AEW Dynamite 03 17 2021

AEW Dynamite “St. Patrick’s Day Slam” Results
March 17, 2021

Jacksonville, Florida (Daily’s Place)
Results by: Josh Boutwell of

AEW’s special “St. Patrick’s Day Slam” opens up with MJF’s crew arriving earlier today in a private jet.

Penta el Cero Miedo (1-1) vs. “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes (3-1) w/Arn Anderson

Penta cuts a promo before the match saying he is going to break Cody’s arm and send him on an early paternity leave. “You’re welcome,” Penta says. Penta dives over the top onto Cody as he was walking down the ramp. Penta beats Cody’s ass all around ringside until Cody finally gets the advantage by throwing Penta into the barricade.

Cody rolls into the ring and Penta gives chase and rips Cody’s shirt off before lighting him up with some chops. Cody gets in Penta’s face and kicks him, then hits a Front Suplex. Cody misses a clothesline and Penta catches him with a Sling Blade for two. Cody comes back and attempts a Cross Rhodes but Penta knees him in the head and then hits a Backstabber in the corner for another two.

Penta sets up a barricade at ringside and then puts a Leprechaun hat on before kicking Cody in the face. Penta tries to slam Cody onto the barricade but Cody hits a Pump Kick. Cody tries to slam Penta into the barricade but Penta kicks him and tosses him in the ring. Penta climbs up top but Cody crotches him and then hits a gorgeous Super Rana!

Cody looks to have injured his arm on the landing and Penta starts going after it. Penta hits an Armbreaker and then taunts Anderson at ringside. Cody kicks Penta’s knee and puts him in a headlock, but Penta shoves him into the ropes. Cody lifts Penta up onto his shoulders but Penta fights out and hits Cody with an Enziguri. Cody comes back with a Disaster Kick knocking Penta to the floor. Cody hits a Tope Suicida on Penta slamming Penta into the barricade that he had set up earlier.

Back in the ring, Cody Superkicks Penta and hits an American Destroyer! Cody follows up with the Cody Cutter! 1…2…NO Penta kicks out! Cody hits the CrossRhodes and Penta still kicks out! Arn Anderson freaks out at ringside over Penta kicking out. Cody hits a Gringo Killa Homicide style! 1…2…NO Penta kicks out AGAIN!

Cody grabs Penta and drags him to the apron and slams his leg into the ring post. He rolls Penta back in the ring and locks in the Figure Four but Penta still reaches the ropes. Cody starts showing more and more frustration as he goes for a second Figure Four, but Penta grabs his injured arm and does the Arm Breaker! Penta celebrates and Cody surprises him with a rollup for the pin.

Winner: Cody via pinfall (rollup)

Penta attacks Cody after the match and goes after the arm more. Dustin Rhodes and the Gunn Club run out to chase Penta off. QT Marshall finally walks onto the stage as Penta has already taken off and shrugs his shoulders as the rest of the Nightmare Family yells at him.

Alex Marvez interviews the Young Bucks backstage. Matt Jackson says that Fenix beat him in singles action and he has also beaten Nick in a singles match but they are the best tag team in wrestling. Don Callis interrupts and brings a “do not slap leg when kicking” shirt and gives it to them as a gift for their dad. He admits that the Bucks never actually attacked him. He said he actually wanted them to kick him because he wanted to see the old Young Bucks team that he saw destroying people in Japan.

Callis says there is nothing elite about the Bucks anymore and says they are killing their careers. Matt calls him “uncle creepy” and says he changed Omega. Callis says he has changed because now he is the “God of wrestling” and he doesn’t recognize the Bucks anymore. He says they aren’t elite anymore, they are just a washed up tag team living off their name with fancy tights. He asks them to look in the mirror and ask themselves if they are the same team he saw tearing it up in New Japan.


Jade Cargill (1-0) vs. Dani Jordyn (0-2)

Cargill catches Dani with a Waistlock early but Dani elbows her and then runs into a Big Boot. Jade hits a Release German Suplex followed by the Jaded Slam for the pin.

