AEW Dynamite 01 06 2021

AEW Dynamite “New Year’s Smash Night One” Results
January 6, 2021

Jacksonville, Florida (Daily’s Place)
Results by: Josh Boutwell of

New Year’s Bash Night 1 is going to open up in the ring. Records in AEW have officially been reset.

8-Man Tag Team Match
The Hybrid2 & The Acclaimed vs. The Young Bucks & SCU

All eight guys go at it right off the bat. The Bucks and Daniels dive onto Caster and TH2 on the outside. In the ring, Kazarian hits a series of kicks on Bowens. The Bucks drag Evans in the ring and hit an Assisted Dropkick. Angelico knocks Matt out to the floor but Nick catches he and Evans with a Springboard Armdrag/Headscissors combo. Nick with a Tornillo onto TH2 on the floor!

Daniels goes for an Arabian Press to the floor but Bowens catches him and allows Evans to hit a Spinning Enziguri off the apron onto Daniels! Bowens gets a series of nearfalls on Daniels and tags Angelico into the match. Angelico and Evans hit a Springboard Ghetto Stomp/Sidewalk Slam combo as Evans tags in. the heels take turns with big spots capped off with a Phoenix Splash from Evans and then Angelico locks in the Navarro Lock.

Daniels reaches the ropes to break the hold. Daniels and Bowens repeatedly counter each other until Daniels finally connects with a Blue Thunder Bomb. Daniels makes the hot tag to Kazarian and Evans tags in, as well. Kaz with clotheslines for everyone and then German Suplexes Evans after Evans accidentally kicked Bowens off the apron.

Kaz goes for a Reverse Suplex but Evans lands on his feet and hits a Flying Knee. Evans hits a Standing Corkscrew Moonsault for a nearfall. Bowens tags in but Kaz shoves them into each other. Matt tags in and hits a Northern Lights Suplex on both Caster and Evans. Matt hits a Somersault Plancha onto Evans onto the stage! Matt then hits a dive onto Caster off the stage on the floor and Spears Angelico!

Matt hits a Plancha off the top onto Caster and Angelico and then the Bucks hit the Risky Business for two. The Bucks hit an Enziguri/Buckle Bomb combo followed by a Spike DDT from Kaz for another nearfall. The Bucks go for the BTE Trigger but Caster cuts them off. Kaz knocks Caster to the floor and then Kaz and Nick hit he BTE Trigger on Bowens but Angelico breaks up the pin.

TH2 hit a Neckbreaker/Backbreaker combo followed by a Flatliner. Evans goes for a 630 Splash but Nick gets his knees up! The Bucks level Angelico with a Superkick Party and then a DDT and a Superkick for Evans. The Bucks go for the Meltzer Driver but Bowens pulls Nick to the floor and Evans rolls Matt up for a nearfall.

Daniels blind tags in and lays Evans out. Nick acts like he’s going to do the Melter Driver but stops and dives onto The Acclaimed and Angelico on the floor. Daniels then does a BME into a Meltzer Driver with Matt onto Evans for the pin!

Winners: Young Bucks & SCU via pinfall (BME Driver)

Kazarian says that he and Daniels have made a New Year’s Resolution that the next time they lose as a team they will split up for good. Kaz says that he won’t allow that to happen on his watch. Daniels says that they have the Bucks’ backs any time but they also want a shot at their titles.


Jon Moxley makes his way down to the ring for the first time since losing his title to Kenny Omega and he says people probably expect him to come out here and scream and complain about what happened to him but he says that is waste of time and that wrestling is an unforgiving sport. He says sometimes you are on the “bad end of a bad deal” and when that happens you just grit your chin and grit your teeth and then stare down adversity and never back down.

Moxley says he isn’t going anywhere and he has a zero tolerance policy for shitty people like Omega and Don Callis. Moxley says that a fitting response would be to run down Omega and Callis beat them to a bloody pulp with a crowbar. Moxley says that tonight the title that he put his blood and sweat into is on the line and Fenix has a shot at it. He says that Fenix has worked 15 years to get to this point and it isn’t his place to wreck another man’s destiny.

Moxley says that Kenny will never be safe and he will get even “and then something.” Moxley says that when he says he will do something he does it and he sees his commitments through. Moxley says that he will forever be in Omega’s blind spot lurking over his shoulder. “I promise you one day you will look into the eyes of the devil and beg for mercy as you realize you crossed the wrong guy,” Moxley exclaims.

