AEW Dynamite 09 07 2022

AEW Dynamite Results
September 7, 2022
Buffalo, New York (KeyBank Center)
Results by: Chris Gerics of

It’s Wednesday Night, you know what that means!

AEW Dynamite kicks off from the KeyBank Center in Buffalo, New York in what is a highly anticipated episode for a variety of reasons including the fate of the AEW World and Trios titles!

We cut to a recap of the MJF return at All Out! We hear the Tony Khan voicemail, strung along with clips of the ladder match. The Devil himself is back indeed!

Tony Khan has an announcement as a chorus of boos from the crowd. The world title is officially vacated! As well as the trios titles; with the Best Friends vs. Death Triangle for the title tonight! We have a tournament in order to decide the new champion! It includes Danielson, Page, Jericho, Darby Allin, Moxley and more! All of this is leading up to Grand Slam at Arthur Ashe!

MJF MUSIC HITS!!! He comes out to a huge ovation! This crowd has come completely unglued! HE RUNS OVER AND GIVES TAZZ A HUG!! He’s decked out in a Josh Allen jersey and is having a massive babyface reaction! The crowd is screaming for MJF. Buffalo New York! The Devil is back! He asks whose excited to see MJF? I sure as heck am. Last time we saw him he says he said some offensive stuff, but we can all agree he was “just kidding” and he will never leave this place! He says we know the title is vacated, and that he knows one man who deserves that title, and working smart not hard means with his chip he can do anything any time he wants, and has a load of freakin’ money on the side!

He says though we may think we are in dark times, and there was a wise old Jewish man with another M name, who split the sea, and he isn’t Moses, he’s BETTER THAN HIM, AND BETTER THAN US!

JON MOXLEY’S MUSIC HITS!!! He looks none too pleased while the crowd also goes crazy as he makes his way through the crowd. He gets in the ring with a mic and stares down MJF. He calls MJF full of crap, to which he retorts Jonathan and begins to rip into the Bills and chucks the jersey! He says he doesn’t know if Mox is woozy cause he went to sleep, but maybe he doesn’t care about the people or AEW and sees the belt as a chip in the bidding war of ’24, and take it to a real company with real fans and real wrestlers like the American Roller-Code-Ster Cody Rhodes. He wants to work for jolly old St. Nick, the only Khan that matters because that’s what best for business as Mox slaps the mic out of his hand!

Mox is in no mood and says to leave now or he will make him as he takes his jacket off. MJF is struggling to get his shirt off as Mox just looks at him with pity as he bolts from the ring and heads up the ramp. Mox quips “your music sucks by the way.” Mox is pissed off for a variety of reasons but mainly because he doesn’t have the belt, the only worldly possession that matters; not only to him but to others and it screams passion of everyone and the three letters represent the dream, the heroes, and show the world EXACTLY what wrestling could be. It means being better than being you were the day before; it represents everything Moxley loves about the business. He is beet-red and out of breath. He says he got pinned, and that’s his fault and should be on vacation but he’s gonna take another shot, though the mountain is high with all these guys more gifted, talented, better wrestlers than he’ll ever be, but the Ace always wants the ball, and he wants it! This isn’t just winning time for Jon Moxley, this is time to be a legend! WOW! Moxley walks up the ramp and motions a “3” as he stares back at the crowd.

The commentators run down the card including Page vs. Danielson! Wardlow vs. Tony Nese, as well as Toni Storm vs. Penelope Ford! Up next is the Trios Championship!

AEW Trios Championship – Death Triangle (PAC, Penta El Zero, Rey Fenix) vs. Best Friends (Chuck Taylor, Trent?, Orange Cassidy)

Both teams get great ovations from the Buffalo crowd! The match starts off with Cassidy and PAC which is a nice throwback to their previous encounters. But Penta tags in and flips in. He face washes Orange but Orange counters with a glorious sunglasses removal into the crowd! Goes for the pockets but a counter by Penta into a backbreaker countered by a Hurricanrana! Fenix tags in and it’s frantic already! Death Triangle go for a triple tope but get sent to the outside! Cassidy with an assisted front flip onto Death Triangle!

