW in-ring debut. Reba freaks out as Baker tells her to get in the ring.

Big Swole (5-3) vs. Reba (0-0)

Swole immediately takes Reba down in a headlock and then she hits her from behind after Reba tried to counter it. Baker distracts Swole allowing Reba to hit her from behind and slam her into the turnbuckles. Reba hits a suplex and a Running Spin Kick in the corner. Reba slams Swole’s head into the mat repeatedly and then goes to the top but stumbles so she goes to the middle rope instead and misses a Moonsault. Swole obliterates Reba with the Dirty Dancing for the pin.

Winner: Swole via pinfall (Dirty Dancing)


“Death Rider” Jon Moxley (c) (14-0) vs. Darby Allin (7-4)

Brian Cage and Ricky Starks have been banned from the arena for this match. Allin comes down to the ring with a cutout of Moxley’s face over his own. Schiavone points out that Allin has won six of his last eight matches leading up to this title shot.

Moxley rips the mask off Allin’s face causing Allin to slap him. Moxley decks Allin and his lip is busted. Moxley whips Allin into the ropes but ALlin slides under him and slaps the hell out of him only to get turned inside-out with a Lariat. Moxley chokes Allin in the ropes and then caves his chest in with chops.

Moxley tosses Allin clear across the ring and then stomps in the gut. Moxley hits a Scoop Slam followed by an Elbow Drop for a nearfall. Moxley goes for a Back Suplex but Allin blocks it and then hits a Springboard Lucha Armdrag. Allin dropkicks Moxley through the ropes onto the ramp. Allin then hits a Tope Suicida onto Moxley on the ramp.

Moxley and Allin brawl onto the stage and Moxley actually tosses him off the stage and slamming him into the ring post.


Allin takes off and slams into Moxley causing both men to crash through the ropes to the floor. Allin rolls back in and then hits a Tope Suicida onto Moxley. Allin goes to the top and hits a Somersault Plancha onto Moxley on the floor! Back in the ring, Allin attempts a Springboard Coffin Drop but Moxley blocks it and goes for a German Suplex. Allin lands on his feet and dives onto the back of Moxley only for Moxley to pull him into a Paradigm Shift attempt.

Allin counters into a Code Red for a nearfall! Allin goes to the top but Moxley crotches him and German Superplexes Allin off the top! Wardlow walks onto the stage and distracts the referee as MJF runs in with the title and hits Moxley with it! Allin realizes Moxley is down and goes to the top for the Coffin Drop! 1…2…NO Moxley kicks out and Allin cannot believe it.

Moxley’s head is busted open. “This is great,” Taz says as Moxley is bleeding. Allin starts punching away at Moxley’s cut and hits a Shotgun Dropkick. Allin then hits the Flipping Stunner followed by a Flying Back Elbow. Allin goes to the top again but this time Moxley catches him in the Rear Naked Choke in midair! Allin fights the hold by raking the eyes of Moxley but Moxley just pulls him into a Piledriver instead. 1…2…NO Allin kicks out!

Moxley gets pissed off but then crouches in the corner and says a prayer before hitting a limp Allin with a Paradigm Shift for the pin.

Winner & STILL World Champ: Moxley via pinfall (Paradigm Shift)