Backstage Chuck Taylor reveals that Trent has a torn pec and that means he will be out 4-5 months. Miro and Kip Sabian walk up and taunt Chuck saying that that means he will be on the shelf for 4-5 months now too because Trent was the leader of their “little group.” Taylor challenges Miro to a match and says he will beat Miro’s “big goofy ass” in the ring next week. Miro accepts but adds the stipulation that if Chuck loses he has to be Miro’s “young boy” until after Kip’s wedding. Chuck accepts.

Jake Hager vs. Wardlow

As Wardlow comes to the ring an interview with him earlier today airs. Wardlow says he isn’t giving Hager a fight tonight, he’s giving him a WAR. The Inner Circle appear on the stage to watch the match, Jericho is on commentary. Wardlow and Hager lockup but stalemate and push each other away. Hager and Wardlow exchange waistlocks and Hager takes Wardlow down with an Armdrag only for Wardlow to counter with a headscissors.

Both men get back to their feet and Hager takes Wardlow down with a Waistlock only for Wardlow to fight back up and sweep Hager’s legs and connect with a series of rights. Hager escapes and they stare each other down again. Hager swings big but Wardlow ducks and goesf or a German Suplex. Hager hits a big elbow to back Wardlow into the corner.

Hager hits a series of body shots and then a big clothesline but Wardlow doesn’t go down. Hager puts Wardlow in a headlock but Wardlow shoves him into the ropes and they run into each other. Wardlow then leapfrogs Hager and clotheslines him to the floor. They both land on their feet and then run into each other with clotheslines at the same time.


Hager whips Wardlow into the corner but Wardlow floats over him and hits a big shoulder block in the corner. Wardlow lifts Hager up and hits a big Spinebuster and then hits a Release Vertical Suplex. Wardlow hits a second Release Vertical Suplex for two. Wardlow goes for the F10 but Hager escapes and hits a series of elbows and clotheslines.

Hager hits a huge Lariat off the ropes and then connects with a Powerslam for a nearfall. Hager goes for the Hager Bomb but Wardlow gets his foot up only for Hager to catch him in the Hager Lock. Wardlow kicks him with the other foot and then knocks Hager off the apron into the barricade.

Back in the ring, Wardlow hits a Belly-to-Belly Overhead Suplex and then a German Suplex for a two count. Wardlow goes to the top and connects with a Swanton Bomb! 1…2..NO Hager counters into the Arm Triangle! Wardlow’s foot was too close to the ropes, though, and he breaks the hold. Hager lifts Wardlow up to the top rope and locks him in the Arm Triangle again, but Wardlow drops down causing Hager to get caught on the ropes. Wardlow hits the F10 for the pin!

Winner: Wardlow via pinfall (F10)

Hager is pissed off after the match but Wardlow offers a fist bump and Hager accepts.

Backstage Private Party forgot to bring juice for gin and juice tonight, so Snoop Dogg shows up with the juice. Matt Hardy approaches them with new contracts but they ask Matt what the deal was with the chair last week. Matt convinces them to sign the contracts as Snoop looks on. Matt says he isn’t a monster and he won’t take their money from cameo or Twitch or anything.


Darby Allin and Team Taz come out for the weigh in. Allin is carrying a brand new belt, which looks much better. After weighing in Taz taunts Darby about weighing in with all his clothes and gear on to make himself weigh more. Allin says Taz claims this feud is nine months in the making but it’s more than 20 years in the making because he’s dealt with shit from people like Taz all his life. Allin says everyone knows how this ends so it’s time to get to the good part and he gets ready to fight.

Taz screams at Tony to get his ass out of the ring and they are about to attack him when the lights go out. Sting comes out and Team Taz retreats. Taz screams about being sick of Sting and says that Sting can’t save Allin when Cage beats his ass.

Backstage MJF approaches Jake Hager freaking out about his loss. MJF says that Hager isn’t a loser and he should be proud of himself for how he fought tonight. Hager says he almost dropped MJF when he walked in but he’s cool and he appreciates MJF checking in on him. They fist bump and MJF leaves.


