AEW All Out 2021

AEW All Out Results
Sept. 5, 2021
Hoffman Estates, IL (NOW Arena)
Results by: Josh Boutwell of

The “Buy-In” opens with the the “Road To” show they aired after “Rampage” on Friday featuring previews of many of the top matches.

10-Man Tag Team Match
Best Friends (Chuck Taylor, Wheeler Yuta & Orange Cassidy) & Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus) w/Marko Stunt vs. The Hardy Family Office (Matt Hardy, Jack Evans, Angelico, Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen)

Hardy wants OC early on Luchasaurus comes in, so Hardy tags Evans. Lucha tosses Evans all over the place and caps the sequence off with a Wheel Barrow Suplex. Jungle Boy tags in and hits a Somersault Senton off the shoulders of Luchasaurus for a nearfall. Jungle Boy shows off his athleticism with a double spring into a Flying Armdrag and then a dropkick.

Quen and Yuta tag in and Quen hits a Flying Cross Body before HFO work Yuta over in their corner. Angelica tries to do some of his lucha submissions on Yuta but Yuta counters and puts Angelico in an Octopus. Everyone runs in and puts submission holds on everybody until Luchasaurus runs in and hits a Shoulderblock breaking up the submission chain.

Luchasaurus tosses Angelico across the ring and slaps Private Party down before hitting a Chokeslam Knee Strike. Hardy comes in and distracts Lucha as Private Party charges at him. Lucha catches them but Hardy takes out his knees. Private Party hits a Double Enziguri on Lucha and then Hardy throws him into the ring post.

OC throws Hardy to the floor but Private Party pull out some insane double team moves capping it off with Kassidy holding OC over his knees as Quen hits a Standing Shooting Star Press off his back! Taylor takes Private Party out and then hits a Double Tornado DDT on them followed by a Somersault Plancha to the outside on them!

Yuta hits a Springboard Splash on Angelico for two but Evans broke it up. TH2 hit a Backbreaker/Neckbrekar combo for a nearfall but Taylor broke it up. Quen throws Taylor back to the floor and then Private Party hits Gin & Juice on Yuta and Angelico covers him for a nearfall. OC broke it up.

Angelico swings at OC but he ducks and hits a beautiful Satellite Rana with his hands in his pockets. OC hits a Double Rana on Private Party and a dropkick on Evans. Hardy grabs OC and hits the Twist of Fate but Jungle Boy blind tagged OC. Taylor throws Hardy to the floor and he and Yuta hit a Double Plancha onto Private Party on the outside.

Jungle Boy hits a Brainbuster on Kassidy and then Angelico puts Evans on his shoulders causing Lucha to put Jungle Boy on his shoulders. Jungle Boy and Evans swing at each other and Jungle Boy Lariats Evans off Angelico’s shoulders. Quen dives off the top but Jungle Boy drops back to avoid. Kassidy then dives off the top but Jungle Boy catches him and hits a Spansih Fly off Lucha’s shoulders!

Blade runs out but Lucha takes him out and then Marko Stunt dives off his shoulders onto Blade! Lucha hits the Tail Whip on Angelico and Jungle Boy locks in the Snare Trap for the submission!

Winners: Jurassic Express & Best Friends via submission (Snare Trap)

The HFO attack the babyfaces after the match and The Butcher makes his AEW return as he lays OC out. Butcher hits a Sidewalk Slam on OC and Evans starts to cut his hair but Jurassic Express, The Varsity Blonds, Dante Martin and members of the Dark Order make the save.

Dan Lambret is shown in a balcony with Junior dos Santos and Andrei Arlovsky along with Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page. Page says that it makes sense that Lambert would reach out to them because they are extremely dangerous men. Sky says sometimes you have to things to the next level and step out of their comfort zone and into the “danger zone.” Lambert says the only thing they are waiting on is his instructions on who and when to kick someone’s asses.

“All Out” Main Show:

TNT Championship
“The Redeemer” Miro (c) vs. “The Mad King” Eddie Kingston

Kingston taunts Miro as he gets in the ring and he hits a knee to the gut as Miro charged at him but Miro quickly takes him down and goes for Game Over. Kingston counters into a Half Nelson but Miro quickly escapes and rolls to the floor. A “f*ck em up, Eddie” chant erupts as Kingston pokes Miro’s eyes and lays into him with a series of chops and slaps. Kingston hits a T-Bone Suplex and Miro rolls to the floor.

