AEW Dynamite 11 02 2022

AEW Dynamite Results
November 2, 2022
Chesapeake Employers Insurance Arena (Baltimore, MD)
Results by: Chris Gerics of

It’s Wednesday Night! You know that that means! Dynamite comes to you live from Baltimore, Maryland as Excalibur and commentary welcome us as we start off the evening with Darby Allin!

Grudge Match: Darby Allin vs. Jay Lethal

Darby storms his way to the ring and he meets Lethal up the ramp! Lethal immediately sends him over the ring bell table but Darby jumps him back! Both men get into the ring now as Lethal sends him back overboard. Lethal into the barricade as Sonjay and Satnam make their way down to ring. Satnam steps between Darby and Lethal, and Lethal takes advantage. He monkey flips Darby into the steps, and sandwiches Darby between the rail and locks in the Figure Four! Bryce breaks it up threatening a countout as Lethal celebrates in the ring.

Sonjay teases Darby as he gets back to the apron and blocks a Lethal strike. Lethal catches a boot then stomps his knee and German’s him off the apron onto the floor as we go to commercial!


Back from the break Lethal is in control as he tries for a back suplex but Darby blocks it and hits a springboard Coffin Splash! Lethal quick to counter and hits an awesome leg hook flapjack. Lethal taunts and heads to the top rope looking for the elbow but Darby rolls it into a crucifix for a two! Lethal Injection attempt but Darby grabs him in a rear naked choke! Lethal to his knees and tries to break it but Lethal can’t break it; he finally does but Darby hits a Stundog Millionaire! Darby goes for the Coffin Drop but Lethal rolls out and behind Satnam. Darby tries for a suicide dive and literally BOUNCES off Satnam! Bryce then ejects both men from ringside!

Darby on the outside as Lethal is in the ring as someone in a Sting coat and mask hits Darby with a bat then Lethal Injection! 1…2…3!

WINNER: Jay Lethal

Post match, the masked man gets in the ring with all three men and reveals themselves as Kole Carter from the Factory. Sting makes his appearance as they meet him at the end of the ramp. All of a sudden JEFF JARRETT IS IN THE RING!!! He smashes a guitar over Darby! He’s in the black cowboy getup from GCW and has a mic. He says Darby Allin, you just got a lesson from the Last Outlaw. The lesson is, whatever you worship becomes your weakness. You wanna worship Sting, it’s obvious he’s become your biggest weakness. He has a message for the whole roster, commentary, he even calls out the cameraman. Most importantly it goes out to the insane, rabid, delusional AEW fanbase. My family got in the business in 1946, that means over 75 years wherever Jarrett’s went we left an “impact”. He mentions his accolades, and says from Day One his family’s fingerprints have been all over AEW. When he’s done, there are gonna be full body bags and choke on that Slapnuts. His TNA theme hits as the pose in the ring.

The commentators run down the card as well as the World Title Eliminator match, as we cut to a video running down what happened last week. We cut to Mox in the back he says he feels the energy and tonight for Lee it’s the biggest night of his life. Chance to change his fortunes and rely on his talents of which there are many. He may feel snubbed by BCC, I like you Lee; you’re just not mean or nasty or violent enough for the BCC just yet but I’ll teach you a lesson in pain tonight. You’ll need to dig down deep and there’s only one way out. Through me. If you have any anger or revenge inside you; now would be the time to bring it to the surface.

We see a small video of someone editing The Elite’s Trios win with Death Triangle’s, furthering the story of erasing the Elite as we go to commercial.


AEW World Title Eliminator Match: Lee Moriarty vs. Jon Moxley (c)

WILD THING! Moxley makes his way through the crowd as per usual accompanied by William Regal as the crowd goes nuts. He celebrates in the aisleway as he swaggers to the ring in a sick MOX BCC jacket. He taunts on the apron as he soaks in the adulation. Lee is out next accompanied by Stokely Hathaway and Ethan Page. Lee and Mox go head to head as Page joins commentary.

Both men square off and circle each other as Lee takes early control. Mox counters as they both chain wrestle to a stalemate. They exchange leg kicks and Mox takes him down. Moxin the corner with the ten punch and bite combination. Cravate suplex by Mox for a two count as he tries to ground Lee. Lee with a series of strikes and chops and sends Mox into the corner and follows up with a forearm. Mox reverses a whip and hits a clothesline but Lee sends him into the ring post on a second attempt as we go to commercial!


