AEW Dynamite 03 16 2022

AEW Dynamite “St. Patrick’s Day Slam” Results
March 16, 2022

San Antonio, TX (Freeman Coliseum)
Results by: Josh Boutwell of

Trios Match
Adam Cole & reDRagon vs. Jurassic Express & Hangman Page

Jungle Boy and Cole mat wrestle to start off and then speed things up with some ranas and clotheslines. Luchasaurus tags in and goes for a Chokeslam but his partners pulled Cole out. The heels triple team Luchasaurus on the outside. The heels triple team Lucha in their corner. Luchasaurus fights out of the corner and tags in Hangman.

Hangman hits a Springboard Clothesline out of the corner and a Fall Away Slam. Hangman hits a Tope Suicida onto the heels on the outside and a Golden Moonsault. Hangman hits the Pop-Up Powerbomb on O’Reilly for two. Hangman goes for the Buckshot Lariat but Fish pulls O’Reilly out. Jungle Boy tags himself in and hits a Somersault Plancha onto the heels.

The babyfaces all hit Moonsaults onto the heels on the outside. The heels triple team Jungle Boy in their corner and O’Reilly/Fish hit a backbreaker/knee breaker combo.


Jungle Boy hits a Lariat on O’Reilly and tags Luchasaurus in. Lucha hits a series of strikes and a German Suplex followed by the Tail Whip on Cole. He Chokeslams O’Reilly and then Chokeslams Fish on top of O’Reilly before hitting a Standing Moonsault on both of them. Jungle Boy and Luchasaurs go for the Doomsday Device but Cole Superkicks Jungle Boy and the heels put the babyfaces in submissions.

Cole and Hangman tag in and go at in the center of the ring with strikes. Jungle Boy and Hangman hit a Double Doomsday Device off the top! 1…2…NO the heels kick out! Cole catches Jungle Boy with the BOOM for the pin!

Winners: Cole & reDRagon via pinfall (BOOM)

In the back, Keith Lee talks with Team Taz and they tell him crossing them has consequences and he felt it on Rampage. Starks says if he even shows up on Rampage again they will stomp him out again. Lee says he’ll lay Starks out like a little bitch again.


Jon Moxley & Bryan Danielson w/William Regal vs. Wheeler Yuta & Chuck Taylor w/Danhausen, Orange Cassidy & Trent Baretta

Danielson beats on Yuta to start the match and goes to work on his arm before tagging Moxley in. Moxley continues the assault on the youngster before they continue with quick tags. Every time Yuta tries to speed it up, the grizzled old vets shut him down. Finally, Yuta catches Danielson with a series of dropkicks and an armdrag before tagging in Chucky T. Taylor hits a Plancha onto Moxley on the floor and then rolls Danielson up and locks him in a Half Crab!

Moxley tags Danielson and kicks him in the face. Moxley throws Taylor to the floor where Danielson tosses him into the barricade. Moxley and Danielson start working over Taylor’s leg now. Danielson puts him in an Indian Death Lock before tagging Moxley in and holding Taylor down as Mox hits a Sliding Dropkick with Taylor still caught in the Death Lock.

Moxley lifts Chucky T up to the top rope and hits a Superplex for two. Moxley puts Taylor in a Kimura.


Yuta hits a series of kicks and big moves on Moxley capped off with a Flying Forearm in the corner. He dives off the top but Moxley moves and knocks Yuta out of the ring. Yuta springs back in but eats a Lariat. Moxley goes for a Suplex but Yuta counters into a German Suplex for two. Yuta hits a series of elbows in the corner but Danielson distracts him allowing Moxley to hit a Diamond Cutter.

Danielson tags in and hits a combo side slam with Moxley for two. Taylor and Moxley brawl on the outside where Taylor attempts a Piledriver only for Moxley to counter into a Paradigm Shift. In the ring, Danielson lays into Yuta with roundhouse kicks. Yuta ducks the Buzzsaw Kick but eats a Backdrop Driver from Moxley. Danielson hits a Cradle Suplex for two!

Danielson smiles and points to Yuta like he can’t believe him. Danielson traps Yuta’s arms and stomps his face in after tagging Moxley. Moxley puts Yuta in the Bulldog Choke and Yuta taps.