Kingston chases but walks into a forearm to the face. Miro throws Kingston into the barricade and then hits a Splash and a Thrust Kick. Miro throws Kingston into the barricade again but Kingston explodes with a Mafia Kick! Kingston dives off the apron at Miro but Miro catches him and drops him with a Powerslam onto the floor!

Miro picks Kingston up and slams his back into the ring post and rolls him to the ring but only guts a one count. Miro chokes Eddie on the ropes and lays into him with some stiff kicks but Eddie refuses to stay down and slaps Miro in the face. Miro explodes with an elbow followed by a series of Elbow Drops but again only gets a one count.

Miro hits a dropkick sending Kingston crashing into the turnbuckles. Kingston tries to fight back again but Miro shrugs him off and goes for a Splash but Kingston moves out of the way and hits a Leaping Enziugri. Miro rolls onto the apron and Kingston hits a Flying Shoulder Block knocking Miro to the floor. Kingston goes for a Tope Suicida but Miro catches him with an uppercut in midair. Back in the ring, Miro goes for a clothesline but Kingston ducks and hits a Saito Suplex.

Kinston and Miro exchange some wicked strikes. Finally, Kingston hits a series of Saito Suplexes for two. Kingston goes for the Backfist From the Future but Miro ducks and rolls to the floor. Kingston follows him with a Elbow Suicida! In the ring, Kingston avoids a Pump Kick and hits a Fisherman’s Suplex for a close nearfall.

Miro sidesteps a charging Kingston and hits a series of elbows to the back. Miro goes for a German Suplex and Kingston tries to hold onto the turnbuckles but it rips off as Miro hits the German Suplex followed by a Pump Kick. Miro puts Kingston in the Game Over but Kingston manages to free one of his arms and grab the ropes, which causes Miro to lose his mind.

Miro grabs the turnbuckle that he ripped off and almost hits Kingston with it but stops himself allowing Kingston to catch him with a DDT! 1…2…NO Miro kicks out! Kingston goes for a Piledriver but Miro blocks it, so Kingston just knees him in the head repeatedly. Kingston tries to throw Miro into the uncovered turnbuckle but the referee stops him. Miro low blows Kingston as the referee couldn’t see it and hits a Superkick followed by a Pump Kick for the pin.

Winner & STILL TNT Champ: Miro via pinfall (Pump Kick)

“The Death Rider” Jon Moxley vs. Satoshi Kojima

Kojima offers a handshake but Moxley slaps his hand away and flips him off. They exchange chops and then Kojima runs over Moxley. Kojima goes for the Koji Lariat but Moxley ducks and rolls to the floor. Kojima hits a Springboard Plancha onto Moxley and then rolls him back in the ring. Moxley knees Kojima as he tries to get back in the ring and then hits a Tope Suicida knocking Kojima into the barricade.

Moxley hits a Russian Leg Sweep into the barricade Raven style. In the ring, Moxley stomps on Kojima’s hand and starts bending back the fingers of Kojima. Moxley chops Kojima but Kojima comes back with some nasty chops of his own. Kojima hits a Running Elbow and goes to the top for the Flying Elbow Drop for a nearfall.

Kojima hits a series of forearms and attempts a Roaring Elbow, but Moxley ducks and hits a Saito Suplex. Moxley hits a Running Lariat and goes for a Brainbuster, but Kojima counters and lifts Moxley up to the top rope. Kojima climbs up with Moxley and they start biting each other! Kojima hits a Superplex but Moxley manages to roll to the apron to avoid a pin. Kojima climbs on the apron and hits a DDT onto it!

Kojima hits another DDT for a nearfall. Kojima attempts a Koji Cutter but Moxley counters into a Sleeper and then a Release Vertical Suplex for two. Moxley floats over into a Cross Armbreaker but Kojima manages to get his foot on the bottom rope. Moxley hits a Flying Knee and goes for the Paradigm Shift but Kojima counters into a nasty Brainbuster! 1…2…NO Moxley kicks out!

