AEW Dynamite 10 26 2022

AEW Dynamite Results
October 26, 2022
Chartway Arena (Norfolk, VA)
Results by: Chris Gerics of

It’s Wednesday Night, you know what that means! AEW Dynamite comes to you live from Norfolk, Virginia as the commentators welcome us to the show! We’re kicking off Dynamite with “The epitome of Sports…..EnnerTAINers.”

Tag Team Match: Daniel Garcia and “The Ocho” Chris Jericho vs. Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta

JAS accompany Jericho and Garcia down to the ring with Hager looking ever so dapper in his bucket hat. Out next is the BCC accompanied by William Regal who will be joining commentary as well. Excalibur is a creme brulee tonight haha.

Claudio and Jericho start us off as Claudio hits a flurry of uppercuts all over the ring, Garcia tagged in and immediately gets hit with a tilt a whirl. Wheeler in now slapping Garcia and follows up with a nice dropkick, and starts working on the arm of Garcia. Loads of chops and punches by Yuta as Garcia fires back with a headbutt. but Yuta with a scoop slam and a back in control. Claudio in with a backbreaker on Jericho and now JAS interfere and pull Garcia and Jericho out of the way. Claudio and Yuta follow up on both men as Yuta sends Garcia back into the ring. Yuta tags in Claudio who hits Garcia with a couple of big uppercuts for a two count. Garcia avoids a suplex but gets caught in the swing yet fights out. Jericho tagged in exchanging blows with Claudio, Hager distracts Claudio and Jericho hits a big triangle dropkick as we go to commercial!


Back from the break Garcia has Claudio in a sleeper as he tries to power out of it and muscles him over into a suplex in mid air! What a feat of strength! Jericho takes out Yuta on the apron but Jericho goes for the Walls but Claudio flips him! Claudio and Jericho meet in the middle as both are down. Yuta tags in and hits a big splash for two then he jumps on top of Garcia and tosses him out of the ring! Big reverse slam by Yuta on Jericho! 1…2..NO! Yuta is fired up as Claudio gives him an assist for a spike DDT! 1…2..NO! Claudio ducks a lariat and springboards into a Codebreaker! Only a two count as Yuta breaks it up; Garcia gets tossed out as Yuta flies onto Garcia and 2.0!!! Jericho grabs Floyd but Claudio powerbombs him! He grabs the legs and puts Garcia on his back!!! He swings Chris while airplane spinning Garcia!!! Hager gets booted off and cannonball by Claudio and he uppercuts 2.0! He’s a house of fire as he hits a diving uppercut and Neutralizer on Jericho! 1…2…3!!

WINNERS: Wheeler Yuta and Claudio Castagnoli

Renee is in the back with Bryan Danielson and asks about his game plan. He’s frustrated about his loss, frustrated Wheeler talked back to me and Daniel Garcia betrayed me. He hates Sammy and he’s gonna take it out on Sammy as Wheeler walks up. He’s glad he finally got Bryan mad; Both men start arguing as Regal shouts at them and Claudio interrupts. He says we are all going to sit down and discuss this like adults! Bryan says Happy Birthday Wheeler as he walks off.

Promo video for the Elite which showcases them being erased from AEW throughout a bunch of moments before we abruptly go to commercial.


Back on Dynamite, JAS is screaming about losing as they’re having more microphone issues. You can barely hear Jericho, he’s complaining about Claudio “cheating” simply because the belt was in the ring. He issues an open challenge for any ROH champion to face him; women or men. Sammy hypes up his match with Danielson as we head back to WHO’S HOUSE?

AEW Tag Title #1 Contender’s Match: Swerve in our Glory vs. FTR

Big reaction for SOTG as they make their way to the ring for this number one contender’s match; even bigger reaction for FTR as we see the Gunn Club in the front row mocking them. Big fight feel between these two teams in what should be a banger!

The Acclaimed’s music hits! They get a monster pop from Norfolk as they scissor chairs on the ramp! They’re going to be sitting on the ramp scouting both teams. Cash and Swerve start the match off as the crowd chants Scissor me Daddy.