Winners: Moxley & Danielson via submission (Bulldog Choke)

Yuta starts to leave with Best Friends but stops and gets back in the ring as Regal celebrates with his team. Yuta offers a handshake to Regal but Regal slaps the piss out of him instead. Yuta gets in Regal’s face and Regal smiles. Regal tells him that he did a good job but he needs to walk away before it gets ugly.

In the back, FTR says that they fired Tully because he lost focus and when you lose focus you lose your job. The Young Bucks walk up and taunt FTR for their look and says no matter what they do it won’t change anything because they’ll always just be the second best tag team in AEW.


The Acclaimed cut a promo on Keith Lee backstage, Caster will face Lee. Ricky Starks walks up and says it’s their duty to put Lee down since he’s one of the guys trying to come in and steal their spotlight. Swerve Strickland walks up and taunts Ricky Starks saying that Rampage has become his house.

Chris Jericho leads out the group with the dumbest name in wrestling history, the Jericho Appreciation Society, to the ring. Scott Parker trashes the fans and says that if it was up to him Jericho would change his music so the fans wouldn’t get to sing it. He says that Jericho should be praised for his contributions to wrestling and as a human being.

Jericho says that everyone in the arena should be happy that they are alive during the Jericho Era and that we all fortunate for that. He says that wrestling fans have lived through him his entire career and runs down his accolades. He says if there was no Jericho there would be no AEW and says he carried AEW on its back in its first months of existence. He says instead of praising him people insult him on social media and undermine him.

Jericho says that the fans don’t appreciate him and the roster in AEW doesn’t appreciate him. He says the Inner Circle never appreciated him either and Kingston had the audacity to embarrass him by making him tap out on PPV. He says his new group appreciates him and that is why they are the Jericho Appreciation Society. He says they can’t relate to the rest of the roster because they’re nothing more than pro wrestlers. He says a pro wrestler has never been a millionaire or legendary, they are sports entertainers. Garcia says that if Jericho is a sports entertainer, then so is he. Jericho says Garcia is the definition of a sports entertainer.

Jericho talks about the car wreck some independent wrestlers that got into a bad car wreck years ago with one of the men nearly having his career ended. Jericho says he donated for their medical issues, that person was Daniel Garcia. Jericho gives 2point0 new goofy ass names. He says he got them a job in AEW after his friend “Kevin” asked him to.

Jericho says that Hager has had his back since 2010 and says that he has been the one man he can trust. He calls him the “hand of the king.” Hager says that they are the JAS and they beat up pro wrestlers. Jericho says this is now the Era of the Sports Entertainer.

Serena Deeb cuts a promo on Hikaru Shida and says that she didn’t think about Shida a single time while she was out. She tells Shida to remember what happened last time they faced and she says she will end her career.

TNT Championship
Scorpio Sky (c) w/Paige VanZant, Dan Lambert & Austin Vanderford vs. “Mr. Mayhem” Wardlow

Wardlow tosses Sky across the ring immediately. Sky hits a series of kicks and elbows before biting Wardlow in the corner, but Wardlow runs him into the opposite corner and lays into him with shoulder blocks. Wardlow hits a Spinebuster and Sky rolls to the floor.


Wardlow hits a Belly-to-Belly Overhead Suplex on Sky followed by a Release Suplex. Sky spent the break attacking Wardlow’s leg. Wardlow goes for the Powerbomb but Sky escapes and goes for a TKO. Wardlow blocks it and hits a Spinebuster! Wardlow goes hits the Powerbomb Symphony but Lambert gets on the apron distracting Wardlow and allowing Sky to roll to the floor.

Wardlow goes to Powerbomb Sky on the floor but Shawn Spears walks out with a pair of chairs. Sky rolls back in the ring. The referee gets in Spears’ face but MJF then appears out of nowhere and throws Wardlow into the ring post. Wardlow rolls back in the ring and Sky rolls him up for the pin.

Winner & STILL TNT Champ: Sky via pinfall (rollup)

Team Lambert, MJF and Spears beat Wardlow down after the match. Wardlow fights them off all and looks like he’s going to Powerbomb MJF but Spears hits him with a chair. Vanderford puts Wardlow in a Rear Naked Choke and then Spears brains him with a chair. MJF hands Lambert a stack of cash and then MJF hits Wardlow with the diamond ring.


