AEW Dynamite 01 19 2022

AEW Dynamite Results
January 19, 2022

Washington, DC (Entertainment & Sports Arena)
Results by: Josh Boutwell of

Jon Moxley makes his way to the ring to a thunderous pop. This is first appearance in AEW since October when he entered rehab for alcoholism treatment. Moxley soaks in the cheers from the crowd as he gets in the ring and a “welcome back” chant erupts. Moxley tells a fan heckling to go “fuck yourself” and tells security to kick him out. Moxley tells a story about how a few months ago he woke up on a plane with no idea where he was and talks about a dream he had of a demon falling him. He says that demon has been following him around his entire life and it taunted him asking if he really thought he was going to “get out.”

Moxley says he has more scars than the average person but more important is the scars on the inside. He says sometimes people try to cover up those scars but he says those are the scars that give us strength and we should be proud of those scars. He says no one was perfect and says that no one should be afraid to stand up in front of the world and say “this is me” as he flips off the camera.

Moxley says he knows there are plenty of people around the world that wanted to write him off and that doubt him but he’ll tell them the same thing he told the demon following him, “you can shove all that shit up my ass.” He says he doesn’t run from demons, he beats the shit out of them. Moxley thanks everyone, fans and everyone in his life, that had his back and says he is going on a pilgrimage in AEW in 2022 and grab wrestling by the balls. He says more than anyone else has ever been he is truly free now.

He says he’s been to hell and there is no hell that could be put upon him in the ring that he hasn’t gone through already. Moxley says if you thought he was dangerous before, he’s more thirsty than ever and all he drinks is blood now.


Backstage, MJF says last week was an embarrassment. He says instead of taking the loss on the chin like a man last week, he pulled Wardlow’s tights to cheat to win. He says that if Wardlow had more seasoning maybe he would have kicked out. He apologizes to Wardlow anyone and wishes him a Happy Birthday. He says he shouldn’t have lost his cool with him but he can’t allow Wardlow to put his hands on him. He says he has to dock Wardlow’s pay. Wardlow stares at MJF as MJF continues to talk trash about Punk.

Mixed Tag Team Match
Dr. Britt Baker & Adam Cole vs. Best Friends (Kris Statlander & Orange Cassidy)

This is the first time that Baker and Cole have teamed together in AEW and their first time teaming together at all since 2017. Baker and Cole quickly tag each other in and out to mess with OC and Statlander. OC does his lazy kicks on Baker but Baker stomps on his leg only to walk into a Scoop Slam from Statlander. Statlander goes for Big Bang Theory but Baker escapes and tags Cole. OC dives off the top with a Flying Cross Body on Cole followed by a Satellite DDT attempt only for Cole to block it and hit a Pump Kick.

Cole goes for a Lariat but OC ducks and hits the Satellite DDT. Cole rolls to the floor and Statlander catches a charging Baker with a kick followed by the Delayed Vertical Suplex. Statlander hits a Pendulum Moonsault on Baker and OC hits a dive off the apron on Cole. Statlander and OC hug but their taunting is met by Superkicks from the heels.


Statlander hits a series of elbows and clotheslines on Baker followed by a Backbreaker. She hits a Forearm Smash and a Knee Smash in the corner and follows up with a Blue Thunder Bomb for a nearfall. Statlander goes for a Brainbuster but Baker blocks it and goes for the Ripcord Elbow. Statlander blocks it but then Baker rolls her up into a Backslide for two. Statlander counters into a Gory Special attempt. Baker counters into the Swinging Fisherman’s Neckbreaker!

Baker and OC tag in and exchange a series of strikes that OC gets the better of. OC misses a punch and Cole hits a kick to the knees. He hits an Enziguri after OC blocked a Superkick. OC counters a Suplex into Stun Dog Millionaire and then goes for the Beach Break, but Baker blind tags Cole and pulls him off OC. Baker hits the Curb Stomp on OC! Statlander comes in and hits the Michinoku Driver on Baker for two!

Statlander goes to the top but Cole covers Baker as Statlander dives off with the Area 451! OC tags in and hits the Beach Break on Cole! 1…2…NO Cole kicks out! OC goes for the Orange Punch but Cole rolls under the ropes onto the ramp. OC goes for a Plancha but eats a Superkick in midair! Cole goes for the Panama Sunrise on the ramp but Statlander pushes OC out of the way.

Baker Superkicks Statlander and hits the Pittsburgh Sunrise on Statlander on the ramp! Cole hits the Panama Sunrise on OC in the ring! 1…2…NO OC kicks out! Cole and Baker drag the timekeeper’s table to ringside but as Cole gets in the ring OC goes for the Orange Punch. Cole ducks and OC hits Baker knocking her off the apron through the table! Cole low blows OC hits the Boom as the referee checks on Baker! The referee slides back in and counts the pin.