Both men with lockups and stalemates to start off as both men reset. Cash gains control but Swerve shakes him off as he flips out of the corner and hits a moonsault. Dax tagged in now with a snap suplex on Swerve for two! Swerve tags in Lee as he stops a Dax arm drag attempt; they try the Big Rig but Lee blocks it. Lee freaking LEAPFROGS BOTH MEN then hits a flying cross body as we go to commercial!


Back from the break Swerve is punching away at Cash as Lee tags in, Cash fights back but Lee stops his tag attempt and brings him into his corner. Lee misses a splash as Swerve tags himself in. Cash and Swerve circle each other and Cash finally tags in! House of fire by Dax who just keep chopping away at Swerve no matter what. Lee eats some chops of his own and Dax sends him out. Swerve rolls through for a two count and Dax gets a two count of his own. Swerve slips but they recover for another series of two counts! High angle German by Dax now as Cash tags in and gets destroyed with strikes and a Dragon Suplex! 1…2…NO! Cash with a big uppercut on Swerve as both men exchange blows. Lee tags in and they hit a rolling elbow kick combo! Dax taken out as they hit a massive double team powerbomb! 1…2…NO! Cash barely kicked out there.

Swerve up top for the Stomp but Cash fights off Lee. Dax back in as he catches Swerve who counters a slingshot powerbomb but gets caught again! Lee with a huge pounce on Dax and a headbutt on Cash!! Two count only! Both men down struggling to their feet, as Lee gains the advantage. Lee up on the top rope with Cash as Dax tags himself in, Dax sets up for a Superplex but Lee blocks; Cash tags in and Dax hits it while Cash hits a big splash! 1…2…NO! They try for Big Rig but Swerve stops Cash; Cash back in and wipes out Swerve, BIG RIG ON LEE!! 1…2…NO!!! Swerve breaks it up!! Swerve sends Cash into the Gunn Club as Dax rolls up Lee and Swerve low blows Dax! The Gunn Club are holding Cash as Lee hits the BBC! 1…2…3!

WINNERS: Swerve in Our Glory

Post match, The Acclaimed run the Gunn Club off as we go to the back with Saraya and Renee Paquette. They reminisce about their history as Britt Baker interrupts. They argue as Renee breaks it up asking for a civil interview! Baker walks off as we will hear from MJF next!


Back from commercial Renee is on the ramp as she introduces MJF! He comes out to a great reaction and asks them to cut his music. He’s clearly soaking in the reaction and he says The Devil has arrived in Virginia! He’s got one question; Any Devil Worshippers? He praises Renee as she asks him about the biggest match against Mox, he mocks the swag walk and imitates what Moxley said last week. He says with all due respect and when he thinks of Moxley it’s a three letter word: MID. She says you can’t do that and he says with all due respect shut up; he says he’ll wrestle “relatively clean” he is MJF after all.

He says when Regal told him about the knucks, he said it was only cause he liked it. He thinks it’s bull and he promises at Full Gear he won’t use the Diamond Ring because he doesn’t need it. All he’s needed is a grudge and he’s chalk full of them. Now they are a chip and in my backyard I ain’t fighting anyone, I am fighting every single scumbag who said I wasn’t good enough. The chip will come off the shoulder and I will shove it down their throats when I become the new AEW Champion! Because I am a generational talent as Stokely interrupts.

MJF knocks the mic out of his hand and he says Stokely must have gotten comfortable. If Moxley gets through tonight, he needs him 110% no excuses. You don’t lay a hand on him, you don’t look at him, or you’re fired. Stokely smiles and walks off; he finishes his catchphrase because he’s better than you and you know it!

Promo video running down the Kingdom’s arrival in AEW. They run down Taven’s accomplishments in ROH as they are challenging WarJoe. Wardlow eloquently explains all of that is great but when you’re in the ring with us nothing else matters. Two things are inevitable: Wardlow wins and Taven will be the next Symphony.