Kojima pulls his elbow pad off and goes for the Koji Lariat but Moxley ducks and hits a Snap German Suplex! Moxley hits a series of Lariats but Kojima refuses to go down and they run into each other with lariats at the same time. Kojima throws Moxley into the ropes but Moxley hits him with a Flying Knee. Moxley goes for Paradigm Shift but Kojima counters into a Koji Lariat and then a Koji Cutter! Both men are down, however.

They exchange strikes again and Kojima hits a Roaring Elbow but Moxley comes right back with a Rebound Lariat for a close nearfall. Moxley puts Kojima in the Bulldog Sleeper but again Kojima gets his foot on the bottom rope. Moxley’s elbow is bleeding as he hits a series of kicks. Kojima catches Moxley’s leg and hits a series of Mongolian Chops. Moxley headbutts Kojima and hits the Paradigm Shift! Moxley hits a second Paradigm Shift for the pin!

Winner: Moxley via pinfall (Paradigm Shift)

New Japan’s Minoru Suzuki’s music hits and that crazy bastard walks onto the stage! A “holy shit” chant erupts as Suzuki gets in Moxley’s face. Suzuki takes his shirt off and taunts Moxley. He punches the shit out of Moxley and Moxley answers! They exchange some wicked forearms until Suzuki hits a Yakuza Kick. Moxley answers with the King Kong Lariat. Suzuki puts Moxley in a Rear Naked Choke and then goes for then hits the Gotch Piledriver!

AEW World Women’s Championship
Dr. Britt Baker (c) w/Rebel & Jamie Hayter vs. Kris Statlander w/Orange Cassidy

Baker and Statlander mat wrestle early on and exchange counters and reversals. Baker hits a Sunset Flip but Statlander rolls through and goes for the Spider Crab only for Baker to back to the ropes to avoid her. Baker takes Statlander down and goes for the Lockjaw but Statlander counters it and grabs Baker’s own arm and makes her boop her own nose before running her over.

Statlander elbows Baker and does a headstand in the corner followed by a Mule Kick. Statlander goes up top but Baker cuts her off and hangs her previously injured knee up in the ropes before hitting a Hanging Spinning Neckbreaker. Statlander falls to the floor and both Rebel and Hayter look like they are going to attack but OC backs them down.

Statlander tries to sweep Baker’s legs on the apron but Baker leaps over that attempt and traps Statlander’s head in her thighs and slams her face into the mat. Baker hits a Vertical Suplex back in the ring followed by a series of elbows. She puts Statlander in a headlock but Statlander fights her off and hits a series of elbows of her own.

Statlander hits a Flying Forearm followed by a Flying Knee in the corner. Statlander misses a Lariat and Baker hits the Slingblade. Baker goes for the Curb Stomp but Statlander moves and hits a Michinoku Driver for two. Statlander hits a Shortarm Clothesline but misses a second attempt and Baker rolls her up into a gorgeous Backslide for two. Baker hits a Spike DDT for two.

Baker hits a Superkick and taunts Statlander before going for another Superkick. Statlander blocks it and hits a Roundhouse Kick. Statlander goes for Big Bang Theory but Baker rolls her up for two. Baker hits a Flatliner into the turnbuckles and goes up top. Statlander climbs up with Baker and hits a Superplex! Statlander goes up top and attempts Area 450 but Baker moves and puts her in the Lockjaw!

Statlander fights Baker off and deadlifts her up into the air and onto her shoulders for an Electric Chair Slam followed by a Booker T-like Scissors Kick! 1…2…NO Baker kicks out! Baker rolls to the floor and Statlander goes for the Pendulum Moonsault but Baker moves and then Baker dives off the ring steps with a Curb Stomp on the floor!

OC gets fired up and starts yelling at Statlander to get back up and she obliges and rolls back in. Baker goes for the Lockjaw but Statlander counters into the Spider Crab! Baker frees one of her legs and kicks Statlander in the face to break the hold. Baker kicks Statlander in the face repeatedly and goes to the top and dives off with a Diving Pittsburgh Sunrise! 1…2…NO Statlander kicks out and Baker follows up with the Curb Stomp! 1…2…NO Statlander kicks out and Baker immediately goes into the Lockjaw! Statlander passes out and Baker retains!

Winner & STILL AEW Women’s Champ: Baker via KO (Lockjaw)

Backstage, Andrade is pissed off about PAC’s flight getting canceled and questions if Chavo did it but Chavo denies it and suggests he was scared to face Andrade. Andrade says he will face PAC on Rampage this Friday and says he will even fly PAC in himself.

