AEW Dynamite 11 16 2022

AEW Dynamite Results
November 16, 2022
Total Mortgage Arena (Bridgeport, CT)
Results by: Chris Gerics of

It’s Wednesday night, you know what that means! AEW Dynamite comes to you live from Bridgeport; commentary welcomes us to the show as we kick off the final show before Full Gear as the show kicks off with “The epitome of Sports….ennerTAINers.”

Tag Team Match: Bryan Danielson and Claudio Castagnoli vs. Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara

Ian Riccaboni is on commentary as well for this match as Jericho and Sammy make their way to the ring as we see highlights of the 2 out of 3 falls match from last week. The crowd sings along to Judas as both men pose in the ring. Claudio is out next followed by Bryan with both getting very solid ovations from the crowd. Regal joins Bryan and shakes their hands as they make their way to the ring.

Bryan and Sammy start fighting in the ring as Claudio and Jericho fight on the outside. Danielson with a kitchen sink to Sammy as Claudio is sent into the barrier. Jericho interrupts Bryan but he catches Jericho. Both men start the hammer and anvil elbows and celebrate. Sammy and Bryan are the legal men as Bryan goes to work on Sammy’s leg then transitions into a Romero Special a la Jushin Liger; Claudio tags in and hits a big boot. Sammy able to fight him off as he flips around then follows up with a dropkick. Sammy goes for a suplex but Claudio reverses into a huge stalling suplex! He even goes down to one knee! He brings Sammy down and gives Jericho a suplex for fun as well. He slams them both down and tags in Bryan. Bryan with a big chop to Sammy, and follows up with the side roundhouse kicks. Sammy goes after the injured eye of Bryan and tags in Jericho.

Jericho with chops onto Bryan as he flips off the crowd, Bryan catches his arm and stomps his elbow into the mat. Claudio tags in with a series of uppercuts to Jericho as Claudio stretches Jericho like a pretzel. Jericho fights back but Bryan with a blind tag; both men exchange chops as Jericho tags in Sammy. They double shoulder tackle Bryan and then pose; Sammy with the boots to Bryan in the corner but Bryan fires up and hits some vicious strikes to Sammy. Danielson with a huge running dropkick multiple times to Sammy before Sammy sends him into turnbuckle; Jericho attacks Bryan’s eye with the bat as the ref was distracted!


Back from the break, Jericho and Sammy double team Bryan with a big stalling suplex of their own. Jericho with the classic flex pin on Bryan for one. Jericho taunts Bryan then hits a couple of chops before Bryan reverses with chops of his own. Bryan moonsaults out of the corner and hits the flying elbow! Both men struggle to their corners as hot tag to Claudio and he takes out Jericho and yanks Sammy in! He chucks Sammy into Jericho and hits a rapid fire uppercut flurry and I swear it was about 45 uppercuts. He hits a big lariat for a two count, he set up for the Neutralizer but Jericho avoids it. Claudio with a springboard off the ropes for a two count as well.

Jericho looks for the Walls but Claudio kicks him off and sets Jericho up for the swing! Sammy attacks Claudio and Claudio catapults Jericho to the ropes. Jericho off the ropes and follows up with the Walls! Sammy takes out Bryan then pulls the rope away from Claudio. Bryan takes out Sammy and hits a shotgun dropkick to Jericho! Bryan to the apron and fires up Claudio as he tags in. Sammy and Bryan face off and start throwing forearms but Bryan absorbs it as Bryan follows with a rolling elbow! Bryan with the Yes Kicks to Sammy, but he ducks the last one and goes back to the eye. Sammy with the GTH but Bryan rolls out into the Labell Lock! Center of the ring! Sammy crawls everywhere and is able to frantically get to the ropes.

Bryan sets Sammy up top but Sammy with punches. Sammy AGAIN biting Bryan’s eye and hits an avalanche springboard cutter onto Bryan! Jericho with the Lionsault! 1….2…NO! Claudio breaks it up. Claudio launches Sammy and KILLS him with an uppercut. Jericho sends Claudio out as Bryan and Jericho bump heads in the middle. Bryan flies to take out Sammy before the tag; Claudio double leg into the Swing!!!! Jericho has hold of his bat as Claudio sends him around about 20 times. Claudio takes out the bat and hits the Sharpshooter on Jericho holding the belt….Jericho taps!!!!!