Winners: Cole & Baker via pinfall (Boom)

Alex Marvez interviews Jericho and PNP. Jericho says he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about Eddie Kingston but Ortiz interrupts him and says they do care about him and tells him to tread lightly. Santana says maybe Kingston was right and maybe he is the reason they aren’t tag champs. He says they have been fighting Jericho’s battles but when has he had their backs. He said maybe next week they’ll start to focus on themselves instead of the Inner Circle.


Marvez approaches Cole backstage and asks him about what happened to Baker. He says that OC has been a thorn in his side for too long and now he’s put his hands on his girlfriend. Baker says he’s beaten OC in a tag match and a single’s match and asks what more he needs to do. He says next week he is going to destroy him and challenges him to a Lights Out Match. Cole says that he cannot stand OC and he will end his pathetic career.

A video package highlighting the war of words over the last week between Punk and Spears is shown.

“The Best In The World” CM Punk vs. “The Chairman” Shawn Spears

MJF is on commentary for this one. Punk immediately hits Spears with the GTS for the pin!

Winner: Punk via pinfall (GTS)

Punk taunts MJF and as he turns his back, MJF hits the ring and goes to attack Punk but Punk catches him. Punk grabs MJF by his scarf and goes to hit him but MJF bails and retreats up the ramp.

Backstage, Billy Gunn stops Christian in the parking lot and says it’s time his sons get a shot at the tag titles. Christian says he knows his sons are talented but when the lights are brightest they can never get that “statement win.” He says the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and tells him to make a statement and then they’ll talk. Gunn’s kid attack Christian from behind and Billy throws him into the door. “Statement made,” Austin Gunn says.


Cody Rhodes makes his way down to the ring despite a supposedly expired contract and sets up a ladder in the ring to a chorus of boos. A very snarky Cody asks the fans what they want to talk about and mentions Punk’s “pipe bomb” promo years ago. He says that “pipe bomb” was the first whiff of a “revolution” in wrestling and says that Punk talked about going to ROH and NJPW and teaming with the Young Bucks but he was unable to do those things at that point. A “STFU” chant starts, which seems to rattle Cody a bit.

Cody says Punk ended up in AEW and calls it the “comeback of the decade.” He looks up at the ladder and says that in Punk’s void he was the one that did each and everything that Punk mentioned in his pipe bomb. He says he carried the revolution and every fan cheer him along the way, he says the fans cheered him when he needed it the most. Cody mentions the “forbidden door” and says that before there ever was a forbidden door he was the one that built the damn thing. The fans have gone from chanting “Cody sucks” to just simply chanting his name.

Cody mocks reDRagon and the Bucks for almost starting the “Wednesday night wars” again. Cody talks about the TNT Title and says that fans have been conditioned to think that any title that doesn’t have “world” in it makes it secondary. He says there are no secondary belts in AEW and says that the only thing making it secondary now, is there are two champions.

Cody looks up at the ladder and says there is only one thing to do now. He climbs the ladder and challenges Sammy to decide the undisputed champion at Beach Blast.

Backstage, Anna Jay challenges Jade Cargill to defend the TBS Title against her.

The House of Black (Brody King & Malakai Black) vs. The Varsity Blonds w/Julia Hart

Black and Garrison start things off with Black beating him down before tagging Brody. Brody runs Garrison over and goes for a Scoop Slam but Garrison escapes and tags Pillman. Pillman sets up for a springboard move but hesitates after what happened against Black and rolls to the floor. Brody attacks them and knocks Garrison into the ring steps. Pillman goes for a Flying Dropkick through the ropes but Brody catches him and slams him into the apron.

In the ring, Pillman fights Black and King off but then they hit him with a series of strikes capped off with a Backsplash Senton from King. They hit Dante’s Inferno on Pillman for the pin.

Winners: House of Black via pinfall (Dante’s Inferno)

Black asks the crowd to rise but then PAC appears on the video screen. PAC says he’s found a new purpose and he truly sees Black for who he is. He says he is just the same as every other person in AEW and it’s exhausting. PAC says Black might have a few “spells” up his sleeve but the Bastard is beyond his reach. PAC says Black expected him to bow down and call him master but he says he will make a mark on him and pulls the bandana off his face.

A video package highlights the drama between Lance Archer and Hangman Page. Roberts says Archer isn’t waiting in line anymore and Page says if he wants a shot he’s got one. Roberts says that when the time comes Page will bite the dust and it’s time.


Roppongi Vice says they are tired of losing to The Elite and Romero talks about the time they beat the Bucks in the Tokyo Dome. He says they are the guys to beat the Bucks and challenges them to a match on Rampage.

Frankie Kazarian vs. “The MurderHawk Monster” Lance Archer w/Jake Roberts & Dan Lambert

Archer decks Kazarian but eats a series of strikes from Kaz after turning his back on him. Kaz hits the ropes but Archer follows him with a Lariat. He connects with a Shortarm Clothesline and then a series of chops in the corner. He stands on Kaz’s head and puts the boots to him in the corner. Archer hits a Release Suplex and charges into an elbow from Kaz. Archer clotheslines Kazarian to the floor.