Winner: Cargill via pinfall (Jaded)

MJF and his crew make their way to the ring and Tully says that it feels good to be in the ring with this group of guys. He says last week they were in the ring with the best group AEW had to offer and left them laying. He says that makes them the baddest group in AEW now. Tully says years ago he was with the greatest group of guys in the history of wrestling and now he will finish his career with the greatest group of guys in professional wrestling.

MJF says it wasn’t easy having to take a seat behind Jericho for six months. He said every time Jericho spoke he had take a step as far back as Jericho’s hairline. He says he shucked and jived and pretended to like his bullshit but it worked. He says that Jericho thought he was taking MJF under his wing, meanwhile he was plucking Jericho’s feathers.

MJF says he fooled everyone into thinking he wanted to take over the Inner Circle so MJF wouldn’t see what was coming. He said from day one the game was to destroy the Inner Circle from inside and on top of its remains he wanted to build something stronger. MJF says that they are “The Pinnacle” and says that you may not like their lineup but you have to respect it.

MJF runs down his crew and their accolades and then says that he is unstoppable and reminds us he’s only 24 years old. He says when his career is all said and done no one will think about Jericho and that the GOAT status will be reserved for MJF. He says that they are “The Pinnacle” and they will be the backbone of AEW for years to come. He says they will take every championship AEW has to offer and they will also take what they want, when they want it.

MJF says he wants the Inner Circle’s locker room now and they will take more from the Inner Circle every single week. MJF says that he is better than Jericho and he knows it.


The Butcher & The Blade, Private Party & “Big Money” Matt Hardy vs. The Jurassic Express & Bear Country (Boulder Bear & Bronson Bear)

All 10 guys break into a brawl until the babyfaces clean house. Matt comes back with a Side Effect after some miscommunication from the babyfaces and gets a nearfall.


Luchasaurus runs over Private Party with a Double Shoulder Block and then knocks Butcher off the apron. Lucha hits a Pump Kick on Quen and a Press Slam for Kassidy. Lucha throws Quen to the side with a backdrop and then a German Suplex for Blade. Lucha goes for a Powerslam but Quen pulls Kassidy off and then he lays them out with kicks. He hits a Superkick on Kassidy and then a Standing Moonsault for a nearfall before Butcher breaks up the pin.

Butcher headbutts Lucha but eats a Missile Dropkick from Stunt. Lucha grabs Kassidy by the throat and tags Bronson. Bronson hits a T-Bone Suplex on Kassidy and then he and Lucha argue as he was trying to tag Marko. Marko tags himself in and goes after Kassidy as the babyfaces continue to argue. The heels attack the other babyfaces on the outside.

Private Party lays Stunt out with a Pump Kick and Quen tags in as they throw Stunt into the corner. Stunt tries to fight them off but Hardy stops him and Private Party hit the Gin and Juice. Hardy tags in and hits Stunt with the Twist of Fate for the pin.

Winners: Private Party, Hardy, Butcher & Blade via pinfall (Twist of Fate)

Backstage Moxley says he isn’t in a good mood and he should be sitting on a beach somewhere but instead he is here getting ready for another war. Moxley says the real problem is the Good Brothers and they need to get rid of them. He says he doesn’t like them because they are cheap shot artists. Kingston says Gallows looks like “Forky” from the Toy Story movies.

They make fun of “Chad 2 Bad” aka Anderson. Kingston says they could keep making fun of them and making jokes but this isn’t the Impact Zone, it’s their home and “yall ain’t never popped nothing, ya’ll ain’t never shot nothing, so stop fronting” quoting 50 Cent. He says that they are cowards and cowards die 1,000 deaths, while real soldiers like he and Moxley only die once.


Christian Cage says that wrestlers that go around busting their asses every single night are called “workhorses.” He says he makes wrestlers better by just getting in the ring with him but he isn’t a workhorse, he is THE workhorse. He says anyone that has forgotten that will learn it real quick as soon as he gets back in the ring. Christian says that he knows he may have ruffled some feathers with people thinking he is coming for their spot but he says there is only one spot he wants and that is Kenny Omega’s. He says Omega is on borrowed time and he knows he has to get some wins and prove himself but he is coming for the title. He says he is here in AEW to submit his legacy and outwork everyone.

Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston vs. The Good Brothers

The Good Brothers attack Kingston as he makes his entrance. Moxley runs out – with his shoulder heavily taped – to try and even the odds but the Good Brothers lay him out with a Magic Killer on the outside. In the ring, the Good Brothers beat Kingston down for several minutes.

Kingston tries to fight his way out of the heel corner as Moxley starts to try and get to his feet but Gallows knocks Moxley off the apron with a shitty Pump Kick that barely glanced him.


Kingston manages to hit a Flying Shoulder Block on Gallows as Moxley pulls himself up on the apron. Anderson tags in and stops Kingston from tagging out but Kingston nails him with a T-Bone Suplex. Kingston makes the hot tag to Moxley and he is a house a fire with clotheslines to Anderson. Moxley hits a Release German Suplex on Anderson and then a Shotgun Dropkick sending Anderson into the corner.

Moxley knocks Gallows off the apron and stomps a mudhole in Anderson in the corner. Moxley channels the souls of Japanese legends with a Lariato from Hell followed by a Spike Piledriver on Anderson! 1…2…NO Gallows breaks it up. Moxley hits Gallows with a Flying Knee knocking Gallows through the ropes and then Moxley hits a Tope Suicida to the outside.

Back in the ring, Moxley walks into a Double-A Spinebuster from Anderson for a nearfall. Gallows tags in and the Good Brothers hit a Fireman’s Carry/Dropkick combo followed by an Assisted Neckbreaker for Kingston as he tried to interfere. Gallows covers Moxley but Moxley gets his boot on the ropes.

Anderson tags in and the Good Brothers go for the Magic Killer but Kingston lays Anderson out and then clotheslines Kingston to the floor. Gallows lands on his feet and drags Kingston to the floor and tosses him into the barricade. Moxley surprises Anderson with the Inside Cradle for the pin.

Winners: Kingston & Moxley via pinfall (Inside Cradle)

Gallows and Anderson jump Moxley after the match and continue the beat down. Kenny Omega walks out with a chair and sits down in front of Moxley. Kingston jumps Omega but the Good Brothers take him down and all three beat him down. The Good Brothers hit the Magic Killer on Kingston.

Omega traps Kingston’s leg in the chair and Anderson dives off the top onto it. They wrap the chair around Moxley’s head but The Bucks run out and stop them from doing it. After they argue they offer up the “too sweet” but this time The Bucks refuse to do it. Omega starts shoving the Bucks as Moxley recovers and swings the chair at Omega as they retreat through the crowd. “Get me in the ring with Mox,” Kingston screams at the doctors.


Tony Schiavone welcomes Darby Allin and Sting out and Allin actually complains about only defending his title three times since winning it. He says he wants to be a defending champion and wants to start by paying tribute to Brodie Lee and defend it against anyone from the Dark Order.

Lance Archer interrupts and says the internet might think Allin is terrific but he is the biggest “Indie-rific joke” the business has ever seen and since he likes coffins so much he is about to put his ass in one. Jake Roberts tells a dad joke about Allin being a weenie and then says the winds of change are coming and Sting is going to get what is coming to him. Roberts says that Archer is the biggest, baddest son of a bitch in AEW and he will take that title and shove it up their asses.

Team Taz interrupts and Brian Cage gets in Sting’s face. He says that Sting continuously stuck his nose in their business and after the damnest street fight ever he respects Sting. He says that Ricky Starks is wrong and with or without his bat Sting is still an icon. Taz and his group get pissed and ask him what the hell is doing but Cage shoves them away and walks away.

A video package highlights Scorpio Sky. He says he wants to be the poster boy of AEW but they don’t want him because they want the Cody’s and the Darby Allins. He says he always heard that nice guys finish last and that was true until Revolution when he won but it still ended up being someone else’s moment (Allin). Sky says that he is a wrestling savant and he will prove that he is the best and if he has to hurt people to do it he will.

“El Hijo del Fuego” Rey Fenix (4-2) w/PAC vs. Angelico (0-1) w/Jack Evans

They break out some of that old school lucha goodness with the mat wrestling and reversals. Rey has a a lot of athletic tape on his back. Angelico goes for a Roundhouse Kick but Fenix blocks it with his arm and Angelico turns it into a submission on his arm. Angelico then notices the tape on Fenix’s back and goes after it.