WINNERS: Bryan Danielson and Claudio Castagnoli

Post-match we see a Jon Moxley/MJF hype package with interviews with JR, Excalibur, et al. We will hear from MJF and Mox tonight! The commentators run down Draft Kings as we cut to an ad and go to commercial.


We see a body bag being loaded into a car in the desert as we see Darby emerge from the bag. Shown that Sting is driving. He says “Full Gear, it’s Showtime” We cut to Lethal and Dutt before Jarrett walks in as he cuts a short promo before running off the crew.

Singles Match: Swerve Strickland vs. Anthony Bowens

Max has a rap about Jay Leno, as Bowens hypes up the Bridgeport crowd. Billy and him scissor with the big foam scissors. They introduce the new music video. It shows Captain Insano!! Bowens is interviewing him as we cut to a parody Swerve/Lee. They mock Lee’s promo asking about their chances and they all laugh at them. It’s completely overexaggerated before it cuts to the actual video. The entire premise is essentially mocking Lee and Swerve being sneaky, how Lee looks like Cleveland Jr, Swerve’s rap career, and more. It was extremely funny and well done, but won’t be everyone’s cup of tea.

Swerve makes his way out next without Lee, and Billy Gunn immediately takes him out again! Refs run down to stop him and they send Max and Billy to the back. Swerve turns around into a big right hand before being sent into the steps. Bowens stomps his hand then rolls him into the ring. Bowens on the attack with a thrust kick and a bulldog for a one count. Swerve fights out and hits a nice hurricanrana followed up with a dropkick sending Bowens out. He flies and takes out Bowens then pump kicks Bowens! He sends Bowens arm first into the barricade and he takes a nasty spill over as we go to commercial!


Back from the break, Swerve still focusing on the arm of Bowens as he is also bleeding from the mouth. Bowens sends him into the corner but Swerve again attacks the arm and hits a big PK. He goes up top but Bowens sweeps him off and hits a kick and running elbow as he tries to fire up! Bowens with heavy right hands and a shoulder tackle followed up with a series of elbows and forearms. Bowens with a big Olympic slam! 1…2…NO! He sets up for the Arrival but Swerve goes after the arm. Swerve with a roll-through brainbuster and hits a big kick for a close two! Swerve with a Penta style armbreaker that sounded disgusting. He follows up with the Swerve Stomp! 1…2….NO!!! Bowens JUST kicks out; he avoids a Swerve kick and tries a roll up but Swerve comes back with the JML Driver! 1….2….3!

WINNER: Swerve Strickland

Post-match we cut to a TBS Championship promo. Jade says she’s given everything and how rude it is Nyla just comes in and steals it. Nyla says she’s her wake up call in AEW and why “storm’s are named after people”, and Jade fires back.

We have Tony Schiavone in the ring as he introduces Samoa Joe! Joe menacingly makes his way down as we see last week’s attack on Wardlow. Tony asks him what went down and Joe answers “It’s a pleasure to share a ring with you. You state it’s a shocker? It was unexpected?” Joe laughs “Lemme ask you, is it shocking for a man to refuse to be a victim or state a fact and take action? Wardlow ran his mouth and for that mistake he paid the ultimate price. Is that a shocker? He refuses to be a victim like these people tonight. If you or anyone else has a problem; they can take it up with me.”

Powerhouse Hobbs music hits! He says congratulations, but you’re late. He’s the one kicking Wardlow’s ass. He says “Why don’t I come down and kick yours”. Joe taunts him and then Wardlow’s music hits!!! He doesn’t come out but comes in and takes out Joe from behind! Hobbs takes Wardlow out as the locker room clears out to separate them! Hobbs and Joe leave the ring as Wardlow wipes out security. Dark Order allows him to attack which is pretty funny and he FLIES over the ropes to take out Hobbs, Joe and security! He celebrates in the ring as we see the carnage ringside.