AEW World Tag Team Championships
The Lucha Brothers w/Alex Abrahantes vs. The Young Bucks (c) w/Don Callis & The Good Brothers

The Lucha Brothers got a special entrance with a live performance of their theme by Spanish rapper Muellos de Gallo, a damn gospel choir wearing lucha masks and they wore Aztec headdresses to the ring.

The Bucks and Lucha Brothers get in each other’s faces and then just start swinging! The Bucks immediately try to escape the cage but the Lucha Brothers stop them and Penta lifts Fenix into the air and dropkick the Bucks into the cage. Lucha Brothers and Young Bucks keep missing each other in corner spots until finally Lucha Brothers hit Double Enziguris. Fenix throws Nick into the cage wall and then they start kicking Matt.

Nick springs to the top and Fenix springs up with him into a Springboard Rana! Fenix hits a Fireman’s Carry Slam and Penta dives off the top with a Dropkick to Matt’s balls for a nearfall. Lucha Brothers hit stereo Superkicks and then Spear The Bucks into the cage wall. They go for it again but this time the Bucks move and the Lucha Brothers hit the cage wall.

The Bucks now go to work on Penta in the corner and hang him up in the ropes. Fenix tries to fight them off but Mat catapults him into an Enziguri from Nick. Nick hits a Ghetto Stomp onto Fenix as Fenix was laying across Matt’s legs and Nick follows up with a Hanging Backstabber. Penta gets stuck between the cage wall and the ring apron and the Bucks kick him into it.

Matt Powerbombs Fenix into the cage wall and then Nick Punt Kicks Penta. The cage walls actually leave a little bit of a gap between the wall and the apron and they stretch all the way to the floor. The Bucks pull out a chain and choke Fenix. Matt goes to Powerbomb Fenix into the wall again but this time Fenix hits a rana sending him into the cage wall. Penta hits a Slingblade on Nick and then a Backstabber on Matt! 1…2…NO Nick breaks it up!

Fenix springs to the top and then kicks off the wall into an Armdrag on Nick followed by a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker from Penta. They go for a Double Superkick but The Bucks move causing Lucha Brothers to kick each other. The Bucks hit Cutters on Penta and then Matt hits a Diving Stunner off the top. Fenix hits a Rolling Double Cutter on the Bucks! Penta hits Made In Japan for two.

Fenix goes up top and the LB set up for the LB Driver but Nick shoves Fenix into the cage wall and Matt counters Penta into a Sharpshooter. Nick hits an Everest German Suplex on Fenix on the apron. The Bucks put Penta in a submission but Fenix breaks it up. The Bucks hang Penta up in the ropes and Nick hits a Senton Bomb off the top for two.

The Bucks charge at Fenix but he hits them both and then goes for a springboard move but a Superkick Party sends Fenix into the cage wall again. The Bucks hit a Spike Tombstone/Senton Splash combo for another nearfall. The Bucks go for the BTE Trigger but Fenix moves and goes for a Springbaord Flying Cross Body but they catch him. They go for the Meltzer Driver but Fenix avoids it and kicks them into each other. Fenix goes for a springboard move but Matt kicks him in the nuts and then kicks Penta in the nuts.

The Bucks hit the More Bang for your Buck but Penta breaks up the pin attempt with a Superkick. The Bucks start ripping at the Lucha Brothers’ masks taking a book out of every great rudo’s playbook. The Bucks Press Slam Fenix into the cage wall and Brandon Cutler throws a bag over the cage into the ring. Matt pulls out a shoe from the bag that has thumbtacks glued to the bottom and puts it on. Penta’s bleeding already.

Matt tries to Superkick Fenix with the tack shoe but Penta dives in front of it and eats the Superkick! Nick picks Penta up and throws his face into the tacks and then kicks his head into it. Matt hits Fenix with the tack shoe and then hits a Poison Rana followed by a BTE Trigger on Penta! 1…2…NO Fenix breaks it up!