Back from commercial Lee attempts a suplex but Mox throws him off and Lee lands awkwardly. Both men exchange forearms and elbows as Lee hits a boot and cross body before a Northern Lights for a two count! He floats over and punches away and begins to stomp Mox but he catches it and fights to his feet; Mox with a bunch of elbows then the King Kong lariat! Mox sets up for stomps of his own and just lays into Lee’s head! Lee blocks a suplex again and tries for a hammerlock but Mox hits a cutter! 1…2…NO!

Both men down but Mox to his feet first, he goads Lee into striking him and just takes it before laying in a bunch of palm strikes. Lee counters with some of his own then hits a Saito as Mox is up and hits a German!. Both men pop up and Lee with a headlock but Mox into an armbar; Lee rolls through into the Motor City Stretch! He lets go and pounds the back of Mox’s head. Mox with a cradle for a two count into the Hammer and Anvil elbows then an armbar as Lee immediately taps.

WINNER: Jon Moxley

Post match, Page runs down to the ring and takes out Moxley. Lee, and Stokely join him as Hathaway lays the belt over Mox. They taunt in the ring as we cut to Renee from earlier.

Dr. Britt Baker no showed the sit down with Renee and Saraya. Saraya says Britt doesn’t care about anything but herself. Paige talks about having to have wrestled for so long including after being hit by a car. Renee asks why AEW. Saraya says it’s a special, rebellious place. Once the time came around and the division could use some more stardom she came in. Renee asks about her health as well, Saraya says medically she still has one Doctor to consult (referring to Baker).


We cut to see Lamar Jackson at ringside as Tony is in the back with William Regal. They discuss the MJF/Moxley title match. Regal says he still has a long way to go to be a true villain, all the potential won’t help you against Moxley.

Daddy Ass Birthday Bash

YO! LISTEN! They hype up Billy Gunn’s birthday, there’s a Twitter mention about Elon Musk and how they can’t give Billy cake cause it’s against his diet. I love these guys. Billy Gunn has his hand taped up from Rampage last week. The crowd starts the Scissor Me Daddy chants including people with the foam fingers. Bowens says it’s been tough because Sneaky Swerve did damage to Daddy Ass’s fingers and he can’t scissor. Excalibur said it’s a fate worse than death. Bowens scissors the cameraman instead. They have a bunch of gifts including those aforementioned Foam Fingers. Billy has two on his hands and scissors; Bowens says it’s a fact EVERYONE LOVES THE ACCLAIMED! They encourage the crowd to stand up and give Daddy Ass a gift; Max goes out and searches for a gift for Billy. They grab a little kid’s giant scissors as Billy holds it up and hugs it. The scissors have a freaking birthday hat on it.

Bowens says they aren’t done. They say he’s been in wrestling 30 years, an 11 time tag team champion, 2006 worst worked segment of all time (Reverse Battle Royal). They say he’s a stand up guy and they give him a World’s Greatest Daddy trophy. Billy is all smiles as the crowd goes nuts! They have one final thing and Daddy Ass’s old friends couldn’t be here cause they were mad he missed the reunion (nice touch). They give him the final gift, a certificate of adoption! Max and Bowens signed it and all they need is a Daddy Ass signature! The crowd chants sign it as Billy asks “I get to be your Daddy?” Gunn Club interrupt as Ass Boys chants pick up. They’re upset they didn’t get invited. Billy daps up the Acclaimed as his boys. Morrissey attacks them from behind! The Firm start attacking the three men. FTR’s music hits! The Top Guys make their way to the ring as they bail as FTR and The Acclaimed square off as FTR give them their titles. FTR is in Acclaimed pink too which is a nice touch.

Dr. Britt Baker is with Tony backstage and she wants her interview at her time, and it’s her rules. Hayter says she’s sick of the conspiracies and she wants to wrestle. They both wanna wrestle and ask Saraya to find them a tag team for Rampage.

“The epitome of Sports. EnnerTAINers.”

ROH World Championship Match: “The Ocho” Chris Jericho (c) vs. Colt Cabana

Bobby Cruise is ring announcing as Ian Riccaboni joins commentary as Jericho makes his way down to the ring as the crowd sings along with Judas. He’s flanked by Garcia and Hager. Jericho says he doesn’t care who he faces, he’d even kick Lamar Jackson’s ass! He says it’s going to be monumental tonight. The mystery opponent for Jericho tonight is….BOOM BOOM COLT CABANA!!!!!!! The crowd goes absolutely nuts!!! Cabana is a two-time ROH champion.