Fenix hits a Thrust Kick followed by a Rolling Cutter for two. Fenix goes for a Suplex but Angelico escapes and rolls Fenix into the Navarro Special but Fenix quickly gets to the ropes to break it. Angelico goes for it again but this time Fenix kicks him away and rolls backwards into a Wheelbarrow Rollup for two. Fenix leapfrogs a sweep attempt but eats a Superkick from Angelico. They trade kicks and then Fenix catches him with a Crucifix Bomb out of a Greco Roman Knuckle Lock followed by the Fenix Driver for the pin.

Winner: Fenix via pinfall (Fenix Driver)

Backstage, Miro says he isn’t interested in facing Chuck Taylor again and he has moved on but Kip Sabian approaches and says he hasn’t moved on. He says that they ruined his wedding and Miro should care about that. Kip says that Penelope is hurt because Miro shoved Chuck into her but Miro tells him that having his wife at ringside is the worst thing for his career. Miro says he needs to remember that when the bell rings he doesn’t care about Kip or his wife or anything else other than winning.

Brodie Jr. says he is going to accept Allin’s challenge but Evil Uno says maybe in about a decade. John Silver accepts the challenge.


The Pinnacle is shown taking over the Inner Circle’s locker room backstage.

Main Event
Unsanctioned Lights Out Match
Thunder Rosa vs. Dr. Britt Baker DMD w/Rebel

Falls count anywhere and anything goes in this match. Rebel hits Rosa with a crutch as she got in the ring and then Rosa chases her onto the ramp. Baker hits a Spear through the ropes on Rosa and then drops her with a Kryptonite Krunch on the stage but Rosa kicks out at one! Baker tosses Rosa off the stage and tries to hit her with a chair but Rosa moves out of the way. Rosa grabs the chair and throws it at Baker’s face.

Rosa wears Baker out with the chair and hits Rebel with it, too. Rosa chokes Baker with the chair and throws her into the front row. Rosa sits Baker in a chair and goes for a Rolling Senton but Baker moves and Rosa lands on the chair. Baker gets another one count and tosses her back to ringside. Baker throws Rosa into the side of the stage and pulls out a table.

Baker sets the table up and then Curb Stomps her face on the ring steps. Baker tosses a bunch of chairs in the ring and Rosa’s head is busted open. Baker rolls Rosa in the ring as we go to a break.


Baker Superplexes Rosa onto a stack of chairs and covers her for two. Rebel hands Baker a ladder but Rosa Bulldogs Baker onto it for a nearfall of her own. Rosa hits a pair of Flying Knees in the corner and then wedges Baker in the corner with the ladder. Rosa dropkicks the ladder into Baker’s face. Rosa pulls out another table as Baker is bleeding now.

Rosa bites Baker’s cut but eats a Superkick from Baker. Baker hits a Flatliner onto the ladder as blood is covering Baker’s face now. Baker goes to the top but Rosa cuts her off and hits a Super DVD onto the ladder! 1…2…NO Baker kicks out!

Rosa sets a chair up in the ring but Baker catches her with a DDT onto it and then she Curb Stomps her on it! 1…2…NO Rosa kicks out! One of the coolest visuals is Baker looking into the camera with blood just absolutely covering her face and smirking. Baker grabs a bag and pours thumbtacks out in the ring. Baker goes for the Fisherman’s Buster but Rosa blocks it only for Rebel to come after her with the crutch. Rosa ducks and hits Rebel with the crutch and then dropkicks her through the ropes through the table!

Baker grabs Rosa and lifts her up but Rosa escapes and Powerbombs Baker into the tacks! 1…2…NO Baker freaking kicks out! Baker manages to come back and surprise Rosa with the Lockjack but Rosa rolls backwards slamming Baker into the tacks again to break it! Baker Superkicks Rosa causing her to fall through the ropes onto the apron. Baker climbs up top but Rosa cuts her off and pulls her down into a Fire Thunder Driver through the table! 1…2…3!

Winner: Rosa via pinfall (Fire Thunder Driver through a table)