The Bucks lose their minds as Matt pulls the shoe off and tries to hit Fenix with it, but Fenix kicks him away and hits a Flipping Rana on Matt! Fenxi goes nuts with kicks and hits the Bucks with the tack shoe. Fenix hits the Black Thunder Driver! 1…2…NO Matt kicks out! Fenix climbs up the cage and Nick Jackson climbs up with him but they both get pulled own. Matt hits a Package Piledriver on Fenix as Penta hits the Fear Factor on Nick at the same time.

Penta and Nick start brawling now. Penta goes up top and Matt follows him where Penta hits a Super Mexico Destroyer! All four men are down now and all four men are a bloody mess. They all get back up and start chopping each other and then kicking each other. At the end of it they are all four laid out again.

Fenix hits the Rebound Hook Kick and then the Lucha Brothers hit the LB Driver on Nick! 1…2…NO Matt breaks it up! Penta tells Fenix to go up to the top of the cage! Fenix climbs to the top of the cage but Nick Superkicks Penta before he can dive off for a LB Driver off the cage. Nick climbs to the top but Fenix punts his face off. Fenix dives off the top onto The Bucks and then they hit the LB Driver! 1…2..3! NEW DAMN CHAMPS!

Winners & NEW Tag Champs: Lucha Brothers via pinfall (LB Driver)

Penta and Fenix hug their family at ringside. Penta’s daughter is in tears.

AEW Women’s Title #1 Contenders Casino Battle Royale

Hikaru Shida vs. Skye Blue vs. Emi Sakura vs. Allie vs. Abadon vs. Anna Jay vs. Kiera Hogan vs. KiLynn King vs. Nyla Rose vs. Thunder Rosa vs. Penelope Ford vs. Riho vs. Jamie Hayter vs. Big Swole vs. Tay Conti vs. Red Velvet vs. Leyla Hirsch vs. Jade Cargill vs. Ruby Soho

Shida and Sakura hit backbreakers on each other as Abadon and Allie go after Blue. Sakura and Shida hit Backbreakres on Blue and Allie and then they turn around and see Abadon as she freaks out on them. Abadon eliminates Blue and Allie eliminates Abadon.

Rose, Anna Jay, Hogan and King enter the match. Sakura and Hogan are eliminated and Rose clotheslines King over the top. Shida tries to Rana Rose but Rose tosses over the top to eliminate her.

The next group in is Thunder Rosa, Penelope Ford, Riho, Jamie Hayter and Big Swole. Swole headbutts Diamante out to eliminate her but Hayter tosses Swole out. Riho is also eliminated. Rose and Hayter try to eliminate Rosa but she fights them off and hits a Flying Dropkick on Rose. Rose hits a Hesitation Dropkick on Hayter in the corner.

The next group in is Tay Conti, Leyla Hirsch, Red Velvet, Jade Cargill and Rebel. Velvet eliminates Rebel and Jay eliminates Allie before she is eliminated by Ford. Cargill tosses Hirsch over the top onto Allie and Jay.

The final entrant into the match is the debuting RUBY SOHO, the former Ruby Riott. Ruby goes right after the undefeated Cargill and hits a series of kicks before hitting a series of strikes on Rose. Rose headbutts Ruby but walks into a Rana from Rosa where Rosa dove off Ruby’s back! Ruby and Rosa attack Cargill but Cargill fights them off and hits a nasty Pump Handle Slam.

Conti hits a series of Judo throws on Ford as Cargill tosses Hayter out of the match. Conti hits a Pump Kick on Ford but Ford rebounds with a Hook Kick. Cargill throws Velvet out to eliminate her. Rose dumps Cargill over the top to eliminate her! Conti eliminates Ford and Rose eliminates Conti.

Rose hits a Samoan Drop on Rosa and then starts standing on Soho’s back. Rose hangs Soho upside down in the corner and then charges at Rosa but Rosa ducks and Rose goes over the top. Rose catches herself on the apron but Rosa hits a dropkick to eliminate her.

Rosa and Soho slap each other and chop one another. They exchange forearms and then Rosa goes for the Fire Thunder Driver but Soho counters and throws Rosa over the top. Rosa lands on the apron and drags Soho over the top. Soho hangs onto the ropes and Rosa starts kicking her. Soho blocks a kick and hits a Knee Strike. Rosa almost falls but grabs the rope. Soho tries a Back Suplex off the apron but Rosa holds onto the ropes and goes for a DVD. Soho blocks it and shoves Rosa into the turnbuckle. Soho hits a Leaping Enziguri and Rosa falls to the floor.