The footage of Brodie Jr. clowning on Marko Stunt on Dark last night is shown. Marko says that Jurassic Express is on a quest for the tag titles but FTR walk up and Dax tells him that he is useless and he needs to shut up. Cash says Brodie Jr. was right, Marko is a loser. Marko says next week he’ll kick both of their asses. FTR agrees to a match against Jungle Boy and Marko next week. Tully tells Marko to worry about a “flashback.”

“New Bourne” Matt Sydal vs. “American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes w/Snoop Dogg

Midway through Cody’s entrance the music chances to a song Snoop did for Cody. Snoop even has the “play sheet” that Arn comes to the ring with. Sydal hits a beautiful rana followed by a Flying Knee in the corner. Cody retreats to the ramp but eats a Meteora off the top from Sydal. Sydal sells the knee as he lands.

In the ring, Cody drops down and uppercuts Sydal but Sydal dropkicks Cody as he tried to skin the cat. Sydal hits a Slingshot Dropkick. Cody tries to hit Sydal but he ducks and Cody hits Serpentico at ringside. Back in the ring, Sydal hits a Flying Cross Body but Cody rolls through and locks Sydal in a Sharpshooter. Sydal reaches the ropes to break the hold.


Cody hits a Reverse Suplex for a two count. Cody goes to the top for a Moonsault Press but Sydal moves out of the way and hits a Flying Knee. Sydal goes to the top and attempts the Shooting Sydal Press but Cody got his knees up. Cody hits a Reverse DDT for a nearfall. Cody goes back up top and dives over a charging Sydal and lands on his feet only for Sydal to catch him in a La Mistica!

Cody fights the hold off and the two exchange strikes. Cody clotheslines Sydal to the floor. Cody goes for a Pump Kick but Sydal blocks it only for Cody to come back with a Disaster Kick for a nearfall. Cody attempts a Gringo Killer but Sydal blocks it and leaps up to Cody’s shoulders and hits a Hurricanrana for a nearfall.

Sydal hits a big Roundhouse Kick followed by a Spinning Neckbreaker for a two count. Sydal goes for another Jumping Knee but Cody avoids it and hits the CrossRhodes followed by a second one for the pin.

Winner: Rhodes via pinfall (CrossRhodes)

Serpentico and Luther attack Cody after the match. Sydal knocks Luther to the floor and then Sydal goes to the top rope but Snoop Dogg stops him. Snoop goes up top and hits a Dogg Splash as Tony Schaivone almost has a stroke!


AEW World Women’s Championship
Hikaru Shida (c) vs. Abadon

Abadon attacks Shida as she makes her entrance but Shida brains her with a kendo stick. Abadon sits up and goes after Shida in the ring. Abadon tries to bite Shida’s arm but Shida Hip Tosses her and hits a Basement Dropkick. Abadon rolls onto the apron where Shida stomps her head repeatedly. Shida goes for her Running Knee Lift but Shida blocks it and bits her leg before throwing her into the guardrail.

Abadon drags Shida under the ring. Abadon climbs out from under the ring with her mouth covered in blood. Shida rolls back out and her neck is bleeding. Back in the ring, Abadon destroys Shida with forearms and then an Avalanche Facebuster out of the corner for a two count. Abadon slams Shida’s face into the mat repeatedly.


Shida hits a Plancha off the top rope onto Abadon on the floor. Shida slams Abadon’s head into the barricade repeatedly and then rolls her back onto the apron. Shida pulls Abadon up to the top rope and hits a Superplex but Abadon bridges up like a spider and clotheslines Shida for two.

Abadon goes for a Gory Special but Shida rolls her up for a nearfall followed by the Flying Knee for the pin.

Winner & STILL Women’s Champ: Shida via pinfall (Flying Knee)

Tay Conti cuts a promo saying she’s coming for Serena Deeb’s title and Anna Jay says the Dark Order will be in her corner.


AEW World Heavyweight Championship
“The Cleaner” Kenny Omega (c) w/Don Callis vs. “Mexa King” Rey Fenix

PAC cuts a promo as Fenix makes his entrance and says that Death Triangle moves as one but tonight the spotlight is on Fenix and he will handle this on his own. These two squared off in a classic in Mexico back in 2019. Omega puts Fenix in a Full Nelson early but Fenix counters and trips him up before putting him in a Leg Lock.