We see Britt Baker backstage. “4 times you told people I am not a star, and only been here three years. I turned into the face of this company in that time. I learned as a leader you take the blame when everyone else receives the credit. I took my opportunity and ran with it, until everyone says it with me…DMD. No I didn’t wrestle MSG, but I did wrestle Daily’s Place for over a year when people couldn’t come to us we were there for them! We kept the fire burning and that’s something you’ll never know. I respect you fought addiction and your injury and paved the ground for me. But this business owes you nothing, it moved on and what you won’t do is belittle me and my blood, sweat and tears. I am the heart, soul and pulse of AEW. If you think you’re above that get the hell out.”

AEW Trios Championship Match: Top Flight & AR Fox vs. Death Triangle (c)

Contenders are out first as it’s lovely to see Darius back after everything he’s been through. Death Triangle is out next with their insanely cool trios entrance. Penta and Rey play the crowd while Pac is emotionless; this could be an exceptional match no doubt. Both teams jaw at each other as Darius and Rey start off.

Both men start off with some chain wrestling as well as avoiding each other’s Lucha attacks. They continue to roll through and counter each other as both men reach a stalemate. They shake hands as Dante and Penta are tagged in. Penta with the M taunt and face wash but Dante springboards and flips to avoid Penta and follows up with a dropkick. AR tags in and gets a great ovation from the crowd!

He and PAC square off as we get a showcase of all 6 men’s abilities in the style of Lucha Libre and high-flying wrestling. Lots of leapfrogs, moonsaults and flips. Fox hits a nice kick and follows up in the corner then a cutter onto PAC. Fox flies off the turnbuckle with a moonsault to Lucha Bros as bodies are flying!! The contenders with a SICK triple team onto PAC; Death Triangle break it up and counter with a triple dropkick on Fox, 1…2…NO! This match is fast and furious wow!


Back from the break, Darius and PAC are going at each other. Darius with a running boot and a brainbuster onto PAC for a one count. Fenix blind tags in as Dante jumps OVER Darius to take out Fenix as Darius takes out PAC. Penta gets taken out by a suicide dive and Dante takes out Fenix and PAC. Fox takes out all of them! Fenix in the ring now and AR hits a 450 splash!! 1…2…NO! PAC and Penta take out Top Flight. Fenix with a feint kick followed up with Fear Factor! Fenix takes out Top Flight and PAC hits the Black Arrow! 1…2…3!

WINNERS: Death Triangle (c)

Post-match, PAC has a mic. He asks the crowd if Death Triangle is stupid or unaware? They mention the Elite videos and rumors. He says if certain people think they can make their return at Full Gear and embarrass Death Triangle, well that’s ridiculous. “You know who you are” as the crowd chants Elite. He says “Gentleman we are” as Lucha Bros say their name in Spanish.

We cut to a video of gears as a match graphic is show as The Elite fades into the graphic showcasing an Elite vs. Death Triangle match! PAC says “We’ve been waiting for you.” We also see Ricky Starks talking about the Lance Archer attack. He challenges Lance on Rampage and he says they should start backstage and fight all over.

AEW World Championship Eliminator Semi-Final: Ethan Page vs. Bandido

Page walks out cutting a promo about the reaction and Stokely is accompanying him. He says at Winter is Coming it doesn’t matter if it’s Mox or Max. Bandido out next with a new outfit in black and gold!

Both men lock up as Page takes advantage; Bandido fights out and taunts Page so Page kicks him. Bandido avoids all sorts of attacks then follows up with a head scissors. Page blocks a suplex and goes for his own but Bandido knees out and deadlift suplexes Page! Stokely distracts Bandido as Page blindsides him as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, Bandido drop toe holds Page into the corner then dropkicks Page off the apron. Bandido up top with a moonsault off the post onto Page!! He hits a massive Tornillo inside the ring! 1…2..NO! Bandido tries for the 21 Plex but Page blocks it and hits a cutter! 1…2…NO! He sets Bandido up top looking for the avalanche Ego’s Edge but he counters with a hurricanrana! He one-handed PRESS SLAMS Page, and goes up top and hits a Frog Splash!! 1…2…NO!!! Page just kicks out, as Stokely is pacing hard. Bandido goes back up top but Page crotches him and Bandido came down hard on his knee; Page up top but Bandido blocks it. He heads up top but Page counters with a body slam off the ropes and a missile shoulder tackle! Ego’s Edge! 1…2…3!

WINNER: Ethan Page

We cut to a Jungle Boy/Luchasaurus promo package highlighting their history and rivalry including Jungle Boy costing Luchasaurus the All-Atlantic title. They interspersed the footage with Renee giving her insights.