Winner: Soho

MJF vs. “The Demo God” Chris Jercho
*If Jericho loses, he can never wrestle in AEW again.

They did the old school Y2J countdown but when the clock hit zero MJF’s music played to a nice chorus of boos. Fozzy’s guitarist does a live version of “Judas” for Jericho’s entrance and the fans sing the lyrics. MJF and Jericho trade punches and holds early on and then Jericho goes for the Walls of Jericho but MJF counters into a cradle for two.

Jericho rolls to the floor and they brawl at ringside. Jericho hits MJF with some kind of post that was at ringside. MJF climbs on the apron and Jericho hits a Springboard Dropkick knocking MJF to the floor. Jericho goes for a Baseball Slide but MJF traps Jericho with the apron and lays into him with knees and elbows.

Back in the ring, MJF hits an Armbreaker for two. MJF goes to work on the injured elbow of Jericho and then bites Jericho’s hand. MJF hits a Ghetto Stomp on Jericho’s arm and then Judo throws him into the turnbuckles. MJF gets a nearfall and taunts Jericho while continuing to work on his arm. MJF hangs Jericho’s arm up in the ropes and hits the Heat Seeker on the apron!

Jericho is almost counted out but manages to slide back in the ring to break the count. MJF then goes for an Asai Moonsault but Jericho moves out of the way and MJF lands on his feet only to get Poewrbombed onto the apron!

Back in the ring, Jericho dives off the top into a Codebreaker from MJF for two. MJF sells a back injury as he landed and Jericho trips him and goes for the Walls of Jericho. MJF kicks him off but Jericho knocks him down and hits the Lionsault! 1…2…NO MJF kicks out!

Jericho hits a series of clotheslines in the corner and then lifts MJF to the top and goes for a Frankensteiner but MJF counters into a Superbomb but MJF again sells the back when he hits the mat. MJF finally crawls over and covers for two. MJF bites Jericho and lifts him back to the top. MJF goes for a Superplex but Jericho knocks him off and hits a Diving Codebreaker! 1…2…NO MJF kicks out!

Wardlow walks out but Jake Hager follows him and they brawl in the aisle and fight to the back. MJF grabs Jericho’s bat and hits Jericho with it as the referee was distracted by the brawl. MJF hits the Judas Effect on Jericho! 1…2…3 but Jericho’s foot was on the bottom rope! The referee didn’t see it.

Another referee comes out and tells Aubrey Edwards what happened and the match is restarted. MJF argues with her and Jericho rolls him up for a close two. MJF puts him in the Salt of the Earth but Jericho rolls him over into another nearfall. Jericho puts MJF in the Walls of Jericho! MJF fights and almost taps but bites his hand to keep from doing it and almost gets to the ropes only for Jericho to pull him back to the center to the ring and he taps.

Winner: Jericho via submission (Walls of Jericho)

The rest of the Inner Circle comes out and celebrates with Jericho.

“The Best in the World” CM Punk vs. Darby Allin w/Sting

Sting fist bumps Allin as they walk onto the stage and heads to the back. CM Punk is wearing long tights with the Chicago stars down the sides. Allin sits in the corner the entire time Punk makes his entrance with his eyes closed, so Punk stares at him and then sits down across from him Indian style until they both get to their feet and stare each other down.

They lockup and Allin immediately catches Punk with an armdrag. They lockup again and this time gets him in a headlock and then runs Allin over and a “welcome back” chant breaks out. They lockup for a third time and again Punk catches Allin with a headlock but this time Allin counters into a hammerlock. Punk keeps trying to reverse the hold but Allin reverses it right back each time. Punk then tries to counter out with a Snapmare but Allin hangs on to the hold as they roll through.

Allin rolls Punk up but only gets one and Punk runs him over with a back elbow. Punk hits a Scoop Slam for one and immediately puts Allin in a headlock. Allin shoves Punk in the ropes and hits a Shoulder Block of his own. Punk leapfrogs a charging Allin and then catches Allin as he went for a leapfrog of his own and goes for the GTS but Allin escapes and rolls to the floor.

Punk puts Allin in a headlock again but Allin shoves him into the ropes and Allin hits a Springboard Armdrag and then a series of Coffin Splashes in the corner. Allin tries to whip Punk into the corner but Punk reverses it sending Allin flying between the turnbuckles into the ring post.