Private Party vs. The Hardyz

Matt is even wearing his old Hardy Boyz gear. Matt starts off with Marq Quen and Hardy runs him into the corner and goes to work on his arm. Jeff tags in early to a huge pop and he hits a Flying Axe Handle off the top. They hit some classic Hardyz double team moves on both Kassidy and Quen. Jeff hits Poetry In Motion on Kassidy.

Jeff hits a Basement Dropkick on Quen for two and then puts him in a chinlock. Jeff and Matt work on Quen in their corner and hit a Double Ocean Cyclone Suplex for two after Matt tags in. Quen comes back with a Leaping Enziguri and tags Kassidy. Private Party runs Matt over and they hit a Leg Drop/Shooting Star Press combo for two.

Kassidy goes up top but Matt crotches him and goes for the Outsiders Edge but Kassidy escapes and pushes Jeff. As the referee is distracted, Private Party slams Matt’s nuts into the ring post.


Quen hits a Somersault Plancha onto Matt on the floor. Quen and Kassidy hit a Neckbreaker/Ghetto Stomp combo for two. Private Party taunts Jeff and they go for the Poetry in Motion but Matt clotheslines Kassidy in midair. Jeff makes the hot tag and the fans explode as he hits his offense on Private Party.

Jeff hits a Russian Leg Sweep on Kassidy and then Leg Drops his legs into a pin attempt for two. Jeff hits a Front Suplex and then goes to the top but Quen crotches him. Private Party goes for Gin and Juice but Matt hits the Side Effect on Quen. Hardy clotheslines Kassidy and Jeff hits a Diving Splash for two.

Jeff goes for the Twist of Fate but Kassidy counters into an attempt of his own. Private Party goes for the Silly String but the Hardyz block it and they both hit Twist of Fates! Jeff hits the Swanton Bomb on Kassidy for the pin.

Winners: The Hardyz via pinfall (Swanton Bomb)

Andrade leads his group out to the ring but Darby Allin and Sting hit the ring and even the odds causing AFO to retreat.


Main Event
AEW World Women’s Championship
Steel Cage Match
Dr. Britt Baker (c) vs. Thunder Rosa

Footage of Rosa-Baker at last year’s St. Patrick’s Day Slam is shown as Rosa makes her entrance. A mariachi band played before she made her entrance, too. Baker is wearing Scott Hall-NWO inspired gear. Baker immediately tries to climb the cage but Rosa pulls her down and beats her down before slamming her into the cage wall. Rosa rakes Baker’s head across the chain link. Rosa slams Baker’s face into the cage wall. The cage has a little bit of space between the apron and cage wall sort of like a mini Hell In A Cell. Baker is busted open.


Baker pulls chairs out from under the ring and stacks them up. Rosa hits a series of clotheslines and then wacks Baker with a chair. Rosa hits a Stunner and then a Flying Clothesline in the corner. She hits the Double Knees before connecting with the Hesitation Dropkick for two.

Baker goes for a Superkick but Rosa moves and she hits the referee causing him to go flying into the cage wall. Rosa hits the Fire Thunder Driver on Baker but the referee is out. Rosa goes to the top but Baker hits her with a chair. Baker stacks the chairs up in the ring and goes to top and hits a Super Krytonite Krunch onto the chairs but the referee is still out!

Another referee runs out but Rosa kicks out at two! Rosa and Baker exchange slaps and punches and Rosa is pretty clearly bleeding now, too. Baker sets chairs up near the corner standing them up and stacking them on top of each other. She hits Rosa with the chair and puts her on the top rope. She goes for a Spanish Fly but Rosa blocks her and they start punching each other on the top. Rosa slams Baker into the cage and Baker takes a NASTY bump onto the chairs! 1…2…NO Baker kicks out!

Baker hits Rosa with a bag that was under the ring and pours tacks onto the mat. Baker goes for a Swinging Neckbreaker but Rosa counters only for Baker to backdrop her onto the tacks! 1…2..NO Rosa kicks out and Baker puts her in the Lockjaw! Rosa bites Baker’s hand and then Rosa slams Baker’s hands into the tacks repeatedly. Rosa Powerbombs Baker onto the tacks but Baker rolls to the floor. Rosa hits the Fire Thunder Driver onto the tacks for the pin!

Winner & NEW Women’s Champ: Rosa via pinfall (Fire Thunder Driver onto tacks)

Dustin Rhodes comes out and celebrates with Rosa as confetti falls.