— Commercial Break —

During the picture in picture, Chuck Taylor with a massive dive onto everyone! Now it’s Trent and PAC, PAC with a whip into the corner but Trent counters with a stomp! Cassidy tags in! Double rana to the Lucha Bros. but runs into an elbow by PAC, now stomping him in the corner. Danhausen up on the apron but Alex drags him down and gets punched in the gut! Danhausen goes to curse PAC and eats a foot! Cassidy throws PAC into the ring and hits a huge crossbody and swinging DDT. Setting up for the punch but it’s countered, but Stundog Millionaire! Chuck in now vs. Lucha Bros. and he takes them out in the corner; but Penta follows up with a lungblower! This is wild! 1….2…kick out!

Fenix tags in, and eats a boot from Chuck into a half and half by Trent and they GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT! Trent with a sickening DDT on Fenix but he springs up with a cutter! Cassidy spikes PAC, Penta spikes Orange and Trent goes for Crunchy but a double superkick! 1…2..NO! Kick out at 2.9! Fenix and Penta in but Cassidy with an Orange Punch! Awful Waffle by Trent! Kick out at 2!! All 6 men are in the ring now, staring down.

They all run into superkicks and triple Canadian Destroyers!!!!! Time for Fear Factor, Fenix wipes out Best Friends along with Penta! PAC UP TOP! BLACK ARROW!!!! 1…2….3!!!! NEW CHAMPS!!!!

WINNERS: Death Triangle (NEW Trios Tag Champs)

Tony Schiavone in the back with Dark Order when Jose interrupts; and Jose again tries to buy Preston Vance. John Silver pushes him away and Andrade and RUSH walk up. John Silver and RUSH argue and agree to a fight! Andrade tosses a crutch to 10 as the Dark Order wonder what that is about.

–Commercial Break–

We get a short video recap of the Fatal 4 Way Women’s title match at All Out including the fallout of Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter.

AEW Women’s World Title Eliminator Match: Toni Storm vs. Penelope Ford

Kip Sabian is accompanying his wife Ford down to the ring; Storm comes out to a huge ovation!

Ford and Storm lock up, and a quick roll up by Storm. Both women with some fine technical wrestling so far including headlock switches but Storm with a series of shoulder blocks and a dropkick into the corner. Ford avoids a hip attack but eats a dropkick! Storm goes to attack Ford and gets thrown into the steps!

–Commercial Break–

Back from the break, Ford is now in control as she bring Toni into the corner, goes for a cartwheel shoulder block and eats the post! Both women trade punches and now Storm with a whip into the corner and a massive hip attack!! Goes for an elevated DDT and 1…2…3! Storm wins!

WINNER: Toni Storm

Video package of 2point0 talking about their attack on Hook and when Action Bronson came to make the save. Bronson says to not go after his boy, and he’s gonna be waiting at Queens, and you think Hook is crazy, think of him!

THE ACCLAIMED MUSIC HITS! But Swerve in our Glory interrupts to HUGE boos from the crowd! Swerve with a mic and says sorry, but do people wanna hear these corny jokes and people chant YES! and A*****!! Billy Gunn says “Swervy Boy this ain’t your house no more! This is Daddy Ass’s house!” Bowens says in 2 weeks the uncrowned champs are taking the belts now scissor me DADDY ASS!” Doesn’t look like we are getting the much anticipated rap from Max Caster.

Tony Schiavone backstage with the J.A.S; Jericho says it was a gigantic win and he’s better than ever. 400 years ago Ponce de Leon couldn’t find the fountain of youth but Corazon de Leon did! He’s drinking it in man! He’s the best wrestler, best sports entertainer, and he’s going to be an 8 time world champion and that it’s HIS locker room and no one is taking it away from him. He hypes up Sammy vs. Darby and Sammy adds his turtle ass is getting beat; and Danny Garcia is gonna be left alone but he believes in him. He asks Sammy about Danny being alone and Sammy just replies how sexy he is. Interesting.