Sammy Guevara vs. Bryan Danielson

Sammy and Tay make out on the ramp as they make their way down to the ring to a mild reaction. Bryan comes out to a very loud reaction as Regal joins commentary for a second time tonight. Both men eye each other as Sammy knees him immediately. Sammy with elbows and taking the offense to Bryan, with a headbutt and enziguiri then the springboard cutter! 1…2..NO! Sammy in control early continuing the flurry of offense and flips out of a German Suplex, he leapfrogs Bryan but Danielson catches him and transitions into a surfboard for the first little bit of offense in this match. Bryan brings it into a Romero Special now before laying in elbows to Sammy. Bryan lays in with a vicious uppercut and asks Sammy if he wants to play; sick combination of chops and kicks but Sammy comes back with a bunch of elbows. Danielson walks him to the corner while getting hit and then takes the flurry back to Sammy! Bryan gains control of the arm and begins the joint manipulation on Sammy but he gets to the ropes so he stomps on his hand.

Double underhook into an armbar by Bryan but Sammy scrambles to the ropes. Bryan follows up with mounted strikes and punches as Sammy is out cold. Sammy rolls out before the stomps and Bryan hits a dropkick but Sammy counters after with a knee and a MASSIVE moonsault as he poses and we go to commercial!


Back from commercial Sammy is in control and talks some trash before laying in a series of roundhouse kicks to Bryan as he fires up! Bryan just takes them as Bryan catches the final kick and slaps the hell out of Sammy! Danielson relentless now with a violence party in the corner and a massive forearm that turns Sammy inside out! Bryan is a house of fire as he sends Sammy over and hits a Tope Suicida onto Sammy! Bryan up top now and hits a shotgun dropkick onto Sammy and now hits a series of roundhouse kicks of his own! Bryan misses the last kick and Sammy with a Spanish Fly! 1…2…NO! Sammy up top now but Bryan crotches him; Danielson sets him up and hits a back suplex but Sammy lands on his feet! Sammy flips out but Bryan catches his arm! Labell Lock!! Sammy is struggling to get to the ropes and is able to break the grip and get to the ropes.

Bryan heads up top again looking for the headbutt but Sammy leaps up and an Avalanche Spanish Fly! 1…2…NO! That was a heck of a close call! Sammy now biting the head of Bryan and sets him up for the GTH; Danielson reverses into a Poisonrana!! Bryan fires up and hits the Busaikuu Knee! Now with the stomps onto Sammy’s face and rolls into a triangle! Elbows on the crown of the head as Bryan makes Sammy pass out and flexes while doing so.

WINNER: Bryan Danielson

We cut to the back with Renee joined by Fenix and Alex Abrahantes. Fenix believes in his brother, as Christian and Luchasaurus walk in; Christian says he’s walking through everyone and that Luchasaurus deserves a shot at the All Atlantic Title. OC steps in and says next week “Let’s do this.”


Grudge Match: RIHO vs. Jamie Hayter

Jamie Hayter is accompanied by Rebel and Britt as she gets a lovely reaction from the crowd and looks as elegant as ever. The happiest wrestler in the world RIHO is out next and she gets a loud pop! I love her positivity so much.

Quick lock up as Hayter takes RIHO into the corner and keeps muscling her off. Hayter showing off her power just womanhandling RIHO as RIHO bridges out and hits a hurricanrana! RIHO sends Hayter outside and hits a bit crossbody to the outside onto Hayter! Hayter gets control and sends RIHO into the apron and the barricade as both women get back in the ring. Big snap suplex for a two count by Hayter and now just choking RIHO now. She lays a knee across the throat as we go to commercial!


Back from the break Hayter is still in control as RIHO tries to fight back; Hayter with a clubbing blow and RIHO responds in kind. RIHO goes for a Cazadora but Hayter catches her and RIHO rolls through for a two count. RIHO knocks Rebel off the apron and sends Jamie in the ropes but Hayter blocks a 619 attempt. RIHO can’t hit a German so flips it around and hits a Northern Lights for two! Cross body by RIHO and Hayter rolls through into a sheer drop brainbuster!! 1…2…NO! Hayter with a waist lock and tries for a back suplex and RIHO counters it into a cross body! RIHO with the boots in the corner and another hurricanrana! RIHO sets up but Baker interferes; Hayter catches her and throws her up; RIHO counters in mid air with a CODE RED!!! 1…2…NO! Holy crap that was impressive!