Punk rolls Allin back in the ring and covers him for two and then goes to work on his back with a Bow and Arrow. Allin manages to break one of his arms free and get to the ropes. Punk hits a Back Suplex for two and puts Allin back in a submission. Allin fights him off but eats a knee to the gut.

Punk puts Allin in an Abdominal Stretch but Allin fights him off and hits the ropes but charges right into a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker for a nearfall. Punk puts Allin in a headlock but as Allin tries to fight him off Punk counters him into another Abdominal Stretch. Darby counters into the Diamond Dust! Allin slaps Punk repeatedly and then a Springboard Coffin Splash!

Allin catches Punk with the La Magistral Cradle for two and then hits a Sunset Flip for two. Allin hits a series of strikes and then a Code Red! 1…2…NO Punk kicks out again! Allin goes up top but Punk crotches him and goes up with him for a Back Superplex only for Allin to counter it into midair for two. Punk grabs his knee and Allin gets another nearfall on Punk but Punk counters into the GTS! Allin falls through the ropes, though!

Allin manages to climb back in the ring before the 10-count. A frustrated Punk grabs Allin and hits a series of elbows. Punk hits the Flying Knee in the corner and then pulls him into a Lariat. Punk says it’s over and goes for the GTS again but Allin counters with a series of elbows. Punk rolls to the floor and Allin hits the Tope Suicida sending Punk crashing into the barricade.

Allin goes up top and hits a Somersault Plancha onto Punk on the floor! Allin rolls Punk in and goes for the Coffin Drop but Punk simply sits up and Allin misses but then Allin rolls him up! 1…2..NO Punk kicks out and goes for the GTS but Allin escapes into the Last Supper! 1…2…NO Punk kicks out and hits a Leaping Leg Lariat!

Punk charges at Allin but eats a boot and then Allin goes for the Poison Rana only for Punk to counter into the GTS for the pin!

Winner: Punk via pinfall (GTS)

Sting walks out and offers a handshake to Punk, which he accepts. Punk applauds Allin and Sting tries to help Allin up, but Allin refuses and pulls himself up. Punk offers a handshake to Allin and he accepts.

“Full Gear” is announced for Nov. 13.

QT Marshall w/The Factory vs. Paul Wight

Wight dumps The Factory out of the ring immediately and headbutts Marshall. Wight chops Marshall and then stands on his back. Marshall kicks Wight and then dropkicks his previously injured hip. Marshall dropkicks Wight again and gets a nearfall but Wight throws him out of the ring with his kickout. Wight hits the Chokeslam for the pin.

Winner: Wight via pinfall (Chokeslam)

Jon Moxley cuts a promo on Minoru Suzuki as they will face each other this Wednesday. Moxley says that when he and Suzuki face each other it is better than any drug and he should know because he’s tried them all. Moxley says that Suzuki will have to face him in his hometown. “Welcome to the jungle,” Moxley says.

Malakai Black cuts a promo about Dustin Rhodes and says he wants Dustin to be as mad as humanly possible because the madder he gets the more predictable he gets. Black says in case Dustin has calmed down some, he wants him to think about Arn Anderson, Brock Anderson, Lee Johnson and Cody Rhodes, who he left all laying in the ring. Black will face Dustin this Wednesday.

Main Event

AEW World Heavyweight Championship
“The Cleaner” Kenny Omega (c) w/Don Callis vs. “The Instant Classic” Christian Cage

Christian quickly goes for the Unprettier but Omega blocks it and the two just start trading blows. Omega hits a Rana sending Christian to the floor and then goes for a Baseball Slide, but Christian moves out of the way and lights Omega up with chops. Christian throws Omega into the guardrail repeatedly and then he climbs to the top and hits a Plancha!

Christian tries to whip Omega into the ring steps but Omega counters it sending Christian crashing knees-first into the steps. Omega pulls out a table and lays it on top of Christian before hitting a Ghetto Stomp onto the table on top of Christian! Omega pulls out another table and sets it up at ringside and tries to Suplex Christian into the table but Christian counters into a suplex of his own.