Archer continues to beat Kazarian down and goes for a Chokeslam but Kaz backflips out and hits a series of elbows. He hits a Flying Forearm HBK style but Archer catches him and throws him into the corner where he goes for the Blackout. Kazarian fights him off and hits a Missile Dropkick. Kazarian hits a Springboard Guillotine Leg Drop for just one.

Kazarian hits a Flying Knee to the back and goes for the Chickenwing only for Archer to fight him off and hit a Chokeslam. Archer hits the Black Hole Slam and then the Blackout for the pin.

Winner: Archer via pinfall (Blackout)

Dan Lambert tells Tony Schiavone he doesn’t need to understand his relationship with Archer. Lambert continues to trash Page about not being a real cowboy and says Page isn’t mentally or physically prepared for the monster that Archer is. Archer says that he’s tired of this “cowboy bullshit” and he’ll show Page what he’s going to do to him.

Archer tosses Kazarian onto the ramp and goes to Chokeslam him off of it but Hangman walks out and gets in Archer’s face. Page slaps the piss out of Archer and they start trading punches and forearms! Archer goes to hit Page with a chair but Hangman hits Arhcer with his boot. He goes for the Buckhsot Lariat but Archer catches him. Hangman hits a series of elbows and clotheslines Archer to the floor!

Backstage, Dante Martin says he has Lee Moriarty and Matt Sydal’s backs and Lee says they’ll have his back until his brother returns from injury.

Ricky Starks says that Dante thinks everyone is his friend but he will find out soon that he is all alone. Hobbs says he better have someone watching his front, back and sides because Team Taz builds assassins.

Schiavone interviews Red Velvet and Kris Statlander but Leyla Hirsch walks up and criticizes Statlander for being selfish and says she is the reason they lost on Rampage. Velvet tells her to calm down but Leyla tells her to shut up and says she’s always on Kris’ side. Hirsch attacks Velvet and then attacks Statlander when she checks on Velvet!


Skye Blue vs. “The Woman of 1,000 Holds” Serena Deeb

Deeb immediately takes Blue down and slaps her in the head and taunts her. She takes Blue down again and then throws her through the ropes. Blue goes for a shoulder block through the ropes but Deeb catchers her in a Guillotine and then hits a Neckbreaker onto the middle rope. Deeb hits a Running Clothesline in the corner and catapults her into the bottom rope.

Deeb hits an uppercut followed by a Swinging Neckbreaker. Deeb hits the Deebtox and then slams her knee into the mat repeatedly before forcing the submission with the Serenity Lock.

Winner: Deeb via submission (Serenity Lock)

Backstage, Lambert and the Men of the Year trash Moxley. Page says he is up for the task and tells Moxley he can stop looking for an opponent. He tells Mox not to take him lightly and challenges him to a match for Rampage.

Footage of Roppongi Vice and Young Bucks facing off in Japan is shown.

A vignette highlights HOOK, who will face Serpentico on Rampage. Jade Cargill will also defend the TBS Title against Anna Jay.


Matt Hardy has sold 51 percent of Hardy Family Office to Andrade. He will be CEO and Andrade will be President of the AHFO. Andrade still wants Darby Allin who he calls the “little kid that works for Sting.”

Main Event
The Acclaimed vs. Sting & Darby Allin

Max Caster with a “gory mutilation” and Starrcade 97 line in his rap. The Acclaimed attacks Sting and Allin as they come to the ring. This is the first time Sting has wrestled on TBS since an episode of WCW Thunder 2000. The Acclaimed wraps a chair around Allin’s neck and slams him into the ring post before the bell rings. Trainers come down to check on Allin.

Sting attacks The Acclaimed as the match officially starts and the crowd goes nuts. Allin is helped to the back by trainers. Sting throws The Acclaimed to the floor and then throws them into the ring steps. In the ring, Sting hits the Stinger Splash on both members of the Acclaimed but Bowens pulls the top turnbuckle off as he moves and Sting hits it.


Sting hits a double clothesline on the Acclaimed and puts Caster in the Scorpion Death Lock. Bowens hits a Roaring Elbow but Sting refuses to let go, so Bowens Superkicks him knocking him to the floor. Bowens hits Sting with the boom box as Caster distracted the referee.

The Acclaimed sets up for something on the ring steps but Allin comes flying off the stage onto Caster knocking him off the steps! Allin rolls Sting in the ring and tags him. Allin hits a Coffin Drop onto The Acclaimed on the outside! In the ring, Allin hits a Code Red on Caster! 1…2…NO he kicks out!

Allin hits a series of Coffin Splashes and then locks him in a Hanging Guillotine! Caster manages to fight to his corner and tags Bowens. Bowens hits a series of strikes on Allin and Caster hits the Mic Drop but Sting breaks up the pin attempt. Sting clotheslines Caster to the floor and then backdrops Bowens onto the ramp!

Sting dives off the damn stage and Stinger Splashes Caster through the timekeeper’s table! That man is out of his damn mind! Allin hits a Diamond Dust and the Coffin Drop on Bowens for the pin!

Winners: Sting & Allin via pinfall (Coffin Drop)