TNT World Championship Match: Wardlow (c) vs. Tony Nese

THIS IS WAR!!!!!!! Wardlow out to a big pop! Tony Nese with the jobber entrance, so I don’t expect this to go long. They size each other up, Wardlow with a headbutt and a huge lariat! Straps down! Powerbomb Symphony! Crowd is cheering for another! Hits it! And a third! Foot on the chest and it’s over.

WINNER: Wardlow

After, he drags Sterling in the ring! Josh Brooks comes out to save him! He grabs a mic and says “Wardlow is the TNT Champion, and it’s time for me to remind everyone in the locker room, the business and the fans that stuck by him since day one that THIS IS WARDLOW’S WORLD!”

Sammy Guevara and Darby Allin hype video. Allin says he doesn’t respect Sammy anymore, and he’s even gonna leave Sting in the back, and asks him to do the same.


AEW World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Match: Bryan Danielson vs. Hangman Adam Page

Both men make their way to the ring to massive ovations; and Page eyes the title as he gets into the ring. Regal gives his love to the commentary team including his love of “Masked boy Excalibur”

Both men stare daggers at each other, and Page extends his hand! Danielson doesn’t accept, and is pacing like a rabid dog. Stalemate shoulder block, into a test of strength. Bryan rolls out and starts to work on the arm of Page. Series of back and forth counters before they back into the corner and Bryan with a double slap to Page’s chest. Back to more mat work and technical wrestling and Page with a huge thunderous chop! They trade chops but Bryan takes him down into a surfboard, and stomps his legs. More chops and kicks by Bryan and Page gets a few in of his own. Bryan with Yes kicks in the corner! Goes up top but Hangman levels him and knocks him outside! Page’s chest is already beet-red. Bryan with a hammerlock and drives Page into the post!

–Commercial Break–

Back from the break, we see Bryan hits a huge knee to Page against the guard rail, and is now in control with a stomp to Hangman’s arm and a penalty kick to his spine .Chops back and forth! Bryan moonsault reversal in the corner, Bryan off the ropes into a fall-away slam by Hangman and a beautiful kip-up! Big dive from Hangman! Bryan back in the ring, and Page with a clothesline into a Death Valley Driver! 1…2..No! Kick out! Both men look weary and beaten up already. Hangman goes for Dead Eye into a pin counter and drop toe hold into the corner by Bryan! Danielson with multiple flying kicks! Bryan with a hurricanrana and a knockout kick for a close two count! Bryan with the YES kicks again, including a sick shot to Hangman’s head. Bryan goes up top looking for a diving headbutt and gets crotched! Hangman beats on Bryan then hits an INSANE MOONSAULT SLAM FOR TWO!!!!! OH MY HEAVENS!!!!!!!!!!! Page to the apron looking for the Buckshot Lariat, but Bryan rolls to the opposite corner!

–Commercial Break–

Back from commercial and both men are nose to nose and start hitting a series of massive chops! Then Bryan with multiple uppercuts into a German countered by Page! Page with a disgusting powerbomb! 1…2..NO! Kick out! This is AWESOME chants now by the crowd; Page sets Bryan up on the turnbuckle but Bryan sneaks out and puts Page in a tree of woe and hits a series of kicks and a hesitation dropkick! Both men up top now, AVALANCHE SUPLEX countered into a HUGE lariat for a two count only to be countered into the Labelle Lock!!!! Page center of the ring!! Page with a slingshot counter over the ropes but Danielson skins the cat; double underhook into the Labelle Lock but Page rolls through! Both men on their knees beaten and battered; Danielson brushes off a chop and now a series of rolling elbows, Danielson went for the knee but DEAD EYE!! 1….2…KICKOUT!!!! BUISAIKU KNEE!! Hangman rolls out of the ring much like Bryan did earlier. Tope from Bryan is blocked into an apron powerbomb and moonsault combo by Page!!! BUCKSHOT COUNTERED INTO AN O’CONNOR ROLL, THE BRIDGE! 1…2…3!!! DANIELSON WINS! Jericho faces Danielson next week!!!!