Christian rolls Omega back in the ring and goes for a Canadian Cloverleaf but Omega rakes his eyes and hits the Dunk for two. Omega puts Christian in a chinlock and then elbows him in the top of the head. Omega chops away at Christian in the corner and chokes him with his boot. Omega hits a Saito Suplex for two.

Omega lifts Christian up to the top rope and then just shoves him off the top to the floor. Omega goes for a Springboard Moonsault off the apron but slips and then recovers and hits it. Omega tosses Christian in the ring and covers him for two. Christian shoves Omega causing Omega to slap him repeatedly. Omega throws Christian into the turnbuckle and then hits the Neckbreaker over his knee for two.

Omega goes up top but Christian crotches him and climbs up top. Christian hits a Frankensteiner but can’t capitalize on it as both men are down. Omega and Christian exchange strikes until Omega goes for the One Winged Angel but Christian blocks it and hits a series of rights and lefts in the corner. Christian stands on Omega’s neck as he was hanging on the ropes and then the Slingshot Uppercut.

Christian sweeps Omega’s legs and goes for the Cloverleaf but Omega kicks him into the corner. Omega goes for the Rolling Fireman’s Carry but Christian counters into a Reverse DDT. Christian goes for a Spear but runs right into a V-Trigger! Omega goes for a Powerbomb but Christian blocks it only for Omega to run him into the turnbuckles. Christian comes back with the Tornado DDT for two.

Christian goes for the Unprettier but Omega blocks it and hits a Spinning Heel Kick sending Christian into the turnbuckles. Omega hits the V-Trigger and then the Snap Dragon! Omega hits another Snap Dragon and sets up for the V-Trigger but Christian flips him off, so Omega hits another Snap Dragon. Omega hits another V-Trigger and Christian falls through the ropes onto the apron.

Omega tries to pick Christian up but he holds onto the ropes. Omega goes for a German Suplex through the table but Christian holds onto the ropes. Omega goes for a Snap Dragon through the table but Christian elbows him and goes for an Unprettier. Omega blocks it and shoves Christian into the ring post. Omega goes for a One Winged Angel through the table but Christian escapes and Spears Omega off the apron through the table.

It looks like the leg of the table actually cut the side of Christian when he landed. Back in the ring, Christian hits a Spear to the back of Omega and then a Spear to his ribs! 1…2…NO Omega kicks out! Christian goes for the Frog Splash off the top but Omega got his knees up. Omega goes for a Blue Thunder Bomb but his back gives out. Omega hits a nasty series of knee strikes and then goes for the V-Trigger but Christian blocks it and swings at him only to eat a V-Trigger. Omega hits the Ripcord V-Trigger followed by an attempt at the Tiger Driver.

Christian counters into the Cloverleaf but Callis calls for reinforcements as The Good Brothers run down. Christian knocks Anderson off the apron and then Gallows grabs Christian as Callis distracts the referee. Omega goes for the V-Trigger but Christian moves and he hits Gallows! Christian hits the Unprettier! 1…2…NO Omega kicks out!

Christian lifts Omega up to the top and Callis climbs in the ring. Christian chases Callis off and then climbs up with Omega and attempts a Super Unprettier! Omega rakes his eyes and then lifts Christian up and hits a Super One Winged Angel and that’s all she wrote!

Winner & STILL AEW Champ: Omega via pinfall (Super One Winged Angel)

The Young Bucks limp to the ring to celebrate with Omega and the Good Brothers. They continue to beat on Christian until Jurassic Express hit the ring. The Elite takes them out, though, and Omega hits Luchasaurus with the title belt.

Omega grabs the microphone and says no one is on his level no matter where they come from. Omega says when it comes to the AEW Title the only people that would ever have a chance to beat him are either not here, already retired or dead. The lights go out and… ADAM COLE IS HERE!

Cole gets in the ring and stares down Omega as the crowd chants “holy shit.” Coel then Superkicks Jungle Boy and hugs The Elite! Omega laughs and says they all bought it and says Cole is one of their best friends.

Cole says The Elite is the most dominant faction in the history of wrestling and there isn’t a chance in hell anyone can stop them. Omega says the only thing he has left to do is to send the home happy and then BRYAN DANIELSON’S MUSIC HITS!

Danielson walks out and helps the babyfaces up and stares The Elite down. Danielson and the babyfaces attack and Cole and Omega retreat! Danielson hits the Flying Knee on Nick Jackson!