Bell rings as the crowd is loud for Colt as Jericho looks a bit worried. The crowd chants Welcome Back! Both men square off as Colt squeezes Jericho’s hand for the Code and backs him into the corner. Colt with a headlock and a shoulder tackle, and another before mounted punches to Jericho. Colt hits a boot in the corner and rolls him up for a two count. Colt tries to send Jericho over the ropes but he bails out to Hager and Garcia. Colt follows him out and hits the Dusty elbows; Jericho lays in a chop and elbow strike before heading up top. Colt stops him and sets him up for the Chicago Skyline as both men tumble over the top rope to the floor! That looked nasty!


Back from the break, both men share punches and forearms as Cabana hits the Flying A**hole! Cabana with a series of chops including one in the corner. Cabana with a splash! 1…2..NO! Colt sets up for something up top but Jericho crotches him; Jericho has him in an electric chair as Colt hits a Victory Roll for 2. Jericho looks for the Walls and gets and inside cradle for another two count. Colt with the right hands but Jericho pokes his eye. Cabana avoids a Judas Effect and locks in the Billy Goat’s Curse! It’s a reverse Walls; Jericho tries to roll through and kicks Colt off but Superman pin! 1…2..NO! Hager stops him but Colt takes out Hager and Garcia! Jericho counters with a CodeBreaker out of nowhere! 1…2….3!

WINNER: Chris Jericho (c)

Post match Jericho and the JAS walk up the ramp and taunt. They stare at Ian as 2.0 set him up again like last week. He takes of Ian’s glasses and slaps him! He breaks his glasses but Claudio comes out of nowhere to attack! JAS outnumber him but here comes Bryan! Sammy now out here as Wheeler joins the fracas! Everyone is beating up everyone as security finally gets out to try and separate them. Jericho backs up the ramp screaming at Claudio and the BCC.

Renee is backstage with Death Triangle; she asks Fenix about being a double champ. Fenix says he feels great and he’ll be the new champ! Pac interrupts and says if you want revenge for Death Triangle; I know last time you didn’t want to but I am telling you (showing the hammer) it’s your golden ticket. Just something to think about. They walk off as we go to commercial.


AEW All-Atlantic Championship Triple Threat Match: Rey Fenix vs. Luchasaurus vs. Orange Cassidy (c)

The winner not only wins the title, but they’ll get their choice of opponent on Rampage in Atlantic City. Luchasaurus is out first accompanied by Christian, he’s definitely some evil Kane ripoff now. Next out is Fenix who gets a loud pop from the crowd who can only wonder what crazy stuff he will do tonight. OC makes his way out to a huge ovation! Finally he gets to carry the title in a backpack as he was known to on the indies. The commentators laugh about it but admire his in ring ability.

Bell rings as Rey and OC circle the big man but he shakes them off and wipes them out. Both Fenix and OC dropkick Luchasaurus out of the ring. OC with the apathetic kicks as Fenix misses a spin kick. He springboard kicks OC and another springboard arm drag. OC counters with a spinning DDT! Fenix pops up and hits a slam as Luchasaurus slides back in. He hits a double shoulder tackle and sends Fenix into the post. He hits a suplex on OC and follows through with back attacks in the corner and finishes it off with a clothesline to both men as Luchasaurus taunts as we go to commercial!


Back from the break Christian has joined commentary as Luchasaurus gets hit with a Stundog and a superkick! OC sends Fenix into Luchasaurus and hits and Orange Punch! He rolls out as Fenix and OC square off. They go for a double tope but Luchasaurus catches them and sends OC into the steps and sends Fenix into the timekeeper’s table with a chokeslam! Luchasaurus pump kicks OC into oblivion on the ramp and keeps throwing him up the ramp. Luchasaurus catches the Orange Punch, when all of a sudden JUNGLE BOY APPEARS! He hits Luchasaurus with a chair as Christian runs off! Jungle Boy then crossbodies Luchasaurus through the table!!!!! He celebrates with the fans as we go back to the ring.

PAC runs down with the hammer and sends OC into the ring. He gives it to Fenix who takes it but tosses it! OC with a Cazadora for two; but Fenix hits a thrust kick. Fenix sets up OC but Orange Punch!!! 1…2…3!

WINNER: Orange Cassidy (c)

Post match, PAC immediately attacks OC and grabs the bell hammer. All of a sudden SHIBATA’S MUSIC HITS!!! WHAT THE HELL?! THE BEST FRIENDS JOIN HIM TOO!!!!! They make their way to the ring as PAC scampers off. Shibata and OC are in the ring as he points to the title! OC hands him the contract! We’re going to have Orange Cassidy vs. Katsuyori Shibata on Rampage!!