WINNER: Bryan Danielson

Jungle Boy hype video, he says he’s going to take years off Christians life; and Luchasaurus “I carried you for three years and people said you were a joke and maybe they were right! You can move on from your past but sometimes you have to destroy it.”

Stokely Hathaway is out now with his group, flanked by The Gunn Club, Ethan Page, Lee Moriarty, and W Morrissey. A stangehand says he isn’t supposed to be there and he says to give him respect and then cleans his clock with the mic! Gunn Club now beating up on the stagehand, they hold him up and Morrissey with a massive big boot!

Rampage Preview! Guevara/Allin! Claudio/Dax for the ROH title, Britt Baker/Madison Rayne and we’ll also hear from Samoa Joe!

Hype video for Dax/Claudio. Dax says he’s a tag wrestler, but he’s a family man and has to win because f he doesn’t that’s food away from his family and he can’t have that! The commentators then run down the card for next week’s Dynamite.

ROH Pure Championship Match: Daniel Garcia vs. Wheeler Yuta (c)

Westside Gunn out for a live rendition of Daniel Garcia’s entrance! Garcia with a HUGE hometown entrance! He comes out swiping hands and looks so focused in front of the crowd! Yuta comes out now looking equally as focused, and these two are going to have a barn burner. Caprice Coleman is out on commentary too which is a lovely little touch.

Crowd is screaming for Garcia as they lock up! Side headlock for Garcia, then knocks down Yuta but Yuta with a single leg, Garcia gains back control and gets out. “Let’s go Buffalo” chants as the two men battle for position all around the ring locked in a collar and elbow tie-up but then both stumble out the ring and hit hard. Both men get back to their feet, slide back in to the ring and have a stare down!

–Commercial Break–

Back from the break, Yuta with a dropkick into the corner and comes back with a flying elbow off the top! 1…2 Kick out! We learn Garcia exhausted one of his rope breaks during the break, now both with a series of massive chops and Yuta hits a quick snap suplex. Yuta in control but Garcia with a big slap and a German Suplex! Garcia on the offensive now leading to a two count! Sharpshooter attempt into a counter by Yuta and hits a gross German onto Garcia’s head! Yuta maintains waist control and hits three Germans! Garcia with a waist lock and German trifecta of his own! Yuta again with another series of German Suplexes, but Garcia comes back with two of his own!! Both men in the corner as Garcia hits an AVALANCHE GERMAN OFF THE TOP!!!! HOLY SMOKES!

–Commercial Break–

Back from commercial and both men are down! Ref is up to a 7 count as both men to their knees! So many slaps back and forth! On their feet now with more slaps!! Garcia with a big knockout strike and asks for the 10 count! Yuta down for an 8 count but gets up and Garcia takes him down into the Dragon Tamer (Sharpshooter) Wheeler Yuta uses one of his rope breaks to end the hold. Yuta with a big right hand with a closed fist and is issues a warning; and now grabs Garcia by his ears! Garcia rolls through into the Dragon Tamer!!! He had it locked in but Yuta counters into the crossface! Yuta with the Seatbelt! 1…2…NO! Kickout! Garcia again steps through with ANOTHER Dragon Tamer!! Yuta with a neck crank while Garcia has it locked in BUT YUTA TAPS!!!! NEW CHAMPION!! NEW CHAMPION!!!! WHAT A BATTLE!!!


Yuta and Garcia shake hands and now Bryan is in the ring, and with respect puts the title on Garcia’s waist! What a classy act as he raises his hand! Jericho comes out and is pissed! Garcia and Danielson shake hands and it looks like they have a lot to discuss. Garcia celebrates in the ring as Dynamite goes off the air as you hear Jericho say “I’m going to kick his head in.”