We cut to a Renee and Saraya interview. She asks Saraya about how she feels about being cleared and how she’s prepared. Saraya says she’s excited and never thought it would happen. She’s sick of the back and forth with Britt and looks forward to Full Gear.


We see a video package with Ortiz and Kingston talking about their match against Jun Akiyama and Konosuke Takeshita. Takeshita says we will show you DDT Style and Eddie wanted this for decades. This is going to happen on Rampage!

AEW Interim Women’s World Title Match: Anna Jay vs. Toni Storm (c)

Anna makes her way down to a mild reaction, followed by a much stronger one for Toni. Toni plays to the crowd as the bell rings and both women square up to each other.

Anna avoids a takedown and taunts Toni, but she counters with a headlock takeover. Shoulder tackle by Toni and hits a high boot onto Anna then follows up with a monkey flip in the corner. Anna counters with a nice backcracker in the corner followed up with a spin kick to the head as we go to commercial!


Back from commercial both women are slugging it out as Storm hits a Thesz Press! She clubs Anna’s back and follows through with a lariat and a fisherman’s suplex! 1…2…NO! Jay scrambles to the ropes to stop the Cloverleaf but Storm hits a Hip Attack sending Anna off the apron. Anna fights back and hits a Gory Special on the floor! She gets Storm in the ring and drops her! 1…2…NO! She screams at Toni and sets up for the Queenslayer; Storm counters and hits a hip attack into the corner this time! She drags Anna into the ring and applies the Cloverleaf and Anna immediately taps!

WINNER: Toni Storm (c)

Post-match Jamie Hayter makes her way to the ring as they both jaw at each other as Toni holds the belt up as they stare down. Commentators run down AEW’s debut in England in 2023 and it’s announced Lee Moriarty vs. HOOK for the FTW Title, as well as Athena vs. Madison Rayne. They also run down the card for Full Gear!


MJF and Jon Moxley Face-to-Face

WILD THING! Jon Moxley makes his way through the crowd accompanied by William Regal, looking even more manic and fired up as usual before coolly making his way down to the ring. He soaks in the adoration of the fans and steps into the ring. Mox thanks Justin Roberts for the intro and confirms he is the champion. He says the man makes the champ; so who is Moxley? He is the best pro wrestler, I’ve taken on all comers, and defined the AEW World Championship. He says don’t admire that I fight, he has a sick mind. Being in wars, and pain and violence he loves it and literally doesn’t care about getting hurt. He asks so who is MJF? He says he found out MJF is a good singer, he has one win in the ring in 6 months. He took a vacation like Pillman and came back for the worst ending to a ladder match he’s ever seen and now he’s challenging me.” Mox says he isn’t shaking in his boots; he sees MJF dripping with insecurity, a kid playing wrestler and a kid afraid he won’t live up to the hype. He says you’ll see something special and that’s Mox challenging MJF to show him the guts and balls and why everyone thinks he’s the future.

Stokely comes down the ramp as Lee tries to attack Mox but Lee gets sent out. The Firm attack Moxley and Regal as MJF’s MUSIC HITS! He takes out the Gunn Club, takes out Lee, and low blows W. Morrissey! Page takes out Morrissey accidentally then MJF takes out Page! He says “Get out of CT before I take my boot off and shove it up your ass.” He turns his attention to Mox and says “I don’t want any excuses from you or your piss ant fans when I knock you out. No diamond ring, isn’t that right Will? When I got in this business, I wanted to be the best. I know I am in the fight for my life, but know I ain’t the same kid as when we first fought. You can dump me on my head, make me bleed, pop my ligaments but I won’t stop because I need that belt more than I need food, water or oxygen. When you hold the title, it makes you the best and it’s MY TIME! I heard you when you said I wasn’t the Devil; the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn’t exist. You’ll find out at Full Gear because I am Maxwell Jacob Friedman” Mox stops him and says “I never saw the appeal anyways, if you’ve got the heart we’ll see or I’ll pull it out of you. Full Gear, the training wheels come off.” Hilariously, Mox says both Saturday and Sunday for the PPV. They both stare each other down with Regal in the middle as Mox and Regal taunt MJF and walk off as we go off the air.