Backstage Tony is in the back with Swerve and Rick Ross! Ross says “We keep it positive. Making sure Swerve is the biggest wrestler and recording artist in the world.” Keith Lee walks up and says Swerve hasn’t responded to him lately. He talks about Swerve cheating and says furthermore who was behind the camera with Billy Gunn? Swerve says he is admirable; so 8-man brother tag: Swerve in Our Glory and the Gunn Club vs. The Acclaimed and FTR next week!

TBS Championship Match: Marina Shafir vs. Jade Cargill (c)

Marina is out first, getting this shot due to her closeness to Nyla Rose. They also mention how Bow Wow missed his shot on Jade which is hilarious and also ridiculous.

Both women square off as Nyla’s music hits as the women start wrestling. Nyla starts doing commentary on the ramp with a live mic. Jade with boots in the corner as Vickie and Nyla are just talking trash on the ramp. Jade with the boots to Marina on the outside as Marina counters shortly before Jade cuts her off again. Jade sends Marina into the ring as Jade makes her way up the ramp. Nyla says Jade pay attention to the count! Jade gets back in as Shafir tries for an armbar but Jade avoids and hits a pump kick! She’s fired up as she hits Jaded! 1…2….3!

WINNER: Jade Cargill (c) (41-0)

Post match Kiera Hogan tries to get the title as Nyla runs off with the belt as the commentators hype up the main event of Samoa Joe vs. Brian Cage. We then cut to a highlight video with Joe saying now you understand “No one walks out alive. WarJoe is going to kill you.”

A House of Black promo video plays including Julia and others preparing the bodies of Black, Brody and Buddy. One is drowned, one is set on fire. A prayer is spoken as the bodies rise quickly before it cuts.


The commentators run down the card for Rampage including a special appearance by Mike Tyson! They also run down next week’s Dynamite as it’s announced Toni Storm vs. Jamie Hayter at Full Gear for the AEW Interim Women’s World Championship. A video plays highlighting the history of Toni and Jamie how they lived together and how since Jamie came to AEW she’s been completely brainwashed and made into a new person by Britt Baker.

ROH Television Championship Match: Brian Cage vs. Samoa Joe (c)

Prince Nana accompanies Cage to the ring as Cage represents The Embassy in this TV Title match. Joe makes his way out as the crowd goes crazy! Joe looks so pissed off and ready to kill. Both men refuse the Code as the bell rings!

Joe points as the crowd chants “Joe’s gonna kill you” and he and Cage start off showcasing their power early. Cage with a stiff shot to Joe as he rebounds off the ropes to a huge shoulder block taking Cage off his feet. Cage powers through and punches Joe into the corner. Joe responds with chops and quick jabs; Cage keeps slugging away as Joe sends him in the corner with the elbow/enziguiri combo. Snapmare/PK by Joe then and elbow drop as Cage kicks out at 1. Cage hits an impressive standing dropkick to Joe and goes to town on the back of Joe’s head just punching and stomping away. He sends Joe into the corner with a shoulder block then hits a chop and begins choking Joe on the rope. Cage with a series of kicks and Irish whips Joe and follows through with a diving clothesline! Cage with an elbow/enziguiri of his own before powering Joe over into a German suplex as we go to commercial!


Back from commercial, Cage hits an insane flipping tope onto Samoa Joe! He basically landed on his feet too. Cage taunts in the ring as he sets Joe up but he fights back with a Manhattan Drop, then a Yakuza kick and senton! 1…2…NO! Cage gets the arm up. Joe is fired up and sends Cage into the corner then a rebound powerslam for a two count! Cage fights back with a superkick and a 619! He heads up top and hits a turning mid-air elbow drop! 1…2….NO! 2.9! Cage has Joe up now and hits a huge Pumphandle Facebuster!!!! Joe landed on his face! 1…2…NO!!! Holy smokes! Joe avoids a lariat and Cage hits a back suplex and a discus lariat! 1…2..NO! Cage signals for the end now as he sets him up for the F5 but Joe counters into the Coquina Clutch! Cage struggles but eventually taps out!

WINNER: Samoa Joe (c)

Post match, The Embassy hit the ring to attack Joe. Wardlow’s music hits as the TNT Champ makes his way down as he scares off the heels. From nowhere, Powerhouse Hobbs with a HUGE Spinebuster on Wardlow! He grabs the TNT Title and holds it up high as the show goes off the air.