RIHO misses a diving foot stomp and Hayter hits a huge backbreaker! Misses a lariat and RIHO hits a snap dragon suplex! 1….2..NO! RIHO misses the knees and rolls through for a two. Hayter with a big kick and hits the ripcord lariat!!! 1…2…3!

WINNER: Jamie Hayter

Post match, Baker celebrates as Toni Storm’s music hits. Her and Hayter face off and it looks like we are going to have that match sometime in the future. We cut to Renee with Eddie Kingston; she asks about his behavior as of late. He says he’s great; got a Colgate smile. He talks about Mox and Renee asks about the match. He says it’s gonna be hard for Johnny cause Penta is tough but Jon will win; everyone else leave me alone.

The commentators run down the Rampage card including Matt Taven vs. Wardlow for the TNT Title. We cut to a Darby video package; he talks about Sting’s absence. Darby isn’t happy with anything, and if I am as good as I am let me prove it by myself. He talks about knowing his biggest weakness: himself. He talks about the upbringing he had and invites the friend to come next week. Jay Lethal hypes up the match next week with Darby and Sonjay says be careful what you wish for.

Up next is the AEW World Title Match!


AEW World Championship Match: Penta El Zero M vs. Jon Moxley (c)

Penta makes his way out to the ring with Alex accompanying him as he comes out in a boxer like robe bathed in silver. Mox’s music hits next and he makes his usual entrance through the crowd to a massive reaction! He jumps into the fans and celebrates with them before making his way to the ring. Referee Paul Turner raises the belt as we are under way!

Both men feel each other out and talk trash before they have a collar and elbow tie up. Mox hits a bunch of chops and Penta reciprocates. Both men start just slugging the hell out of each other; both men avoid each other’s finishers and Penta stops Moxley and face washes him. Mox flips him off instead! He catches a superkick but Penta hits on anyways and follows up with a Tope Con Hiro as we head to commercial!


Back from the break Penta is in control and takes it to Mox in the corner; Mox hits a boot and then a belly to belly in the turnbuckle! Mox with a series of lariats and now the ten punches and biting the head of Penta! Thrust kick by Penta and Sling Blade! 1…2…NO! Fear Factor attempt but Moxley counters with a cutter then a sick stump piledriver! Two count only! Crossface by Mox now onto Penta then transitions into the Hammer and Anvil elbows; Mox has a semi bulldog choke and Penta snuck out! Penta with an armbreaker but he avoids it and hits the stomps! Penta counters again and hits the arm snapper!!! 1…2..NO! Both men on the apron in a chop battle now, but Penta with a big series of enziguiris and Penta went for a destroyer but Mox counters into a DDT onto the steps! King Kong Lariat by Mox but Penta just barely kicks out! Mox sets him up in the corner looking for a suplex but Penta fights him off and hits the stomps from the top! Fear Factor by Penta!! 1…2…NO!! 2.99999!!!! Moxley landed right on his head.

Penta laughs at Mox and taunts him, Mox counters a springboard into a series of Death Riders! 1…2…3!


Post match, The Firm attack Moxley as they’re all beating the hell out of Mox. Stokely comes down the ring looking pissed as security runs down to try and stop the assault. It looks like someone barricaded and locked the BCC locker room! They are trying to get it open as Stokely smirks. Mox is just getting his ass kicked as they bring in a chair. Mox tries to fight back but the numbers game is too much.

MJF COMES OUT! He looks conflicted as he takes off his jacket. He walks to the back; but runs in and pushes everyone off of Mox. He screams at Stokely and fires him! Page with a boot to MJF! They all start attacking MJF now! Even Stokely gets a couple boots in. They rip his shirt off as Page hits the Ego’s Edge on MJF! The Firm stand tall in the middle of the ring as they toss MJF out of the ring. Morrissey now has MJF and he Chokeslams him through the table as the Firm taunt MJF as we go off the air.