Omega fights out and stomps Fenix’s knee into the mat. Omega puts Fenix in a Hammerlock but Fenix fights out with a Leaping Snapmare. Fenix hits the ropes but Omega surprises him with a Rana causing Fenix to roll out to the floor. Omega sets up for a dive but Fenix leaps back in the ring and catches Omega with a Rana of his own. Fenix fakes a dive Rey Misterio Jr. style and then boots Omega in the face and hits a Diving Rana off the apron!

Back in the ring, Fenix goes for a Springboard Spinning Back Kick but Omega ducks and hits a Swinging DDT out of the corner. Fenix headstands out of it and then dropkicks Omega into the corner. Fenix goes for a springboard move but Omega destroys him with a chop in midair causing Fenix to crash to the floor.

Omega slams Fenix into the barricade repeatedly but Fenix leaps over the barricade and forearms Omega in the face and then kicks him in the head. Fenix attempts a Rolling Cutter over the barricade but Omega blocks it and counters into a Snap Dragon on the floor! Omega Back Suplexes Fenix onto the apron and then onto the barricade.

Omega rolls Fenix in the ring and hits the Kotaro Krusher for two. Omega lifts Fenix up in the air and drops him with a BRUTAL Backbreaker. Omega elbows Fenix’s back repeatedly and then attempts a Backdrop Driver but Fenix lands on his feet and hits a Springboard Flying Headbutt. Fenix goes for the Lucha Armdrag in the ropes but Omega knocks him to the apron. Fenix slaps Omega and then goes for the move again only for Omega to slap his arm away and Fenix hit a Double Spring Dropkick anyway knocking Omega to the floor! Fenix hits a Tope con Giro onto Jericho on the floor!

In the ring, Fenix walks into an elbow from Omega but dropkicks Omega and then hits an insane Moonsault into a German Suplex! 1…2..NO Omega kicks out! Omega retreats to the apron and Fenix follows him with a Double Spring Ghetto Stomp!

In the ring, Fenix and Omega exchange chops and slaps from their knees with Omega getting the better of the exchange. Omega hits a huge barrage of chops and kicks. Omega goes for a Falcon Arrow but Fenix knees him in the head and hits a Thrust Kick. Rey goes for the Hook Kick but eats a V-Trigger from Omega. Fenix nips up into the Hook Kick out of nowhere!

Fenix goes to the top with a Springboard Tornillo but lands right into the V-Trigger followed by a huge Powerbomb! 1….2..NO Fenix kicks out and eats another V-Trigger! 1…2…NO Fenix won’t stay down! Omega hits another V-Trigger and then goes for the One Winged Angel but Fenix counters into the Poison Rana! Fenix rolls to the ramp but a distraction from Callis allows Omega to recover and catch Fenix with a Pump Knee as Fenix went for a dive. Fenix comes back with an Enziguri and then a Springboard Cutter! 1….2..NO Omega kicks out!

Fenix lifts Omega up and hits the Fenix Driver! 1…2…NO Omega still kicks out! Fenix stomps Kenny’s face repeatedly and then goes to the top and points up to the sky and does an Eddie Guerrero tribute before going for a Frog Splash only for Omega to get his knees up. Omega lifts Rey up to the top and attempts a Superplex but Fenix knocks him off. Fenix goes a Springboard move but lands right into a Tiger Driver in midair! Omega hits another V-Trigger but Fenix still freaking kicks out! Omega lifts Fenix up into the One Winged Angel for the pin!

Winner & STILL World Champ: Omega via pinfall (One Winged Angel)

Don Callis says that we just witnessed history but now they’re going to end Fenix’s career, too. PAC and Pentagon are shown being beaten down by Eddie Kingston’s crew backstage. Callis says this is a very unsafe environment and he tells Omega to finish him off for good. Omega picks Fenix up but Jon Moxley runs out with a barbed wire bat and hits Omega with it! Callis retreats but as Moxley circles Omega The Good Brothers hit the ring and beat Moxley down! They’re wearing the Impact Tag Team Titles.

The Good Brothers hit the Magic Killer on Moxley and then Omega hits Moxley with the barbed wire bat repeatedly. A bunch of AEW guys hit the ring but get destroyed by Omeg anad the Good Brothers. Gallows puts one of them through a table and then they hold Moxley as Omega hits him with the bat again.

The Young Bucks run out and get in their faces and then Griff Garrison grabs Omega leading to Matt Superkicking him. The Bucks still argue with Omega as he raises the “too sweet” and the Bucks do it as Dynamite fades to black!